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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Things: Brandon Wilde

1.    I am very close with my family and am the oldest of eight siblings.

2.    I got bit by a dog when I was 1 year old by my daycare’s dog. Fifty-five stitches in my face!

3.    I am a very compassionate and loving person. I love helping people in need.

4.    I love to dance and love music! I’m very good at dancing—Ciara is my dance idol. I love hip-hop.

5.    My favorite show is Family Guy.

6.    I worked for a rescue group called “Joe Exotic” and we worked with exotic animals—mostly tigers. That’s why I put tiger paws on my chest!

7.    I love to grab a nice ass when getting fucked.

8.    I love a str8-acting jock.

9.    I really enjoy Egyptian culture.

10.    I am from Minnesota but live in California now thanks to Jason Sechrest and Chi Chi LaRue. It would have taken me a few more years to build the courage to finally move out here.

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