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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Things: Roman Heart

1. With the exception of the movies A Rising Star and Work Loads, I’ve been 100 percent exclusive to Falcon Studios for over six years now!

2. I originally worked for Studio 2000 under the name that they gave me, Linc Madison. They didn’t like Roman Heart and I hated the name they picked for me.

3. On the first movie I did for Studio 2000, the shoot was closed down because they didn’t have the right permits. It was very weird and scary for me since it was my first scene.

4. I started my own web site a year ago at Just something fun for me and my boyfriend Benjamin Bradley to do. Just us having real sex and letting people into our lives at home.

5. I have been with Benjamin since I was 18. My friends had a crush on him, so I wasn’t allowed around him for a good six months. They acted like I was going to steal him and—well, they were right! He’s my version of a high school sweetheart.

6. I learned to masturbate from my dog when I was little, no joke! The dog would hump the floor so I gave it a try. I couldn’t stop after that.

7. I have been on more magazine covers than any other model in the gay porn industry.

8. Growing up, I had no friends. I was a geek with big glasses and I was shy. I would hide in bathrooms at lunch time to avoid social situations. My idea of fun was collecting bugs and having as many pets as possible.

9. I donate time and money to animal foundations, mostly WWF and Defenders of Wildlife. I feel like humans are a disease to this planet and we all need to do our part to offset the damages we have caused.

10. My favorite thing about being a porn star is getting to do personal appearances and events. I’ve done over 50 gigs so far and I love traveling to meet new people. It’s always a good time on the road. A little shameless self-promotion—you can book me for nightclubs, events and appearances at

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