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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Things: Michael Lucas

1. I never use deodorant and I swear by the fact that if you scrub your pits properly you never smell bad, and I hate guys that wear cologne.

2. I love a good buffet, but I don’t eat red meat.

3. I keep my bathroom completely spotless. It’s my pet peeve.

4. I require bottled water on my desk every morning, and I don’t drink anything but water.

5. I rub Neosporin on my nose every time I take a flight to fight germs, I never get sick and I have never had a fever in my life since I was seven years old.

6. I talk to my grandmother every day on the phone.

7. I love fishing. I fish every weekend at my house in Fire Island. I can scale and filet them in minutes and I love this.

8. I love riding horses, too. I go to South America often to do so.

9. I never go out at night, nor do I drink alcohol.

10. I love visiting flea markets in every country I visit.

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