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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Things: Brent Corrigan

1. I never set out to be a star but later chose to embrace it. At first I was just a young man living in Southern California truly just trying to get by. I realized that when the truth about my underage work became prevalent, public knowledge and my pride and dignity were under siege, I could do one of two things—I could try to live it down, ignore it and it might never go away, or I could cling tightly to my resolve, hold my head up high, admit my mistakes and work to correct them. I chose the more difficult, less practical of the two and many still hate me for it to this day.

2. I ride horses and have competed in Hunter Jumper classes. One day I hope to settle down and develop an equestrian consulting company with my boyfriend, whom I affectionately refer to as Papi. He’s third or fourth generation in that field. Horses are my passion. I grew up obsessed and still am! Truly happy retirement for me is a spread somewhere near Mount Shasta, California with 60 head of horses in the forest. Someday!

3. I’ve developed three adult companies but don’t run three companies simultaneously. The third one finally has a streaming website where you can view all of my latest and greatest adult work. On my new web site, you can stay current with all my latest projects, buy my new Fleshjack toys, watch all my scenes and see my video blogs! I call it The New Brent Corrigan because I’ve had so many websites at this point, I had to figure out some way for people to know which one was the latest and greatest.

4. I’m not with Grant Roy anymore, in love, life or business. I broke our relationship off almost three years ago. His request was that I not publicly disclose details about the changes in our personal relationship, and out of respect for him, I agreed. However, things unraveled very quickly between the two of us, and I aptly made the decision to distance myself from him once and for all.

5. I pick my nose. Probably far too often than is recommended. Sure, you might think it’s disgusting, but c’mon! We all do it at some point. So, if you ever see me driving down the 101 with my index finger jammed up inside of my face, just smile and wave. It’s the polite thing to do.

6. I’m a once-bareback performer gone safe-sex advocate. As a 17/18-year-old adult model early on in my “career,” I made an ill-advised decision to perform without protection. At that age I didn’t understand how testing worked and I wasn’t familiar with the six-month window period it can take for most people to show a positive result. I was very lucky to escape unscathed. Since then I have spoken out against unprotected porn and encouraged our community to use a condom every time when intimate with someone. Most recently I collaborated with and Matthew Rush to produce a mini series of safe sex PSAs geared toward reinforcing safer sex habits.

7. I love classic rock, indie rock, and alternative music. I even love Blues and Soul! Top 40 makes my gut wrench, but I stomach it when I go out because, hey, even having a different taste in music can make you an outcast.

8. I like to think of myself as an artist. I love to tell stories. I write. Someday I want to direct independent films. I’ve done a fair amount of mainstream work in the last four years as an actor that is taking me the direction in life I hope to ultimately head. Recently I’ve taken on starring roles in feature films such as the ‘second chances’ time-bending film Judas Kiss and a new, big horror anthology called Chillarama (I star in the segment “I Was A Teenage Werebear”—a dark comedy/musical set in 1962 spoofing Grease, I Was A Teenage Werewolf, High School Musical, Twilight, etc).

9. Compared to my peers, I’ve actually done very little adult work considering the level of exposure I’ve encountered over the last seven years of working in the porn industry.

10. I’m writing a book due out late Spring 2011. It is based on my highs and lows as a young man working to make his way in the world. You’ll be able to get it directly from me on my website.

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