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Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things: Kennedy Carter

1. I’m a twin, although not identical: my brother is taller than me, lanky and with glasses: he looks Jewish, and like he should play the trombone. He is straight but the most gay-friendly guy in the world after living with me and my friends for years. He thinks it’s very funny that the tubby little kid he used to play Pokémon with is now supposed to be anything like a sex symbol.

2. My favorite Pokémon was Charmander. Just FYI.

3. I’m halfway through a degree in Hispanic Studies, a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese language classes with additional classes in the history, literature, culture and cinema of Iberia and Latin America. I’m an embarrassing geek, spending frightening lengths of time in the British Library at home in London, eventually emerging blinking in the late afternoon light like Gollum.

4. I just moved to Mexico City where I’m going to spend the next year at a university here, trying to get fluent in Spanish. I am still getting used to the fact that, providing I eat from a little stall in the street, I can stuff my face all day for less than the cost of a Frappucino in NYC. I also frequently overestimate my tolerance to the hot food here, and shovel salsa down my throat until I start to sweat and silently cry. Yesterday I had a nosebleed.

5. I hate airports and airplanes with a passion, due to over 30 flights in the space of a year, all alone. There is nothing like the crushing tedium of an airport or the cramped confines of a plane (because you know I always fly coach!) to kill my mood. Send me on holiday with someone though and I get hysterically excited, pushing them around manically on the luggage carts and tapping them awake every time they fall asleep on the flight to tell them how exciting planes are with people to talk to on them.

6. I am a huge music geek and spend half my life online finding new stuff, and the other half boring people to death talking about it. I do a compilation of my favorite records on my blog each year and I am already starting to think what songs will be in my top 5...I’m thinking there might be some Cocknbullkid, Vanbot, The Sound of Arrows, Sounds of Nonno, Bright Light Bright Light and Little Majorette in there. Ooh and Neon Hitch! Have you heard bad Dog!? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Really.

7. I drink a vodka on the rocks. Grey Goose, thankyouverymuch.

8. I tried a no-carbs diet recently, because I’m an idiot masochist. After two days I saw bread everywhere I looked; I nearly ate my dog thinking she was a baguette. I was cranky and bitchy and hungry in that way that Nicole Richie must be, and it was all futile when I learned that vodka is considered a carb. How about some diet vodka, brainiac scientists?!

9. My mum thinks that flying to Los Angeles just to get a tattoo was the most absurd thing I have ever done. But when you already have ‘MUM’ in a love heart tattooed on your wrist, you will find that your mother can be remarkably forgiving of your absurdities. A pat on the back to my 19-year-old self for thinking that up.

10. I’m heading out now. Some house party with my Mexican friends. Juan’s place, I think? Or José, something Mexican anyway. My ‘passionate’ (jealous) Puerto Rican boyfriend texted me to stay away from the chimichangas. I don’t know what that means.

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