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Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things: Dominic Pacifico

Photo by Dylan Rosser

1. Homosexuality runs in my family. I have two lesbian sisters and a gay grandfather!

2. My DJ name wasn’t always DJ Pornstar. My first DJ name in the late ‘90s was The Pest and then I even changed it to Prototype Lover for a time. My career in porn led to the name DJ Pornstar, which obviously stuck and is now the only legally trademarked DJ Pornstar on Earth!

3. I’ve been married twice. Once for six years to a beautiful and highly talented Russian model and female dominatrix. I became a widower when she was tragically murdered in Paris, and she is credited with giving me the name Dominic Pacifico. The second marriage came during the short window of legal gay marriage in 2009 when, just days before it became illegal, I married fellow gay porn star Christian Owen in San Francisco. Unfortunately, less than a year later we separated.

4. I don’t just DJ—I write music. I’ve scored dozens of gay porn scenes and have written and produced several dance remixes. I’ve dabbled in singing as well.

5. I recently won a Grabby Award. I was honored in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend with Best Threesome alongside Spencer Reed and Alexsander Frietas for the Mustang movie Adrenaline, where I got to mix fantasy and reality by playing a DJ!

6. I’m sponsored by Freedom Reigns. I’m often found in just a jock strap or undies when I DJ, and you can always rest assured it is from an L.A.-based clothing line called Freedom Reigns.

7. I’m full of pride! I had the amazing opportunity this year to play my music at DC Leather Pride, El Paso Pride, Portland Pride, L.A. Pride, Seattle Pride and SF Pride—all in one month!

8. I’m an activist. I’m a big supporter of GLAAD, The Trevor Project, St. James Infirmary and many local and national AIDS/HIV awareness charities.

9. I’m a movie nerd. Specifically anything fantasy or science-fiction. If I have a break from gigs, I’m likely to be watching the entire Aliens or Predator series back-to-back.

10. When the music stops, the jock strap comes off—and the sweats come on. I wear nothing but comfy clothes when I’m not working. Or nothing at all!

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