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Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things: Dean Monroe


1. My graduate fashion collection from St. Martin’s College of Art was featured in the George Michael video for “Fast Love.”

2. I starred in the first legal R18 porn film produced in the UK in 2002—The White Room.

3. I worked as Dolce & Gabbana’s stylist in London, where I dressed Madonna at her house for a film premiere and was told not to look or talk to her.

4. I’m obsessed with cooking channels, but eat only protein six days a week.

5. I’ve had sex with a leading celebrity actor that made me sign a legal disclaimer forbidding me to divulge his identity. So, don’t ask me!

6. I drink Matcha green tea twice a day everyday without fail.

7. My favorite part of a man’s body are his feet and thighs.

8. I’m terrified of rollercoaster rides.

9. I appeared completely naked in a London West End theater for five weeks in Naked Boys Singing.

10. My single “Closer To You” has sold 31,400 copies, and my blog,, has hit over a million views to date.

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