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Friday, September 30, 2011

Issue 2.12 Cover

The Blu Kennedy Interview

By Tuck Manning
Photos by Kevin McDermott,

The most famous redhead in the gay porn industry, Blu Kennedy might have started out eight years ago as a ginger twink, but he’s all man these days. He’s known for giving consistently stellar performances, having appeared in a slew of films for Hot House Entertainment, Citiboyz, Falcon Studios and others. We sat down to talk with Kennedy about some of his experiences in front of and away from the camera. He also drops a pretty big bomb on us—it turns out that he’s done working in porn and has decided to call it quits. Read on to find out why he’s leaving the industry, which films were his favorite to shoot and which industry hunk he’s had a crush on for years.

What was it that initially attracted you to the porn industry?
I wasn’t a very attractive teenager. I didn’t have a very good self-image, and porn was sort of a validation for me.

Were you discovered, and if so, how did that happen?

In a roundabout way, yes, I was. There was this guy that sent me a message on—I think I was about 18. He claimed to be a photographer for freshmen magazine, and asked me if I’d be interested in doing a photoshoot. It turned out that he was only taking pictures for himself, not for freshmen, but I was naive. It did, however, give me the confidence to send my pictures to a few studios.

Tell me the origin of your on-camera name.

I came up with my first name. It was my grandfather’s name. The last name came from a director on one of the first movies I did.

What was your very first scene, and how did it go?
[Laughs] My first scene was for Citiboyz. It was a nightmare. They flew about five or six of us, all about 18/19, out to Las Vegas for a week, and it was like being in summer camp. Everything we did the entire week—even when not filming—was planned out for us, and we were treated like children. We weren’t allowed any freedom for that week. The pay was terrible, too, but it was my first time shooting porn and I didn’t know any better.

What has been your favorite film to shoot?
Hot House has been the best I’ve worked with. And any of the scenes I’ve done with Kyle King have been my favorite. I’ve had a crush on him for the longest time.

Oh, really? Does Kyle King know that you’ve had a crush on him, or is he going to be finding out when this interview hits the streets?

I think he does, but if he didn’t before, he does now! [Laughs]

How does your personal sex life compare to your porn persona’s sex life?
Well, I certainly don’t have sex for six hours at a time. [Laughs] But when I’m having sex on-camera, its not “acting”—if I’m enjoying it, I really am enjoying it.

Care to tell us about your earliest sexual experience?
Uh, I think when I was about five years old. I used to mess around with my cousin when I was a kid.

Wow, you started early! [Laughs] Do you watch your own films?

No. I’m super self-critical.

What do you like to do in your spare time, away from the camera?

Well, I have a regular job, I go to the gym, spend time with my friends.

Tell me something about yourself that our readers and the general public wouldn’t know.

I’m pretty introverted. I’ve never been comfortable with being recognized in public.

Now, I hear you have quite a big announcement for our readers.

Yeah, I finally decided that I’m done for good.

What are your reasons for leaving the industry?

I’ve taken breaks before, but I’ve never had the resolve to stop for good until now. I’ve been doing this for eight years, and I think it’s just time to move on and focus on other things. Believe it or not, employers don’t take me seriously after they find out that I’ve done (a lot of) porn. And porn is not and never was a “career”—it was just something I did for fun. It also has been an issue with almost every boyfriend.

What exactly has been the issue?
    It’s a complicated issue. It usually starts out that they are aware that I have done porn, and that doesn’t bother them. But then, over time, they begin to see how people interact with me and treat me, and that I’m constantly getting attention, and eventually they have distdain for anything to do with that part of my life.

Do you think that most guys in the industry deal with similar relationship issues? Do you know any guys who’ve been able to make it work?

You would think that as long as I’ve been doing this that I would keep in contact with friends in the industry, but I don’t, so I can’t speak for other porn stars.

Is there anything you’re going to miss about making films?

[Laughs] No.

Not even having sex with some of the industry’s hottest guys?

[Laughs] I haven’t had a problem setting up sex with hot porn stars outside of filming, so I don’t foresee having that problem in the future. And sex behind the camera is 10 times better than sex on camera.

How are you going to be spending your time instead?

Finishing school (finally) and trying to start my career.

Well, we wish you the best of luck, buddy, and thanks for eight years of hot videos!

10 Things: Samuel Colt

1. I am directionally dyslexic. I do not know my right from my left. But amazingly, I can never get lost.

2. I am 100 percent gay. I’ve never even seen a vagina in real life. I did touch a girl’s boobs once, though.

3. My first crush was on He-Man, Master of the Universe. The only thing I ever stole from a store was the He-Man action figure, because I was too embarrassed to buy it. I used to sleep with it every night.

4 I joined the Army between my junior and senior year of high school and went to basic training when I was 17. I was in the Army Reserves for eight years as a combat medic. The most exciting thing I did during that time was give hearing tests to Army Rangers. Why did I join the Army? I don’t know exactly. Maybe it was to prove I was a man, but maybe it was because I liked the uniforms.

5. I didn’t masturbate for the first time until I was 18. I heard people joking about “choking the chicken” the summer I was in basic training, but I was unsure what that meant. When I got home after the summer, I locked myself in the bathroom, determined to figure it out. I was in there for four hours and had 23 orgasms. I figured it out!

6. I hate my feet. All feet, actually, but mine especially. I even used to pull off my little toenails, and now they don’t grow in anymore.

7. My dad believes he is a prophet of Jesus Christ and writes books about the coming of the end of the world. When I was 12, I learned how to shoot semi-automatic weapons in preparation for the coming armageddon. Those weapons are supposedly still buried at a secret place in Northern California.

8. I have a family history of schizophrenia. See number 7 above.

9. I studied the Japanese language for four years, from fourth through seventh grade. I can still read a little, but the only thing I really remember how to do is order lunch at McDonald’s: “Bigu Maku-o potato furai-io onagaishimasu.”

10. I’m not afraid of heights at all—in fact, I find the danger exciting. But I am terrified of really bad thunderstorms, and bugs creep me out.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Trent Locke Interview

By Tuck Manning

Trent Locke is easily one of the hottest guys in the industry—with a furry face, furry chest and a gorgeous ‘piece’ that we just can’t get enough of. You’ve already seen him in various Falcon films, but he’s about to release his latest—Retreat—in which he gets touchy-feely with Jesse Santana, who happens to be one of his best friends off-camera as well! We sat down with this über-hottie to discuss his entry into the porn world, the origin of his name and a particularly steamy story about a 16-year-old Locke getting double penetrated at a house party!

Hey, Trent. Thanks for sitting down with us today. So tell me, how did you get into porn initially? Were you discovered, and if so, how did that happen?
I guess you could say that I was discovered! I was in Columbus, Ohio, accompanying a friend to a job interview. After the interview, we ended up checking out the local nightlife. I got lucky. The guy turned out to be the owner of a local magazine and, since I have never been further West than Ohio, I agreed to travel with him to Los Angeles for a GayVN Retreat. The owners/operators were all there, and a few of them gave me their business cards. One of those was the casting guy for Falcon Studios. Thanks, Troy. [Laughs]

What was it that initially attracted you to the porn industry?

Well, to me, porn has always been a fantasy—something you kind of insert yourself into. I also have always been intrigued by filmmaking and curious as to what goes into it. So, one day I submitted an application to Falcon Studios and before I knew it I was on a plane from Michigan to San Francisco!

Tell me the origin of your on-camera name.

Let’s just say it was inspired by Chi Chi LaRue, Troy at Falcon and a certain Republican politician.

What was your very first scene, and how did it go?

Wow, these questions are all flowing nicely! [Laughs] My first scene was with Falcon Studios for a line of content called Str8Men—a three-way!

What has been your favorite film to shoot?

Well, my favorite film to shoot is actually coming out soon! It’s Falcon Studios’ Retreat, and that’s where I met my new best friend, Jesse Santana. He’s such a nice guy, and I’m happy to have him in my life—he was a great scene partner! Hot sex—very hot.

I think everyone’s always curious with porn stars—how does your personal sex life compare or differ from your porn persona’s sex life?
My onstage sex is better planned. [Laughs]

I guess that makes sense! [Laughs] Care to tell us about your earliest sexual experience?

Well, I was 16, and I was drinking at a party with a few friends. Next thing I knew, we had the dresser in front of the door and I was being DP’d [double penetrated]!

Wow! What would you say is your wildest sex story?
When I lived in Canada, my best friend—a hot straight guy—coached me through gay sex with my boyfriend. He was shouting out directives, like, “lick the tip more,” or “try it from the other side.” It was hot, and I’ll never forget that. Oh, Canada.

Sounds like the makings of a porn star! So, Trent, do you watch your own films?
I have never watched one of my own films. I remember some Behind the Music quote—something to the effect of “Never watch your own films. You’re your own worst critic.”

Now let’s get personal again—how would you describe your ideal sex partner?

Someone with a lot of testosterone—sweaty, beefy, aggressive, hairy guys always get my attention. However, the laws of attraction—like many laws—are up for interpretation and often have interesting—and sometimes unexpected—cases.

And what would you consider the perfect date?

I’d say a nice, leisurely drive down Sunset Boulevard to the beach for the day. Then, in the evening, perhaps dinner with a sunset view. Then a movie—something funny. We can kind of nuzzle up there and if all goes well, maybe take it to the sheets before date number two.

How open are you about your adult film career?
Open. Like everything else, I choose to share what I want with whom I feel comfortable and open to discussing it with. I ended up on TMZ once—and I have a lot of family who love TV—so I never really had to ‘come out,’ if you will.

What do you like to do in your spare time, away from the camera?
In my spare time I try to get as close to the ocean as possible and study. Life moves a little slower on the West Coast, and it’s always good to get away. I also have a blog——that I use to express myself, which is important to me.

Tell me something about yourself that our readers and the general public wouldn’t know.
Well, I strongly dislike clowns. [Laughs] I’m not sure why, but they give me the jitters! Oh, and I love to volunteer my time—I help cook for the homeless every month and am always looking for new ways to help improve life. Jesse Santana and I did the “Pornstars for Puppies” event on August 20 at the Adult Factory Outlet in Sylmar.

You’ve told us before [In his “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me” from January] that you have a ‘thing’ for taking nude pics on planes and trains. What’s up with that?
Well, I’ve always wanted to join the mile-high club. And I used to send naked pictures to my previous boyfriend from the bathroom, just to be silly, and over time it evolved into sharing them with fans via Twitter (@trentlockexxx) or on my blog.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for those hot photos! Thanks again, Trent, for sitting down with us, and best of luck in the future!

The Lucky Daniels Interview

By Gabe Ayala
Photo by Gabe Ayala
The man behind Rolling Blackouts photography, Gabe Ayala, sat down with popular Randy Blue scenester Lucky Daniels to discuss all things serious and superficial—everything from his work as a personal trainer and living in L.A. to his favorite scene partners and Randy Blue porn reunions.

So, where were you born?

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and I grew up in Cuba City, Wisconsin.

Tell me about your family life and upbringing.
Well, I grew up in a family of five kids—all boys and a little dog whom I got my stage name from, named Lucky. It was a little Catholic community. I grew up Roman Catholic and had a really good childhood. Played sports, had a good amount of friends and great times.

We know you through your work with Randy Blue, but I know you’ve worked with other studios. With whom did you start working initially?

The first studio I worked with was Falcon, and then I made my rounds around the big studios. Now I just pick a couple that I work with—and Randy Blue.

You’re one of the few of Randy’s models who works with other studios. How do you go about negotiating that?

Well, I’d worked with Randy for about a year and a half, and I had talked to him and mentioned the idea that I wanted to work with other studios just to see what it’s all about and to expand my fanbase, because I realized each studio markets to a different niche. He told me, as long it’s nothing that’s direct competition with my website—and he didn’t consider the studios direct competition—he said he was fine with it. So while I didn’t have to, I consulted with him before I made any moves, and he said that he was fine with that.

How long have you been in the industry?
I have actually been in the industry for a long time. Five years. [Laughs]

Oh no! You’re giving away your age.

No, but five years is a long time in porn.

It is, but you’ve managed to be very successful and really relevant and I feel a lot of that stems from you being very levelheaded. I see you out socially, and we do work together often, but you’re not on Twitter and are very minimally on Facebook. How do you feel about social interactions with relation to the industry?

Socially, as far as porn goes, I do my scenes and try and do the best job that I can, because the people that matter when it comes to scenes are the fans—the people who actually watch what you produce.

I like to have my private life. When I’m not working as Lucky Daniels, I’m my other alias, which is my real name, Paul. I just have my personal life, and I keep them separated. Porn is a character that I portray when I do events and I do movies. But when I’m not doing that, I’m just Paul, who my family and friends know me as, and I think that’s the best way to go about this industry—having a personal life and not intertwining your porn name and your real name.

That makes complete sense. I also know you’re very driven and you have other projects going on, namely personal training. How long have you been interested in that field?

I was interested in personal training when I went to college. I was double-majoring in college in Kinesiology—which is personal training—and Public Relations. Then after my brother and I joined the military and went through basic training, I decided to get my personal training certification through the American College of Sports Medicine. I started training at a gym in my hometown area, and now I’ve been training for about three and a half years or so. I’ve just recently decided to create my own business.

Photo by Gabe Ayala
I didn’t know that you had double-majored. Where did you go to school?
I went to school at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, which was a Division 3 college, and I learned a lot about drinking games. I think I learned every drinking game ever created. I mean, I also got some good education, but I learned a lot about drinking.

I feel like that’s what college is about.

I would never bash college, because a college education is very important. But I don’t agree with the fact that you’re forced to take gen eds at four-year colleges. If a gen ed isn’t towards your major, then you’re not really going to apply what you’re learning, and knowledge is useless unless it’s applied knowledge. So you’re pretty much throwing your money away, because you’re going to forget what you learned.

I concur—gen eds should be specialized to one’s major.
And they should be cheaper than thousands of dollars. Education talk, from Lucky Daniels.

When did you make the migration west? Did you stay in Wisconsin after college?

I stayed in Wisconsin after, and stayed close to my hometown area. I made the move out to Los Angeles probably about two and a half years ago. I made the big leap to the big city.

How do you like living in L.A.?
I really enjoy it. When I first moved out, it was kind of scary, because I didn’t have anything set in stone work-wise, but I believe in taking leaps of faith. I feel if you want to achieve great things in life, you need to take a leap of faith that things will happen and materialize for you—and if not, I knew I always had the option to move back home. So I did that, and I’ve created my own niche, and I love the weather.

What was the deciding factor on coming here?

I actually met my partner in crime, my soulmate, and we ended up very lesbian-like—we met and started dating, got engaged three weeks later and moved in together a month later. Now we’ve been together almost two and a half years.

You met at White Party, right?
We actually met at Here Lounge when I was coming out to do a Randy Blue scene. Four days later was the White Party, where we decided to be boyfriends.

Oh, the story as Jeremy [Lucido] told me is that you came out of it in love, ready to get married. [Laughs]
And still going strong.

Your family is aware that you’re in the industry, correct?

Yes, they found out from a girl in one of my brother’s classes who Facebooked him and was like, “go see your gay brother at” So my parents clicked on the link, and Randy Blue has this new ‘clip of the week’ that automatically starts playing when you go to the site, and mine happened to be that clip. So my parents not only found out I did gay porn and was gay, but they actually saw a clip of me bottoming.

Were you out at that point?
I was not out.

Did you self-identify then?

Yeah, I self-identified. I went through my whole process where I was in denial. I said I was straight, then said I was bisexual, which was even shorter than ‘straight.’ After about 10 months, I was finally like, it’s true, I’m gay. So I identified myself as gay after 10 months in the industry.

Who are some of your favorite scene partners?
Out of the last five years, I’d have to say one of my favorite scene partners was Reese Rideout, who popped my cherry. Literally on-camera. He was such a great person to work with, a super nice guy who I love. A good friend of mine still.

There have been so many, I have to think of all my scene partners. It seems like a lot, actually, when I think about it. [Laughs] I think Benjamin Bradley, when we did a scene for Channel 1 Releasing called Seize Your Bottom. That was a really good scene. It turned out really hot. He was a good scene partner. I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

That’s fine, I don’t need a complete dossier. I mean, it’s been five years—there have been a lot of people you’ve had sex with.

Lots of people, but I’m still not at the 100 mark. [Laughs]

Do you actually keep track?
Yeah. Yes I do.

Do you have a retirement number?
Well, I’m hoping I don’t hit 100, so maybe hitting around 50. I’ve always spaced out my scenes when I did them, because I never wanted to oversaturate the market, and I try to think business-minded. I enjoy what I do, but I feel not a lot of people actually think about the business side of their stage names and what they do. So for me, I’m always trying to use Randy from Randy Blue as a mentor and just try and be smart about how I go about this industry.

Where do you see yourself going in the industry? I know you’ve been here for a long time, but you also have other things going on.

I’ve been in the industry for five years, and said I wanted to quit on my own terms. I don’t want to be a washed-up porn star, which has required a lot more work, working out and keeping up with trying to change my appearance and look better each year.

I see myself not really staying in the industry, expect that I’m working on a book right now about the industry. I just feel there are so many things I’ve learned on my own that I wanted to come up with this guidebook/biography about my experiences and things that are good to know about the industry. So that’s something that I’d do, but I don’t want to create my own website, I don’t want to direct or screenwrite. I just want to have reunion parties—Randy Blue porn reunions. I said I’m going to be the class valedictorian that organizes the porn reunions. [Laughs]

Please have them. I’m looking forward to my invitation in goldleaf.
I also plan on working on porn cards, where you have your stage name and get discounts at different vendors, like ID lube—no, I’m just kidding.

I believed you for a second.

Don’t steal my idea—I’ve patented it. I try to be entrepreneurial.

You compose yourself very well, which I admire.
I try to. I feel if you’re at a public event, it’s good to have fun, but you’re still representing yourself and your company. I believe it’s important to be aware of what’s going on and not look like crap. Though sometimes it is hard. When I go out as myself, sometimes you just have one of those nights where you get a little tipsy and have to hold yourself up against a wall. But I try and keep those nights very far and few between.

You’re also great with your fans. How did you get used to the attention?

At first I was taken back by it, because I didn’t want to become a porn star to be noticed. When I first started with Randy Blue, I just wanted to do my solo and get my paycheck. Then I saw how the industry was from the viewpoint of Randy, and it was so much fun and such a different environment than I expected it to be. I wanted to go about the industry differently, so I decided to be a very nice and inspirational person, so that’s why I try and answer people’s questions. I’m like an open book—I have no secrets and I try and help people anyway I can.

What’s the toughest situation you’ve had on set?

Once I was about to do my cum shot and one of the models got up and said his leg had a cramp in the middle of my cum scene.

Wait. So as you were cumming?
As I was cumming, he left the scene. [Laughs]

That’s amazing. To close, what is Paul’s ideal evening?
A homecooked meal of filet mignon on the broiler with some rice and veggies. A little bit of Crystal Light with sparkling water for dessert and watching some episodes of True Blood and Weeds.

That’s actually what I did today. Before meeting you here.

10 Things: Bruno Bond

1. In addition to being a performer, director, producer and editor, I am also a photographer. I have been shooting all of the models for for the last six months or so. To keep my creative juices flowing, I am expanding into photographing guys artistically as well as pornographically.

2. I have a BFA and studied art and art history in Italy. I am frequently inspired by movies or art for set design and my photography. Sometimes I leave referential clues for fans.

3. I love cars and driving fast. I had the most fun driving the winding roads of the Amalfi coast in Italy.

4. I got into porn for several reasons. One was to overcome fear. I figured that if I could stand buck naked, cheeks spread to the world, then I could be brave in any situation.

5. I love reading books about physics and watching science programs on TV.

6. When I was 19, I hooked up with a famous rock star for a short fling and actually have a song written about me. I am not going to say who it was, but the song is still playing and I really think that I should be getting some royalties or something. Just sayin’...

7. I don’t eat red meat. I worked in a butcher shop when I was 16 and never recovered.

8. Being in a relationship with Steve Cruz has influenced the way that we film sex. We like to show the connection the models have with each other by filming facial reactions, hand holding and other intimate gestures that you don’t always see in porn.

9. I am very proud that I work for a studio that actively promotes safer sex practices. When I was young, just going out and learning about gay life, condoms were everywhere. I know that seeing condom use as standard in porn helped me and many others stay healthy. I am glad to continue in that tradition.

10. I am an optimist. I always think the best of people and situations first. I feel like the gay community is smart, cultured and savvy. I want to make movies that are sexy and also have some substance and relevance to the time that we live in.

10 Things: Kennedy Carter

1. I’m a twin, although not identical: my brother is taller than me, lanky and with glasses: he looks Jewish, and like he should play the trombone. He is straight but the most gay-friendly guy in the world after living with me and my friends for years. He thinks it’s very funny that the tubby little kid he used to play Pokémon with is now supposed to be anything like a sex symbol.

2. My favorite Pokémon was Charmander. Just FYI.

3. I’m halfway through a degree in Hispanic Studies, a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese language classes with additional classes in the history, literature, culture and cinema of Iberia and Latin America. I’m an embarrassing geek, spending frightening lengths of time in the British Library at home in London, eventually emerging blinking in the late afternoon light like Gollum.

4. I just moved to Mexico City where I’m going to spend the next year at a university here, trying to get fluent in Spanish. I am still getting used to the fact that, providing I eat from a little stall in the street, I can stuff my face all day for less than the cost of a Frappucino in NYC. I also frequently overestimate my tolerance to the hot food here, and shovel salsa down my throat until I start to sweat and silently cry. Yesterday I had a nosebleed.

5. I hate airports and airplanes with a passion, due to over 30 flights in the space of a year, all alone. There is nothing like the crushing tedium of an airport or the cramped confines of a plane (because you know I always fly coach!) to kill my mood. Send me on holiday with someone though and I get hysterically excited, pushing them around manically on the luggage carts and tapping them awake every time they fall asleep on the flight to tell them how exciting planes are with people to talk to on them.

6. I am a huge music geek and spend half my life online finding new stuff, and the other half boring people to death talking about it. I do a compilation of my favorite records on my blog each year and I am already starting to think what songs will be in my top 5...I’m thinking there might be some Cocknbullkid, Vanbot, The Sound of Arrows, Sounds of Nonno, Bright Light Bright Light and Little Majorette in there. Ooh and Neon Hitch! Have you heard bad Dog!? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Really.

7. I drink a vodka on the rocks. Grey Goose, thankyouverymuch.

8. I tried a no-carbs diet recently, because I’m an idiot masochist. After two days I saw bread everywhere I looked; I nearly ate my dog thinking she was a baguette. I was cranky and bitchy and hungry in that way that Nicole Richie must be, and it was all futile when I learned that vodka is considered a carb. How about some diet vodka, brainiac scientists?!

9. My mum thinks that flying to Los Angeles just to get a tattoo was the most absurd thing I have ever done. But when you already have ‘MUM’ in a love heart tattooed on your wrist, you will find that your mother can be remarkably forgiving of your absurdities. A pat on the back to my 19-year-old self for thinking that up.

10. I’m heading out now. Some house party with my Mexican friends. Juan’s place, I think? Or José, something Mexican anyway. My ‘passionate’ (jealous) Puerto Rican boyfriend texted me to stay away from the chimichangas. I don’t know what that means.

10 Things: Samuel O'Toole

1. I’ve never been to a strip club.

2. I was born in Arizona.

3. I’m super afraid of spiders, and will stomp one at least 20 times to make sure it’s dead.

4. I lost my virginity when I was 18.

5. I have five sisters and two brothers.

6. I’m allergic to walnuts.

7. I free dive for abalone.

8. I worked for a dental lab making fake teeth when I was 18.

9. I used to be a CPR instructor.

10. I almost enlisted in the United States Air Force instead of doing porn!

The Angelo Marconi Interview

By Jason Sechrest,

Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios exclusive Angelo Marconi opens up to industry journalist Jason Sechrest about being one of the more reclusive porn stars of his generation, despite a wild sex drive unparalleled by most of his contemporaries, both on and off-camera.

Angelo, first of all, you are so beautiful. I’m sure you hear that all the time, but I hope it never gets old. What ethnicities are you and where were you born and raised?
Well, first of all, thank you for your compliment. I was born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, Florida.

Miami! Just as hot as you! [Laughs] Where are you living these days?
I have been living in Los Angeles for four years now.

Ah! We’re neighbors and I didn’t even know it! L.A. is certainly the place to be if you want to achieve the level of superstardom within the industry that you have. What made you want to become a porn star?

What makes anyone want to become a porn star? Having sex with hot guys! [Laughs]

[Laughs] How did all of this happen for you? Who discovered you?

Nobody discovered me, really. I took some advice from a friend of mine who was a porn star and working a lot with Raging Stallion. I sent them my pictures, and lucky for me, they were interested and gave me a chance.

How did you come up with your porn name?
Well, I got my porn name through my friend, Bruno Bond. He helped me pick it. It’s a great name, I think, so I thank him for it.

So, is it everything you thought it would be—having sex with all the hot mens? [Laughs]
Being in this business is absolutely everything that I thought it would be, and I will hopefully get a chance at some point to work in Europe with other talented porn stars.

This may seem like a random question, but how much artistic value do you think there is to porn?
A lot, I think! There are a lot of very creative people in the industry. Fortunately, many of them work at Raging Stallion and Falcon.

Give me an example.
Well, I really like the movie Brutal.

Oh! The one that’s sort of like a gay porn Fight Club, right? 
Yeah, it’s my favorite of the movies I’ve done, because the idea was very creative and it had a very artistic vision. I got the chance to train and fight and get dirty with it. It’s a movie that a lot of people could really get into.

If you could make your dream movie, what would it be about?

I just want an orgy with a bunch of big Russian guys.

[Laughs] Is it safe to say you are more of a bottom?
In my private life, yes, I’m a bottom, but on-camera I can do both.

What are some of your favorite fetishes or kinks?
My fetish is having ice cream shoved up my ass and having a guy eat it out—now that’s what I’m talking about! [Laughs]

Wow! I was so not expecting that answer! You’re a wild one, Angelo. What’s the wildest sex you’ve ever had?

My wildest sex? I met four hot guys from Italy. We went to bars for drinks, and then we went back to their hotel.  Lucky for me they were all tops, so each of them took turns on me and I also got double fucked—which is my favorite. I love getting double penetrated by two big dicks.

This interview is getting hot, and I’m not even having to try! This is the definition of a true porn star, I think. I was going to ask you what your hobbies are outside of porn, but it’s clear your hobbies are sex!
Yes. And to work out, be in shape, take care of myself.

I know this is a trite question, but I have to ask—do your parents know what you do for a living?

Fortunately, my parents don’t know I do porn.

Are you currently in a relationship with anyone?
I was recently seeing someone, but it didn’t work out.

Would you consider yourself a reclusive porn star? I don’t often see you on Twitter or anything like that.

Yes, I’m a reclusive porn star. I don’t do Twitter. I just don’t have time for it.

Between all the working out and sex?


Ok, last thing—tell me a secret! Something about yourself that a lot of your fans wouldn’t know.

One thing that my fans don’t know about me is that I’m a really quiet person. Even though I know that I’m a good porn star, I don’t let it get to my head.

A humble, reclusive porn star—who likes ice cream eaten out of his ass. Angelo Marconi, ladies and gentlemen.

Thanks, Angelo.
Thank you, Frontiers.

10 Things: Cody Cummings

1. My favorite show on television is Family Guy.

2. My favorite book is The Kite Runner.

3. Large house spiders, rats or big bugs turn me into a girl quick. I’ll go from ‘tough guy’ to a high-pitched voice standing on my toes with a broom, yelling “Get it!”

4. I think Eminem is the greatest rapper ever, and I think Adele is one of the best singers.

5. I love to have my armpits eaten out. I know, weird right? I didn’t know it until I had it done to me.

6. I snowboard like Shaun White and play ball like D Wayde.

7. I am the most stubborn man you will ever meet.

8. I travel with a shower head. A good shower head and quality water pressure are so important to me and my whole life.

9. I come from the country and rode horses consistently up until high school. I could break any horse.

10. I often really hope my site is more than just porn. I hope it helps people. I hope it helps people find themselves. I hate labels. I get a lot of shit because there are a lot of things I won’t do with guys on-camera, yet a lot of my straight friends can’t believe the things I do and think I’m fully gay for it. And here I’m hated on because I don’t do more. But none of this bothers me. I want people to be free. Do you! No matter what it is. Do whatever you may like, regardless of what anyone says.

The Trent Davis Interview

By Trent Farber

Some guys have it all—amazing bodies, Colgate smiles, a winning personality. Add to that the ability to bake a perfect soufflé and you have Trent Davis.

Yes, it’s true. One of today’s leading men of porn heats up in the bedroom and in the kitchen. When Trent’s not flipping for the camera, he’s flipping pies in the oven.

So where does he find the time to baste that terrific bottom of his? Not at the gym. He credits his well-toned physique with always being on the go—running, playing basketball and having lots of sex when he can find it. He took some time to talk to us about all he’s got cookin’.

What’s the significance of the cherry in your mouth [on the cover of Randy Blue release I Fucked Trent Davis]?

Actually, it is what the photographer suggested. I do as I’m told. [Laughs]

Of course we have to ask—when did you first get your cherry popped?
I was around 18 or 19 years old.

Was it on film? 
No, it wasn’t on film, but it happened around the same time I came to Randy Blue.

How do you feel about being labeled a bottom?
I love it. I don’t feel any shame about it whatsoever. I was born this way, baby.

What drew you to porn?
Men and sex.

A guy like you can have men and sex without it having to be on camera.
Yeah, but there are lots of perks to being a porn star.

Like money?
Sure, but also fun, wild times.

You’re a self proclaimed horndog. What gets you most horny?
A guy that is really into me. I love attention.

What do you do when you’re not in front of the camera?

I’m in cooking school.

Of course you are.
I’m serious. Fans are always surprised to learn that I bake.

You’re a masterbaker?
I get it. [Laughs] I’m a masterbaker and a masturbator. I do it all.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love?
I haven’t really been in love yet.

That’s sad.
Not really. I’m young. I have plenty of time to find love.

Would you date you? 

Hell yeah, ‘cause I’m hot. What’s that old commercial? She’s got legs and she knows how to use them. That’s me.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Absolutely nothing.

Cocky, are we?
Yeah, I’m pretty good in that department. But my butt is my best body part.

Did it hurt like hell getting the tattoo on your arm?
All tattoos hurt. Anybody who says otherwise is lying. But I took it like a champ.

Is there a special meaning behind the tattoo?

Not really. I got it when I was younger. I thought it looked cool.

How open are you about your film career? 

Anybody that’s supposed to know, knows. I have no secrets. Most guys I meet seem to know already anyway, so there’s not much use in me trying to hide anything.
Would you be cool if a fan approached you in the supermarket?

Hell yes, especially if we are by the cucumbers.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Cooking in a five-star restaurant somewhere and maybe moonlighting in porn every now and then.

What’s your secret obsession?

Sneakers. Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection has nothing on mine.

What’s one thing you own that you can’t live without?
Porn. Remember? I’m a horn dog.

What’s your biggest regret?
That I didn’t start school sooner. I wish I could be cooking already.

What’s your biggest achievement?
I’m most proud of the dedication I have maintained towards my education.

Who has been your favorite co-star?
I have loved them all, but Eddie Diaz will always be my favorite.

Do you socialize with any of the Randy Blue boys?
When we are in the same city, I do, but it’s rare that we’re all in the same place at the same time.

What’s the biggest misconception about Trent Davis?
Probably that I sleep around. I wish it were true, but it’s not. Between school and my work with Randy Blue, there’s not time. Luckily, I have my hand. But I’d much rather have someone else’s.

10 Things: Dominic Pacifico

Photo by Dylan Rosser

1. Homosexuality runs in my family. I have two lesbian sisters and a gay grandfather!

2. My DJ name wasn’t always DJ Pornstar. My first DJ name in the late ‘90s was The Pest and then I even changed it to Prototype Lover for a time. My career in porn led to the name DJ Pornstar, which obviously stuck and is now the only legally trademarked DJ Pornstar on Earth!

3. I’ve been married twice. Once for six years to a beautiful and highly talented Russian model and female dominatrix. I became a widower when she was tragically murdered in Paris, and she is credited with giving me the name Dominic Pacifico. The second marriage came during the short window of legal gay marriage in 2009 when, just days before it became illegal, I married fellow gay porn star Christian Owen in San Francisco. Unfortunately, less than a year later we separated.

4. I don’t just DJ—I write music. I’ve scored dozens of gay porn scenes and have written and produced several dance remixes. I’ve dabbled in singing as well.

5. I recently won a Grabby Award. I was honored in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend with Best Threesome alongside Spencer Reed and Alexsander Frietas for the Mustang movie Adrenaline, where I got to mix fantasy and reality by playing a DJ!

6. I’m sponsored by Freedom Reigns. I’m often found in just a jock strap or undies when I DJ, and you can always rest assured it is from an L.A.-based clothing line called Freedom Reigns.

7. I’m full of pride! I had the amazing opportunity this year to play my music at DC Leather Pride, El Paso Pride, Portland Pride, L.A. Pride, Seattle Pride and SF Pride—all in one month!

8. I’m an activist. I’m a big supporter of GLAAD, The Trevor Project, St. James Infirmary and many local and national AIDS/HIV awareness charities.

9. I’m a movie nerd. Specifically anything fantasy or science-fiction. If I have a break from gigs, I’m likely to be watching the entire Aliens or Predator series back-to-back.

10. When the music stops, the jock strap comes off—and the sweats come on. I wear nothing but comfy clothes when I’m not working. Or nothing at all!

The Donny Wright Interview

By Jason Sechrest,

Donny Wright seems to have become an overnight success in the world of gay porn, and since signing exclusively to Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios following the two companies’ merger, he’s gone from one of the hottest newcomers to an absolute superstar. After our conversation with him for Frontiers4Men, it was really easy to see why.

Hey there, Donny! Thank you so much for sitting down to talk with us today.

Anytime. I love talking about my job.

Well before we get into that, where are you from?
I’m from San Diego. All my life. Still living there.

Oh wow, that’s a rarity! What did you want to be when you were growing up?
I always wanted to be a veterinarian or do some kind of work with animals. I could have opened up my own little zoo with all the different kinds of pets I had when I was growing up.

[Laughs] A regular pet and insect collector! Cute! When you grew up and your attention turned to sex, how old were you?

Well, I was 13 years old when I lost my virginity.

Oh my God, you’re kidding! To a guy?

Yeah, I’ve never been with a girl.

Never. I was 13 years old and it was with the captain of my gymnastics team. We were at my house, jumping on the trampoline together and the sprinklers came on. We took our shirts off and started wrestling. After the water shut off, we went inside to get out of our wet clothes and one thing led to another. … We never talked about it or ever messed around again, and it asn’t until I was away at college that I had sex again with another guy.

When did you start watching porn?
Probably in high school, I guess. I don’t really remember. There is a lot of porn filmed here in San Diego, and the gay community is pretty small, so I started meeting and making friends with guys who worked in the industry right away.

So the second you turned 18 you were no doubt getting offers.

I was getting a lot of offers to model, but it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I seriously considered doing it.

Your first scene was with Randy Blue, right?
Yeah, it was a solo shoot with them. My agent, Howard at FabScout, set me up with them.

Were you nervous?
I wasn’t really nervous, but it was just a little awkward. I’d never filmed myself or even taken naked pics of myself before, so I didn’t really know what to do or what looked good.

Now that you’ve done so many, what advice would you give a newcomer on their first shoot?
I don’t really know what kind of advice I can give someone about jerking off. [Laughs]

[Laughs] Fair enough. What made you decide to branch out to other studios after Randy Blue?
I wanted to get my face and name out there and just see how all the other studios worked.

What made you decide to sign as an exclusive to Falcon Studios/Raging Stallion?
I had a great experience working with director Chris Ward for Raging Stallion’s Giants, and also the Golden Gate series. Falcon Studios is just one of those iconic studios that is recognizable to almost everyone. So when I heard that they were merging, I knew it was something I really wanted to be a part of.

Do you consider yourself more of a top or a bottom these days?
Mostly top, but it just depends on the guy I’m with.

Do you have a boyfriend?
[Laughs] No, I’m single.

Do you have a lot of sex off-camera?

[Laughs harder] Yes!

What are your top three biggest turn-ons?
I like muscular, athletic guys. Some body hair is hot. And I can never resist a guy with an accent!

Do you watch yourself on camera?

Yeah, I do. I like to see how it all comes together.

For the new fans out there wondering what to go grab, what are your top two favorite performances so far?

I’d  have to say the scenes I did for the movie Hot Sex from Hard Friction are the best. It was my first cover shot and I was nominated for a Grabby Award for Hottest Cum Scene. The guys at Hard Friction also took home a Grabby for Best Cover Art. Another favorite would have to be the scene with Christopher Daniels from the new Falcon Jocks movie Big Rock Cove. It was the first movie I shot after being signed as a Falcon/Raging Stallion Exclusive, and I’m sure the fans are going to love it.

What do you think of the “ab workout” video you made getting nearly 10,000 hits on YouTube?
I think it’s funny. I was just bored and playing around with my new computer. I didn’t expect anyone to watch it, but I posted it on my Facebook and then it was on all the blogs.

You’re very athletic. Were you a jock or a cheerleader or something in high school? How do you do those crazy back flips?

My mom put me in gymnastics when I was 5. I had a growth spurt in middle school and decided to switch to power tumbling and trampoline. I competed nationally and got all the way up to the Junior Olympic level before I got recruited for All-Star Cheerleading and Diving. After high school I got a scholarship to cheer at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.

Wow! Multi-talented! No wonder you’re good at getting in all those positions! Are there any more crazy YouTube videos in the works?
I’ll probably do some more, but they’re never really planned.

We asked some of our Twitter followers if they could ask you anything, what it would be. Do you mind answering a couple of them before we go?
I love questions from my fans!

Okay. Do you cook, and if so, what is your favorite dish to prepare?
No, I burn everything I try to cook. My dad is a chef, so he did all the cooking when I was growing up. I guess I was just too lazy to learn. If I’m craving a certain dish I’ll call him up and have him walk me through it on the phone, but I can never manage to get it right.

What’s your idea of a perfect date?
Mmm. A day at the beach

Is it true that you cut your own hair?

[Laughs] That’s from another one of my YouTube videos! Yeah, I do it myself most of the time, but if it gets out of control I’ll have my friend cut it for me.

A lot of your fans mentioned you’re incredibly shy in person, and they wanted to know how a personality like that adapts to porn?

I’m shy about some things, but not about sex and taking my clothes off. That’s really all you need for porn.

You’ve clearly acquired a great deal of fans in a short period of time. What do you think sets you apart from the other porn stars out there today?

    Honestly, I have no idea. I just try to take the time to respond to all my mail and share my experiences through the pictures and videos I post online. I get a lot of messages from guys that live in countries that don’t allow them to be open about their sexuality, and they thank me for giving them a view into my life.

We thank you for giving us a view into it, too, Donny.

10 Things: Cameron Marshall

1. I’m allergic to jalapeños. They are gross and I hate them.

2. My favorite show is Jeopardy. I could watch it all the time.

3. My best friend is Cameron Adams’ alter-ego.

4. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising with a minor in English, but I started out my college career as a Vocal Performance major.

5. I was born and raised in Texas and lived there for 24 years, but moved to California six months ago to pursue a job in graphic design.

6. I eat around six meals a day, and if I don’t eat every four hours, I get really grumpy and mean.

7. I have trypanophobia, the fear of needles. I’ve tried many different ways to get over it, but it’s just made it worse. And yes, I cry if anybody brings a needle near me.

8. I can’t handle hearing repetitive things or even hearing the same song on repeat.

9. I’m told I don’t warm up to people easily. It takes a while for me to get a good handle on who a person is before I become good friends with them.

10. I’m nocturnal. I usually am awake until the sun comes up.

10 Things: Tony Buff

1. Most of my primary and secondary education was received in Catholic school.

2. I studied classical dance for six years as a kid.

3. After I got out of the Marine Corps, I became an ordained minister.

4. My performance experience includes several stage productions, including Fiddler on the Roof, Barefoot in the Park and Love Letters.

5. My boys say I’m an amazing cook.

6. My boy Chris Yosef wears the collar that I wore and earned 20 years ago.

7. One of the challenges I have with editing, specifically color correction, is the fact that I’m color blind.

8. I’m bisexual but most of my sexual relationships are with guys because I don’t understand females of our species.

9. I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon in the state of Washington.

10. I find it very difficult to find things that people don’t know about me, because I live my life as an open book.

The Chi Chi LaRue Interview

By Jason Sechrest,

In what is possibly her most revealing interview to date (and she’s done a lot of ‘em!), the world’s foremost gay pornographer, Chi Chi LaRue, talks truth on her climb to the top, industry backstabbing, sex in bathroom stalls, drug abuse and the ever-changing face of porn.

This is going to sound strange but first of all, congratulations on the twins!
[Laughs] Well, thank you! They were a hard delivery, but we finally got them out.

You are now the proud owner of two twin boys—Liam and Luca Russo—working exclusively for you in porn. Tell me about them.

Well, they are ultra-sweet and ultra-cute and so naïve and small-town, which makes them perfect to mold into dirty little boys.

And perpetually horny, from what I understand?
Very. Just ready to go! You know what’s funny is one considers himself straight and one considers himself gay—and I won’t tell you which is which—but the straight twin was the one rock-hard the second the cameras started rolling. I think the gay one was a little nervous, a little intimidated by me and Brent Everett.

That makes sense. The straight guy isn’t overthinking it.
Overthinking it will kill any hard-on for a gay porn star. I think that’s the biggest problem—so many of these guys just overanalyze before their scenes. Hell, I do it to myself getting into drag before a Wednesday night DJing at Here Lounge!

Brent Everett has been a huge ‘get’ for you. He really is probably the closest thing this industry has seen to a Ryan Idol or a Jeff Stryker in a long, long time.
I think he’s the number one porn star right now, and if there was a list of the five most important of the last 30 years, he would be on that list.

I agree with that completely. What is it about him?

It’s hard to answer! I know he’s got a fabulous hard cock ready at any time, but it’s more than that. He has something really special. Of course, he still looks like he did the first time I shot him years ago—that face never changes. I have to say, he was very odd in the beginning. He would leave and come back to the biz, and leave and come back, but the one thing he did was he always came back to me. In fact, the only time he ever worked for anyone else after meeting me was the one time I cast him in a Falcon movie with Roman Heart.

So there’s loyalty there.
Yes, and you know he could barely speak to me when I first met him. He was a very silent and shy boy who would walk outside and sit alone until he was ready to go. His real persona is still very different than what he is when he’s on-screen or onstage. And if you become friends with him, he’s just kind of kooky and fun to be around.

I know Johnny Hazzard recently left C1R to work for other studios. His face was as synonymous with Channel 1 Releasing as yours. Was this a mutual decision?
I will always consider him the face of Channel 1 Releasing. It was a mutual agreement between him and I that he would leave. He really only wanted to work for Randy Blue, though. He said to me on the phone that if he leaves he doesn’t want to be like every porn star who goes and works for any studio that would hire him. He was only interested in doing work with Randy Blue and maybe Titan.

But why did he have to leave at all?
He was under contract for seven years, and he was making a lot of money and we loved him, but we couldn’t offer him enough scenes at the amount of money we were paying him to justify keeping him. And if you’re going to go, what better place to go than Randy Blue? He will still work for us. He’ll always be a part of our family, just not as an exclusive.

We’re coming up on The Grabby Awards, the biggest event of the year in gay porn, and once again, C1R is the most-nominated studio. Now how much of that do you think has to do with the fact that you’re the host?

Very little this year, that’s for sure, considering it’s our director Doug Jeffries who got up for most of the nominations. I’ve had big years of winning at the Grabbys and then some not so much. That’s really a very fan-driven show. The Grabbys have lots of reviewers and judges, in fact one for sure I can think of right now who I know hates everything I do and loves everything Raging Stallion puts out. So you never know.

What are the best and the worst things that have happened to C1R in the past few years?

Opening Chi Chi LaRue’s retail store in West Hollywood and having it be a huge success was one of the best, for sure. Brent Everett, of course, and getting to use all his boys from As for the worst, having to let Johnny Hazzard go as a contract player was sad, and the horrific problem of piracy and what it has done to hemorrhage every studio’s income is awful. That and AEBN/Raging Stallion/Falcon/Studio 2000 signing everyone and their brother to a contract so we can’t use them. Bitter? Yes. [Laughs]

It’s funny to me that you’d be bitter about anyone, because I think there are a lot of people out there who feel like you’re the queen and what would you ever have to be bitter about? There are certainly a few directors, studios and porn stars who have animosity towards you. Where does that stem from do you think—jealousy?
That would be so easy to say yes to. Yes, they’re all jealous of me!

Do you really believe that though?
I don’t know! What do you think? Believe it or not, I feel the same way about other studios. I’m jealous of them too, so we should all just shut the f*ck up and kiss and make up.

It’s hard to make up with someone when a fight hasn’t even been acknowledged though. All of the animosity and jealousy and bitterness tends to go on behind each others’ backs it seems. 

That’s how this industry has always been! Kiss you, then stab you. There’s no one in this industry I couldn’t walk up to and give a hug and a kiss to.

It’s always been that way? From the very beginning?
I used to work behind the scenes at Catalina Video with Chuck Holmes, William Higgins and Matt Sterling, so I learned from the masters. There ain’t no one out there who can hold a candle to stabbing in the back. You better go get an expensive knife and learn how to stab if you’re gonna keep up with those people. I learned from the best, and I learned early that I needed to take punches, take the criticism, love the haters and always be sweet and let the other people be nasty. There were so many people who hated me as I was climbing the ladder, trying to kick me down, but I always stayed the same. I always stayed nice.

Oh hell, that’s not true. You’re way nicer now than you used to be.
Not really! Well, I may have done more booze and cocaine and I may have been more aggressive in getting boys to work for me, but that’s why I am where I am today. [Pause] Maybe I am more sweet now. And different. Yeah, I guess I am. Anti-depressant drugs will do that to you.

[Laughs] What are your best and worst qualities?

If I’m your friend, I’m loyal to the end. I give really good blowjobs. What you see is what you get. I am completely insecure. I have an ego unmatched to anyone else’s. And I spend way too much money.

You had gastric bypass surgery two years ago, and I know, because I was with you when you made the decision, that it really wasn’t a vanity thing. You did it for your health and to rid yourself of diabetes.
I was ready for another heart attack. I had type 2 diabetes with such high blood sugar that at any moment I could’ve fallen into a coma. I was the cliché fat person. So I did it because I couldn’t lose weight any other way. I had no will power. I couldn’t diet. I was an emotional eater, a stress eater, an everything eater. Still am! Just in a different body now, so I can’t eat to the point I did before or I would explode.

And was the surgery successful? What’s the latest bill of health?
I just went in for a physical a month ago and my doctor said to me that my bad cholesterol is so low I’m the best of any of his patients, and he has hundreds. My kidneys are great, blood is fantastic, blood sugar is normal, HIV-negative and I’ve been maintaining the weight for two years now.

As a major side note, though, I’m sure it hasn’t hurt your self-esteem, right?
Well, yeah, let’s not kid ourselves—it’s become a huge vanity thing for me. I can finally walk into a store and pull something off the Armani or Valentino rack and it fits me like a glove and I buy it. Also, Chi Chi LaRue can go into a store and buy a dress off the rack, which is really bizarre in itself. It’s fed into my spending addiction and my drag hoarding. I think there should be a show called Drag Hoarders by the way, and I’d be on the first episode.

But just because it has become a vanity thing doesn’t have anything to do with your self-esteem.
No, if anything I’m more insecure now than ever. When I was big fat Chi Chi, I knew I was big fat Chi Chi and if we had sex you knew that under my clothes I was going to be big, fat Chi Chi. Now I’m scared you’re going to find out that under my clothes I look like a big, fat melted candle. So I haven’t been that wild. I used to be wild, wild, wild. Although recently, I did go to Florida to shoot some movies and the weekend I DJ’d at The Boardwalk, for some reason I looked stunningly fierce that night and the old Chi Chi came scratching out of the depths of me and she took over Ft. Lauderdale. For two nights, she was in every toilet working it out, kissing and blowing boy after boy! And thank God it happened, because she needed to come out for a minute. God, I was getting boring for a while.

It’s strange to me you’ve never had a boyfriend. Do you ever fantasize about having a partner with some rugrats running around? Little mini Chi Chis? [Laughs]
Ya know what, I don’t. But every once in a while I’ll look at somebody and say, God, I’d like a big black boyfriend. Or God, I’d like a big, fat hairy bear boyfriend. You know, my tastes go across the board.

If someone were to come along right now to finally make you say, “Okay, fine. This is the guy for me and I can’t deny it,” what qualities would he need to have to get you into a real relationship with him?
Someone who doesn’t care what I do for a living, who wouldn’t worry about me while I’m on the road, and who I could trust while I was on the road. Someone that was nice. Fun. Open minded. Nice. Kinky and freaky—and sweet. Laid back.

Do you ever fantasize about leaving the porn industry?

All. The. Time.

Why have you stayed?

Because I love it. It’s me. It’s in my blood. It’s engrained in me. Music and porn. What the hell would I do at 51 years old anyway? I guess if I could get a job being an A&R person at a successful record company, that would be my ultimate dream job. That’d be fabulous.

I remember in a past issue of Frontiers4Men—I think it was for “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me”—you said that though you were aware of your reputation and you don’t deny it, you’re actually very anti-drug. I think that strikes a lot of people as odd and I think even a bit insincere. Is this a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ thing?
Yes. Totally. You hit the nail on the head. Everyone’s made fun of my substance abuse for years, and I don’t deny any of it. But I try to deter others from it. I even try to deter others from becoming porn stars because I know so many who have been fired afterwards as teachers or even shoe salesmen! ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ is exactly it. You know, they’re about to make a Hollywood movie about Joey Stefano and the guy playing me asked me if all these stories are true about how crazy I was and how many drugs I did, and I said, yes, it’s all true and more. And today it’s not as bad as it used to be, but I’m no angel, and I don’t protest to be anyone’s savior or guide to do what I do.

You know, you’re my friend. Larry is my friend, and I love Larry like a brother, father, sister, mother f*cker! But I am still very much in awe of Chi Chi LaRue.

Are you kidding me?! I can’t believe that!

Because of what Chi Chi LaRue stands for, for me, personally.

What does it stand for, for you?

There is a great paradox about everything Chi Chi LaRue has accomplished. Chi Chi has made defying reality her personal art. You’re afraid to take your shirt off by the pool, yet you can make anyone feel comfortable getting completely naked in front of a camera. You don’t have a clue how to mix music, but you’re a world famous DJ. You don’t have sex on camera, but you’re the most famous porn star in the world. For me, you embody, as Chi Chi LaRue, the truth—not just a nice concept that we talk about, but an absolute truth that nothing is impossible. So I guess I have to ask—How? How have you done it?
Oh wow, I don’t know. [Pause] I really don’t have any idea.

Was it just destiny? I mean, forgive me, but I know you and you’re not even the hardest working person in the world. You’re incredibly insecure, I wouldn’t even say you believe in yourself more than most people. How in the hell has all of this happened?

I knew ever since I was a kid that I wanted to be a person who ended up being Chi Chi LaRue—and whatever I’ve wanted, I’ve always gotten.

I think that’s it. I think there’s a kind of magic around you, a force field where you always get what you want.

And there are people who try to tear down that force field every day.

But now that we’ve acknowledged that it’s there, that you have always gotten everything you’ve ever wanted—what is it you want now?

[Pause] I am pretty good right now. I have everything I want right now, but tomorrow? Tomorrow, I may want some more socks from American Apparel, you know? And if I do, God damn it, I’m gonna get those socks.

10 Things: Dean Monroe


1. My graduate fashion collection from St. Martin’s College of Art was featured in the George Michael video for “Fast Love.”

2. I starred in the first legal R18 porn film produced in the UK in 2002—The White Room.

3. I worked as Dolce & Gabbana’s stylist in London, where I dressed Madonna at her house for a film premiere and was told not to look or talk to her.

4. I’m obsessed with cooking channels, but eat only protein six days a week.

5. I’ve had sex with a leading celebrity actor that made me sign a legal disclaimer forbidding me to divulge his identity. So, don’t ask me!

6. I drink Matcha green tea twice a day everyday without fail.

7. My favorite part of a man’s body are his feet and thighs.

8. I’m terrified of rollercoaster rides.

9. I appeared completely naked in a London West End theater for five weeks in Naked Boys Singing.

10. My single “Closer To You” has sold 31,400 copies, and my blog,, has hit over a million views to date.

10 Things: Austin Wilde

1. As much of a power top as I come off to be, I love to bottom!

2. I’m a “Gold Star Gay.” (Other than the one I gayly paraded out of, I’ve never touched a vagina.)

3. When I was in fourth grade, I had curly hair down to my shoulders. No, you cannot see pics.

4. I’m fucking amazing. Wait, you already knew that.

5. Sometimes I listen to classical music when I workout.

6. I was in the Navy as an Aviation Warfare Specialist. In a nutshell—operating airborne electronic equipment on helicopters.

7. I lost my virginity while I was in the Navy. But he was a civilian. Lame, I know.

8. The first time I ever stepped in front of a camera was with Sean Cody. And no, you can’t find it anywhere!

9. I got a badass apartment in St. Louis with my best friend, Ryan Raz, back in February.

10. Since the first time I did it, the longest I’ve gone without masturbating was two-and-a-half weeks. Thank you, bootcamp.

10 Things: Billy Heights

1. I am a computer geek.

2. I have a really bad habit of sleeping a lot. If you can’t reach me on the phone, I’m probably sleeping.

3. Hard rock and metal music with some techno thrown in is just about all the music I listen to.

4. I need at least two days out of the week to hit the clubs and just dance. It’s also a great way to pick up people.

5. Working out is huge for me—besides my love of sex, which is my other great workout. But you may have guessed both of those things.

6. I am very grateful that Jet Set Men welcomed me into their studio. It has been a blast from day one.

7. I live for car racing and motorcycles. And if you ever need one built, I’ve got you covered.

8. I’m very close with my family. There isn’t much we don’t talk about.

9. My friends are extremely important to me. They let me live my life and don’t judge me, no matter what situations I get into.

10. I am a true New Yorker—with the balls to go along with it!

The Rafael Alencar Interview

By Mark Gray
’s International Escort Awards Show, better known as The Hookies, were held in New York City last month. Some of the biggest names in the adult industry competed for people’s choice awards celebrating all aspects of the world’s oldest profession. Statuettes were given for Biggest Cock, Best Daddy and Best Ass. The top prize was for the title of Mr. International Escort 2011, and the super-endowed Rafael Alencar proved to be the big weiner—uh, winner.

Of course it’s nice to be nominated, but the win is what really counts, right?
Everyone who is in a contest secretly hopes to win.

What does the win mean for your career?
Winning means the recognition of the community. I feel very honored to have been selected as the best of the best in my industry.

Who did you thank in your speech?
All the cocksuckers who voted for me. All the guys who I have fucked and all those who I haven’t yet but will get to one day.

Will you be raising your rate now that you are the top hooker in the world?
I can’t do that. My rate is already more than average and it’s not fair for my regulars. I want to keep my clients happy.

How much do you make on a typical night?
Depends how horny the guys are. My phone rings off the hook every night.
Isn’t that kinda crazy? Did you imagine as a child that you would one day be the top hooker in all the world?
As a baby, I sucked my thumb better than the other babies in the neighborhood.
Will you go around wearing your ‘International Escort of the Year 2011’ sash?
I was in Washington, D.C., last week and took pictures in front of the White House wearing the sash.

What’s the biggest misconception about escorting?
People assume they can’t afford me, but they’re wrong, they can. Call me, you’ll see.

Is there a shady element to the business?
It can be as shady and dirty as you want it to be. Or you can wear a suit and tie and keep it all professional. I’m into it all.

What do you do on a typical date?
Whatever it takes to fulfill my client’s special fantasy.
Are most dates out in public or behind closed doors and under the sheets?
Behind closed doors. Many of my clients are married or famous, so discretion is important.

Do you have regulars?
Sure, I have a lot of regulars.

What keeps your regulars coming back?
They come back for the cock they can’t find anywhere else.

Have you ever experienced something close to a fatal attraction?
Unfortunately, yes. Some clients forget that our time together is a business arrangement.

When do you know when a customer is becoming a stalker?
I figure it out in time. If they wallpaper their bedroom with my face, I take that as a clue. On the other hand, when they have my picture as a screensaver, I am flattered.

Have you ever walked out on a date?
No, I’ve been lucky. I avoid trouble by screening guys over the phone. I only walk out after I have worn them out good.

Is hooking an easy gig?
It is for me. I am getting paid to be myself.

You also dabble in porn.
I’ve done over 100 movies.

What came first, escorting or porn?
Porn. I started escorting because so many guys were contacting me to act out the fantasies I was doing in the movies. I decided, hell, I’ll put an ad up on Rentboy and start making dreams come true.

Which job do you prefer?
Both are hot. I’m like most Americans, working two jobs to get by.

Which job pays the bills?
I do porn for fun. Escorting is part of my life. It’s like drinking water for me. I drink overtime.

What other jobs have you held?
I graduated university with a degree in dentistry, which I know sounds crazy. Can you imagine me drilling your teeth? I also majored in journalism. Basically, I am a nerd who likes to fuck.

How long can a rentboy career last?
Depends how good you are. It’s not the escort who stops working. It’s the clients who stop calling. My phones ring all the time, so I don’t think I’m going anywhere anytime soon.
What’s the best thing about being a rentboy?
The money is great, but I also enjoy meeting new people. My clients are my best friends.
Worst thing?
I like the word “prostitute” and generally I think of it as a compliment, but I don’t like when people call me “prostitute” as an insult.

What’s your message to haters?
I used to fuck for free like you, but I got smarter.

What did you do with the Hookie Award? Where is it now?
My sister asked if she could display it on her shelf to show off to the rest of the family and friends. That’s where it is.
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The Chris Bines Interview

By Trent Farber

There are several reasons Chris Bines has become one of the most popular porn studs on the web today—his dreamy blue eyes, his hairy chest and facial hair. Even his tan lines have received rave reviews. But what makes Bines really stand out from the pack is the giant word “hope” that has been branded across his chest. It’s a powerful word that means “to wish for, without certainty of fulfillment.” President Obama used the word to catapult himself into the White House. We wondered what the word meant to Chris Bines.

What is the significance of the “hope” across your chest?
It is in memory of a friend who passed away at a very young age. It reminds me to never take life for granted.

What do you hope to achieve in life?
I hope to experience all that life has to offer.

How do you measure success?
I believe that in order to be truly successful in life, you need to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Are you hoping to find a LTR or are you having too much fun right now?

I have one! I am currently in a relationship and I couldn’t be happier.

How did you find your way into porn?

I answered an ad I found on the web, looking for jocks with great bodies. When I see opportunity, I come a knocking.

What turns you on?
I like to be in control. I guess I could be labeled dominant. I also have an oral fetish. I like to eat-in, if you know what I mean.

Who has been your favorite co-star?
I would have to say Travis James. We met for the first time at New York Pride. The chemistry was there from the beginning.

Were you always a wild child?
Not really. I didn’t like causing my mother any grief. But as I got older, I began to come out from my shell. 

Did the team at Randy Blue warn you that you would be as popular as you are?
They did, but I didn’t believe them. Growing up, I never believed I was good looking. It’s been a real boost to my confidence.

What do you credit for your success?
Credit really goes to It’s a popular website. Without it, I wouldn’t have gotten half the exposure I have received. I guess you could say I caught the right train.

There are a lot of sexy guys on Randy Blue. Why do you think fans are drawn to you?

I have that innocent boyish look but I think I surprise people with how wild I can be.
How long have you had your facial hair?

For two years now.

Any plans to shave it off? 
No! I could never shave it off. It’s my look. More importantly, it’s my Randy Blue look. [Laughs]

Fans would never allow it.
I would get in so much trouble!

Fans also love your baby blues.
Yeah, I’ve gotten good at using them to get what I need. You know, staring someone in the eyes with these things can be kinda captivating. [Laughs]

Are you ever recognized out in public? Like in the grocery store or at the mall?
Yes! I have had a few encounters. They’re always fun. Sometimes a little awkward.

Are you cool with guys saying, “Hey, I know you from Randy Blue!” 
Sure, it’s always nice to meet a fan, as long as they act appropriate. I’m not gonna whip it out for them, though I’ve been asked.

What do you say when a fan walks up to you?
I usually just thank them for watching and answer any questions they might have.

What’s your favorite thing to do when not filming?

I like spending time with my family, going to the movies and gym. Oh, and I love to read and relax and I could spend all day on my Xbox 360.

Your tan lines suggest you like fun in the sun. 

I live for the beach. I also play a lot of basketball and I just joined a flag football league.

How do you stay in shape?
I maintain a vigorous routine, working out five days a week. I also follow a strict diet. Plus I find some yard work every now and then can be good for the body.

Do you stay fit for your health or for your looks?

What does the tattoo on the back of your arm say?
It’s my daughter’s name.

Any plans for more tats? 
Not at the moment, but I plan on adding more on my arms and back and maybe something on my oblique.
You’ve done more than most already. What’s one thing you hope to do before you leave the biz?

Make tons of money! And you never know, this could open more doors for me in the future.

We’ll be watching.
As long as you do, I’ll keep fucking. [Laughs]

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