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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Things: Steven Daigle

1.    I was born in Louisiana in a very small town called Opelousas. At a young age we moved to New Orleans and I can remember riding in a boat down our street during a bad flood.

2.    In high school my nickname was “Baigle” because my last name is Daigle. I actually had friends all through high school that didn’t know my real name was Steven.

3.    I started riding bulls as a hobby when I was 21 and rode in both straight and gay rodeos ( for more info on gay rodeos) for 14 years until the second time I separated my right shoulder. I am currently in training to get back on a bull at the Phoenix gay rodeo in February.

4.    During college I lived on a ranch where I paid my rent by baling hay and training horses. I bought my own horse, broke her myself and trained her to be a barrel-racing horse.

5.    I have a master’s degree in applied geography, specialization in Geographic Information Systems, with a minor in marketing.

6.    Before Big Brother or porn I worked for a global engineering consulting firm as a GIS developer/analyst. While working as an analyst I traveled the United States and world for work, including Dubai, Kuwait and Iraq.

7.    After grad school I worked in New Orleans for a short stint and actually ran from Hurricane Katrina. I packed my truck up at 3 a.m. the morning the hurricane hit and Payton (my dog) and I drove to Dallas and never moved back to New Orleans.

8.    I have a huge twin fetish. I have dated both guy twins and girl twins.

9.    My first day of shooting a porn was a disaster—I couldn’t get hard.

10.    I am a huge fan of Farmville and play it everyday, probably because I am a country boy at heart and living in San Diego this is the closest I can get to feeling like I am back in the country.

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