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Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things: Austin Wilde

1. As much of a power top as I come off to be, I love to bottom!

2. I’m a “Gold Star Gay.” (Other than the one I gayly paraded out of, I’ve never touched a vagina.)

3. When I was in fourth grade, I had curly hair down to my shoulders. No, you cannot see pics.

4. I’m fucking amazing. Wait, you already knew that.

5. Sometimes I listen to classical music when I workout.

6. I was in the Navy as an Aviation Warfare Specialist. In a nutshell—operating airborne electronic equipment on helicopters.

7. I lost my virginity while I was in the Navy. But he was a civilian. Lame, I know.

8. The first time I ever stepped in front of a camera was with Sean Cody. And no, you can’t find it anywhere!

9. I got a badass apartment in St. Louis with my best friend, Ryan Raz, back in February.

10. Since the first time I did it, the longest I’ve gone without masturbating was two-and-a-half weeks. Thank you, bootcamp.

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