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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Things: Tommy Deluca

1. I love collecting high-fashion couture.

2. I invest in art and have a huge collection.

3. I run an online auction boutique.

4. One of my favorite ways to spend an evening is either at the opera or theater.

5. I’m an only child.

6. People think I’m from overseas, but I grew up in a small town on Long Island.

7. I love eating ass when I cum.

8. I would love to be on The A-List: New York.

9. I have one of the biggest dicks in porn so people assume I’m a top, because that’s how I’m used most—but the truth is I’m extremely versatile. I like all kinds of sex.

10.  I admire Donald Trump, Madonna, Gianni Versace, Jenna Jameson and Oprah as people who I think change the world for the better.

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