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Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things: Cody Cummings

1. My favorite show on television is Family Guy.

2. My favorite book is The Kite Runner.

3. Large house spiders, rats or big bugs turn me into a girl quick. I’ll go from ‘tough guy’ to a high-pitched voice standing on my toes with a broom, yelling “Get it!”

4. I think Eminem is the greatest rapper ever, and I think Adele is one of the best singers.

5. I love to have my armpits eaten out. I know, weird right? I didn’t know it until I had it done to me.

6. I snowboard like Shaun White and play ball like D Wayde.

7. I am the most stubborn man you will ever meet.

8. I travel with a shower head. A good shower head and quality water pressure are so important to me and my whole life.

9. I come from the country and rode horses consistently up until high school. I could break any horse.

10. I often really hope my site is more than just porn. I hope it helps people. I hope it helps people find themselves. I hate labels. I get a lot of shit because there are a lot of things I won’t do with guys on-camera, yet a lot of my straight friends can’t believe the things I do and think I’m fully gay for it. And here I’m hated on because I don’t do more. But none of this bothers me. I want people to be free. Do you! No matter what it is. Do whatever you may like, regardless of what anyone says.

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