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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sex Ed: ED Omens

By Jim Larkins

Over the last few decades, coining chronological phrases that seem to turn back the hands of time have become popular barroom banter. Fifty is the new 40, 40 is the new 30 and so on. But the reality for a great many Americans is that 40 has become the new 60.

It is a gradual process, though. When you’re in your mid-20s, you eat, drink and possibly even smoke to your heart’s content. It is then, though, that you can begin to build a foundation for what could become a disastrous future in terms of health. To compound matters, you probably have no interest in taking advice from the ancient over-40 crowd.

You might not want to pass up the opportunity to learn from your elders, though. In fact, all you have to do is look at the potbellies, smoking-induced age lines and other unsightly anomalies of many of these mid-lifers to see where you don’t want to end up. However, there is another ominous sign many of these guys are carrying around that you’ll never see. It is not that uncommon for the barhopping, chain-smoking borderline baby boomer to be experiencing the first signs of erectile dysfunction (ED). The problem is you can’t see it, and it’s highly doubtful he’s going to be talking about it.

Smoking in particular can pose a death threat to your dick. That’s because the microscopic peripheral arteries and the tissues they serve throughout your body are denied oxygen from chemicals in the tobacco. The health and continuing growth of these arteries are critical to your well-being, but they are especially vital for the physical condition of your penis.

When the tiny arteries that deliver oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to penile tissues are blocked from working properly, organic erectile dysfunction occurs. As a result, nerves within the penis are not healthy, smooth muscle tissues become weakened and veins that ordinarily drain toxins from the tissues are drastically impacted. The fact is that every one of these arteries, veins, nerves and muscles are crucial for producing a good erection.

So, while smoking in and of itself is certainly bad enough to send your erectile efforts southward, imagine the impact of adding lack of exercise, drug abuse, poor diet and excessive alcohol to the picture. All of these factors compound the physical attack on your body.
If you’re still young and sex is important to you, trust me, that isn’t going to change. As you cross the mid-life threshold and beyond, it’s likely that your libido won’t diminish much. Make sure you make the right decisions today, because the last thing you want is a ‘failure to launch’ when nature calls for an erotic tryst.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


By Jason Sechrest of

The good people over at Cocksure Men have a new design over on their site and are giving away more content to their members it seems, bringing out archives from their many sites. It’s a good 'heads up' for some of the month’s hottest porn. For over a decade, the site’s master, Jake Cruise, has brought us some of the hottest discoveries in the gay porn world, and he keeps managing to turn out star after star, some becoming the next generation of superstars. Thankfully, the new design shows us there is no end in sight.

As many of you know, our fave newbie of the year so far is Mick Lovell, and we’re loving this new scene of him with fellow Bel Ami boys Dolph Lambert and Alex Waters. I mean, it’s sort of a wet dream dream come true for any lover of the A&F-looking blonde-haired and blue-eyed jocks. The only thing that could make it better is if Mick was actually the bottom in the scene! …Oh wait, he is!

While we probably won’t see him anywhere other than Chaos Men for his entire career, we’re at least hoping that we see a lot more of Quinn there in the coming months. With his picture perfect smile, rock hard abs and a nice sized cock, this straight guy might just serve up the perfect kind of rough house fucking for the bottom bitches we love over there. Quinn has a girlfriend from what we hear, but pay no mind to that nonsense. We’re sure this first video with him spreading his hole while he jacks off is just him warming up!

You may remember Angel Rock from his previous work with Jet Set Men, but it seems these days he’s resurfaced over on College Dudes, where this week he’s banging the hell out of Patrick Hands. Angel has always been a favorite power top, and to see him back looking in better shape than ever (plus some scruff action to boot!) is one of the highlights of our week!

It looks like Falcon Studios exclusive Roman Heart is shooting another scene for Raging Stallion Studios. This new scene wherein he bottoms for Morgan Black by the electrical meters was just released and is already generating some serious wattage! Roman gets face fucked before his ass is split open by Morgan’s enormous cock. It’s one helluva hot scene, and we’re just happy to see new footage of Roman no matter what studio he’s shooting for! Roman Heart is always gonna be one of my personal all-time faves. He remains one of the biggest gay porn superstars of today and all time!

Dirty Talk: Isn't It Bromantic?

By Jason Sechrest of

It’s a unique love story, but it’s true. Two best friends, once exclusively “straight” dudes, who found that by pushing their sexual boundaries and getting intimate together on camera, they could create their own miniature online empire. Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels have captured the hearts of literally thousands of fans across the world since launching But in their most recent scene, they focus on how they’ve also captured the hearts of each other in what has played out as one of the most genuine bromances in gay porn history.

In this special “romance” scene, perfect for rounding out the month of February, Austin and Zane turn up the heat, getting passionate on a rose petal-covered bed by candlelight with the crackling of an antique record player rotating in the background.

I caught up with the two hotties earlier this week and asked why they decided to shoot such an amorous romp.

“He’s my best friend,” says blonde cutie Zane Michaels, who bottoms for Austin in the scene just posted to the site, “and I love him.”

“I’d say we’re like brothers to each other, but we are more than that,” says Austin. “I wouldn’t have been comfortable doing what I do or starting this site with anyone but him.”

The two describe the scene more as “love making” than sex—a rarity in the gay porn that is churned out en masse today, where a romantic moment is usually played out by two actors who have never met each other.

The site also boasts behind-the-scenes bloopers when things nearly got a little too hot for the boys! It seems that in the “heat” of the moment, the candles got knocked over and the curtains nearly went up in flames! “The look on our faces is priceless,” laughs Zane. “It’s hilarious now, but at the time we jumped into panic mode.”

In other Austin Zane news, Austin Andrews is currently nominated to co-host The 2012 Grabby Awards, to be held over Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago. Fans can vote online at

Sex Ed: Carnal Cravings

By Jim Larkins

For those of us whose fondness of the flesh never seems to cease, it is hard to imagine there are those who are far less libidinous. But the fact is, when it comes to sexual appetite, we are not all created equal.

It is interesting that there are stigmas attached to those at either end of the libidinous scale. Take a sexual hiatus and you’re likely to be labeled frigid. On the other hand, if you exhibit a ravenous zeal for sex, you’re oversexed or addicted to sex.

If your sexual forecast does call for a cold front, you could be experiencing hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Also referred to as sexual aversion disorder, HSDD is associated with a lack or absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity. But the syndrome is only considered a disorder if it causes interruptions in one's daily life routine because of distress or interpersonal difficulties. As a disorder, it must also not be triggered by drugs or other medical conditions.

On the other hand, those who can’t seem to focus their energies beyond the bedroom are sometimes diagnosed as having hypersexuality or sexual addiction.

Because we are all sexual animals with varying degrees of desire, determining if one has hypersexuality is largely up to interpretation. Technically, sexual addiction is associated with sexual behaviors, urges or thoughts that are overly frequent or out of the individual’s control. But there are differences of opinion between psychologists, sociologists, sexologists and other specialists as to whether hypersexuality is an actual addiction or even a psychiatric condition at all.

Those who do favor the sexual addiction theory see it as a phenomenon similar to substance addiction or behavioral problems such as a gambling addiction. The recommended treatment therefore is often 12-step and other methods of treatment that are used for addiction.

The term 'sex addiction' was first coined in the mid-1970s by members of Alcoholics Anonymous who sought to define the disorder within the parameters of alcoholism. They attempted to apply the 12-steps method toward recovery from unmanageable sexual behaviors like serial infidelity.

But for many people the spark of sexual thoughts and actions is simply a matter of varying drive. Just as we carry dissimilar urges toward certain foods, activities or interests, there are disproportionate sectors of the population that have no interest (or an extreme interest) in whetting their carnal appetite. 

Neither extreme actually presents a problem unless there is an incompatible level of sexual desire within a relationship or the urges result in breaking the laws of the land. As for relationships, the differences of sexual needs can often be hashed out with understanding and open dialogue. Of course, this if often easier between long-time lovers as there is an intimacy established that goes way beyond the bedroom.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Porn Reviews: Issue 2.22

By Tuck Manning and Tony James
Rim Gym
4 stars
Channel 1 Releasing

Cliff Jensen, Conner Maguire, David Chase, Niko Reeves, Colton Steele, Diego Vena, Trent Diesel, Junior and Drake Jaden

Synopsis: Here’s a flick that’s perfect for those who get off watching sexy guys eating ass—and, really, who doesn’t? If you consider yourself a big fan of tongue-in-ass action, this one’s most definitely for you. Sure, most films these days include ass-eating, but Rim Gym gives you a little more of what you want—and with the roster of hot guys that Chi Chi LaRue chose for this one, you definitely want it. Rim Gym is the gym you wish you belonged to, where some of the sexiest guys you’ve ever seen like to work out in nothing but jockstraps, and where a blow job on the weight bench is a natural occurrence. This film was a great introduction to Conner Maguire, who you see throughout the film. He’s got a gorgeous uncut cock, a hot body and an adorable gap between his teeth that’ll have you wanting to chain him up in your basement.

Must-See Scene: Personally, we like to see a hairy ass, and it doesn’t get much hairier than the hot little ass on Cliff Jensen. (The fact that he’s cute as hell doesn’t hurt matters either.) The scene between Jensen and Trent Diesel is sure to sate your appetite. After a nice blowjob (on the weight bench, like we mentioned), Diesel goes to town on Jensen’s hairy ass, munching on his ass hair like he’s a starving fiend. That’s what we like to see!

Brady Jensen on Top
4 stars
Cocksure Men

Brady Jensen, Jimmy Coxxx, Morgan Black, Guy Jones and Dean Monroe

Synopsis: Blonde hottie Brady Jensen was made famous by the Cocksure Men studio, so it’s only fitting that the studio would now release a ‘greatest hits’ compilation. As you most likely gathered from the film’s title, you’re about to see Jensen pounding the living you-know-what out of some hotties. He starts off by taking the anal cherry of Jimmy Coxxx, who has a bubble butt that’ll make you drool. It’s hard to go up from there, but the scenes with Jensen fucking Morgan Black, Guy Jones and Dean Monroe are smoking hot as well. You’re in for some good old-fashioned sucking and fucking—and really, what more do you want to see?

Must-See Scene: If you didn’t get enough of watching Jensen pound Coxxx’s cute little ass the first time around, you may be interested in watching some behind-the-scenes footage dubbed “The Making of Jimmy’s First Time.” Maybe it’ll have you reminiscing about your very first time—though we’re willing to bet it wasn’t with the studly Brady Jensen.

Brad Patton: My Big Fucking Dick
5 stars
Falcon Studios

Brad Patton, Josh Weston, Zak Spears, Tommy Brandt and more

Synopsis: Even if you don’t know Brad Patton by name (gay gasp!), you’ll most likely recognize him—at the very least from the waist down. In addition to his lean body and freakin’ gorgeous face, he’s got a cock that has to be seen to be believed. Seriously, it’s huge. No, seriously. In this latest of Falcon’s My Big Fucking Dick series, the studio has gathered great scenes from some of the studio’s most popular films of the last couple decades. Among the scenes you’ll be drooling over are snippets from Hot Wired 2: Turned On, Addiction: Part 2, Bootstrap, Drenched Part 1: Soaking It In and Zak Attack.

Must-See Scene: To be honest, there isn’t a sour apple in the bunch. If you’ve put this video in your DVD player or computer, it’s because you wanna see Patton give it good to some bubble butts. You’re gonna get off from every scene on this compilation, so really, you can’t go wrong. Personally, we may be partial to any scene featuring Patton with the hunky Zak Spears, but hey, that’s just us.

Caught in the Crossfire: The Trilogy
5 stars
Active Duty

Thomas, Elijah, Spencer, Gio, Levi, Kaden, DJ, Gage, Miles and more

Synopsis: This three-disc set contains three complete feature films, which means not only are you getting your money’s worth with this set, but you’re getting hours and hours of the hottest straight dudes on the planet doing things to each other they never thought they’d be doing—but you’ll be glad to watch. Porn connoisseurs will know that no one does amateur-style porn quite like Active Duty, a studio that consistently finds the crème de la crème of straight guys. On these discs you’ll see straight guys with cocks in their mouths, tons of ass-eating and doggy-style fucking and even some hot cum facials.

Must-See Scene:
With two scenes on each of the three discs, there’s a ton of hot moments to choose from here. Personally, we find the straight guys who eat a guy’s ass like they’re loving it to be our favorite, but you’ll find that in nearly every scene. There’s also something to be said for the scenes featuring guys on-camera for their debut—we love seeing a guy go down on a buddy for the very first time, and we’re willing to bet you do too!

iJERK: Chi Chi's New Cast Revealed, Tommy Deluca Unmasked, Some Priceless Threeways

Cumpiled by Jason Sechrest of

Tommy Deluca
You may have been wondering who that tall and lanky huge-dicked man is in the latest Hot House scene tearing up gorgeous muscle stud Marc Dylan’s hole. Well, we can now reveal it’s none other than gay porn superstar Tommy DeLuca. With one of the most well-endowed pieces of meat in the industry it’s no wonder they wanted him front-and-center for the masterpiece that is their new feature, Sektor 9. For fans of kink, this one is a must! By the way, Tommy said this was one of the most fun scenes he’s shot in his entire career! He loved it!

The latest recruit to Active Duty’s roster, the incredibly hot, tattooed bad boy Axl, is banged by fellow military studs Boyd and Chaz in his first ever time bottoming, much less on camera! We’re thinking either Axl practiced a bit beforehand with toys or he really enjoys the pain (which is very possible, considering all those tats!), because he really takes it like a champ and even seems to be enjoying it once he gets into the groove!

Sean Cody has released pics to us of his latest find, a gay 21-year-old power bottom with a huge cock. The name he’s going by on the site is Connor. We think you’ll probably see him taking it from a ton of guys at SC headquarters before the year is out. And that’s exactly what he wants! Connor says in his debut scene’s interview that he enjoys having a big cock but barely has any desire to use it. He just wants to get fucked. Preferably on his back and very hard. “Hey, at least he knows what he wants!” laughs Sean.

The cast of award-winning director Chi Chi LaRue’s latest flick, Chokin’ On Cock, has been announced, and the scenes are starting to roll out on the web one by one! The jizz-filled orgy will feature an array of C1R faves and some naughty newbies: Tito, Devin Adams, Alex Andrews, Alex Greene, Connor Maguire, Joe Parker, Marxel Rios, Jay Rizzing, Dylan Roberts and Randy Star lead the pack of rough trade workin’ out for Cheech! Before the movie hits DVD and store shelves, though, members of the site will get each scene’s debut!

The content keeps getting better from award-winning gay porn phenom Riley Price’s new site, His last two scenes have been incredible threeways! The first features a double dose of cum shots from the stud alongside hot ‘straight’ trade AJ Monroe and gorgeous twink Tyler Sweet (pictured here). And from the looks of this video preview, Riley pounds the living fuck out of both of them! In the latest romp on the site, Tyler Sweet returns with two of the most sought-after guys in the biz today, Dominic Pacifico and Cliff Jensen. Wow! Riley certainly spared no expenses in casting this project of his.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dirty Talk: An Inconvenient Truth

by Jason Sechrest

The porn world this week is talking about the death of gay adult performer Damon Audigier. According to various reports, Damon hanged himself following a fight with a boyfriend. He had sent me new photos of himself asking if I could find him some work four hours earlier. I’m sorry my last words to him were to please send me an ass shot—a cutting reminder of how I should treat every conversation as though it could be the last.

I also wish I could tell you more about him. We only conversed through email a few times.

I am 32 years old and run in lots of different circles, meeting a wide variety of individuals, and I have had a good handful of friends in my life who have committed suicide. They have all been porn stars.

I’ve worked behind-the-scenes in adult entertainment for 14 years.

It started as an inside joke, writing an online column in 1998 about porn stars as though they were real celebrities—who was dating who, who got into a fight on set, etc. Its popularity led to it becoming my living, and it soon became my mission to “de-objectify the porn star” by providing a platform where, through interviews and profiles, we could get more of a glimpse into who they were as people.

In short: I wanted to find out why they did porn.

After 14 years, I think I might know why.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not because they were abused as children or because they are supporting a drug habit. That has rarely been the case with any adult performer I’ve met. The reason most porn stars do what they do for a living is this: It feels good.

The adoration feels good. The celebrity feels good. The sense of community feels good. The money feels good. The sex certainly feels good!

So what’s the problem? Why isn’t everybody happy? Why are there suicides? Why is there so much feuding in our industry? Why are some people so angry? Some seem downright miserable!

Every single porn star I’ve ever met, though each with their own unique (and usually fascinating) story to tell, has one thing in common—an emptiness they seek desperately to fill.

With all those things that feel good—the money, the fame, the sex—you’d think it’d fill the void, but it never does. That moment is a crushing disappointment to performers, but it sneaks in so quietly most of them don’t even know they are in the midst of a life-changing moment. It might just seem like a ‘down day.’ But upon the realization they still aren’t fulfilled, knowingly or not, they arrive at a fork in the road.

It’s at this fork that one of two things happens—they either quit working in this business or they keep going and try to fill their emptiness instead with everything under the sun.

Alcohol. Drugs. Sex. Vacations. Shopping. Plastic surgery. Any “quick fix” to distract from the emptiness will do.

The more distracted they become, the further they get from any real happiness or lasting fulfillment. But there is a better life available than this.

There is a life where the ‘feeling good’ doesn’t go away, where there isn’t a crash after the high and where happiness isn’t some fleeting thing that’s here one minute and gone the next.

The first step toward that life, the life we’re all meant to live, is accepting that the void exists. Only then can anyone begin to know how to fill it.

Porn isn’t the problem. You can live a long and happy life working in porn if that’s what you’re meant to do, but you can’t if you’re constantly running from your emptiness and trying to find the next ‘quick fix’ to feel good.

For many people, their lives will be nothing more than one long day of running from this emptiness.

Know your void exists and choose to work more toward finding a path of lasting fulfillment than on finding what will make you feel good right now. The things that feel good and last are never the quick fixes. They come in the form of starting a business, raising a family, feeding the homeless, donating to charity or taking up a spiritual study.

I still run from my void every day in one way or another, but I have learned after 14 years that all the things I thought would make me happy about working in this industry ... they never really made me happy at all.