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Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things: Bruno Bond

1. In addition to being a performer, director, producer and editor, I am also a photographer. I have been shooting all of the models for for the last six months or so. To keep my creative juices flowing, I am expanding into photographing guys artistically as well as pornographically.

2. I have a BFA and studied art and art history in Italy. I am frequently inspired by movies or art for set design and my photography. Sometimes I leave referential clues for fans.

3. I love cars and driving fast. I had the most fun driving the winding roads of the Amalfi coast in Italy.

4. I got into porn for several reasons. One was to overcome fear. I figured that if I could stand buck naked, cheeks spread to the world, then I could be brave in any situation.

5. I love reading books about physics and watching science programs on TV.

6. When I was 19, I hooked up with a famous rock star for a short fling and actually have a song written about me. I am not going to say who it was, but the song is still playing and I really think that I should be getting some royalties or something. Just sayin’...

7. I don’t eat red meat. I worked in a butcher shop when I was 16 and never recovered.

8. Being in a relationship with Steve Cruz has influenced the way that we film sex. We like to show the connection the models have with each other by filming facial reactions, hand holding and other intimate gestures that you don’t always see in porn.

9. I am very proud that I work for a studio that actively promotes safer sex practices. When I was young, just going out and learning about gay life, condoms were everywhere. I know that seeing condom use as standard in porn helped me and many others stay healthy. I am glad to continue in that tradition.

10. I am an optimist. I always think the best of people and situations first. I feel like the gay community is smart, cultured and savvy. I want to make movies that are sexy and also have some substance and relevance to the time that we live in.

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