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Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things: Billy Heights

1. I am a computer geek.

2. I have a really bad habit of sleeping a lot. If you can’t reach me on the phone, I’m probably sleeping.

3. Hard rock and metal music with some techno thrown in is just about all the music I listen to.

4. I need at least two days out of the week to hit the clubs and just dance. It’s also a great way to pick up people.

5. Working out is huge for me—besides my love of sex, which is my other great workout. But you may have guessed both of those things.

6. I am very grateful that Jet Set Men welcomed me into their studio. It has been a blast from day one.

7. I live for car racing and motorcycles. And if you ever need one built, I’ve got you covered.

8. I’m very close with my family. There isn’t much we don’t talk about.

9. My friends are extremely important to me. They let me live my life and don’t judge me, no matter what situations I get into.

10. I am a true New Yorker—with the balls to go along with it!

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