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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Adam Killian Interview

Gay porn blogger Jason Sechrest of grills SnapShot superstar Adam Killian

You were kind of a celebrity in your own right as a famous dancer before you got involved in the porn industry. The fame went beyond that of anything local. You were shaking it on boxes around the world. How did that all come about for you?
I have a degree in theater arts/dance from University of California, Santa Cruz, and while studying a year abroad in Germany I was picked up by a performance troupe. They toured all over Europe, where I gained amazing exposure and worked with many international artists. After dancing for a year in a male burlesque show in Japan I returned to California where I met Jeffrey Sanker and dove head-first into the American circuit scene. I think this last White Party, Palm Springs was my 11th year performing there! I’ve been lucky to work the stages of fantastic charity events like Black & Blue Montreal to kinky sex parties like Hustlaball Berlin and even the biggest club in the world in Ibiza, Spain. Kinda crazy but from Mardi Gras, New Orleans to Mardi Gras, Sydney I feel blessed to have such an adventurous, global career.

How did you get involved in doing camera work for adult films?
I did a non-sexual role in Jet Set’s The Hole by Wash West. Chi Chi LaRue had asked me to be in a film when we met at the Bourbon Pub in New Orleans but I wanted to see what it was like on set first before I committed. So that was the push he needed to hire me on set as a production assistant and I worked my way up from there.
How many years did you work behind the scenes in porn before you decided to perform on camera?

Around five or six years.

You’d think it’d be a natural progression with the contacts you had, going from go-go dancing to becoming a porn star. Why were you so reluctant for so long?
I guess I wasn’t really in a hurry. I wanted to have a lot more control than a new model gets. I wanted it to be somehow special, which isn’t easy in this industry. There are a lot of talented sexy guys out there.

What was the final deciding factor that made you take the leap?
[Laughs] As much as I hate to admit this, age! I ain’t getting any younger.  It was you that called me a dinosaur, right?

[Laughs] Touché! Your first sex scene was with Zeb Atlas. What is it like working with him?
Before I agreed to do the scene with Zeb I wanted to see what our natural chemistry was like. How can you not be intimidated next to such a big muscle man? Amazingly we got along perfectly. He was super laid back, had eye contact that felt honest and real to me and he was a great kisser! He just texted me today wanting to do another scene, so the connection is still there.

What’s your favorite movie you’ve done so far and why?

L.A. Zombie stands out the most. I’ve wanted to work with Bruce LaBruce for years. Love his crazy work and a scene covered in fake blood with super stars Matthew Rush, Erik Rhodes, Francesco D’Macho and Francois Sagat is going to be hard to match. It’s not going to be a porn that people jack off to unless you’re into blood sports, but it was fun to make.

What has your work in the sex industry taught you about yourself?

Well I’ve always loved to turn fantasy into reality, now it’s just a lot more public.

Do you have any fantasies you’ve yet to fulfill either on camera or off?

The guy I’m dating right now has been fulfilling a lot of those fantasies! He’s been taking yoga with me and is getting more flexible every day. I’m loving it! As for my fantasy film I would love to do a live sex show tour with a talented group of guys in different clubs and circuit events and have that be the basis for the movie.

Fill in the blank! If you could teach everyone one thing about sex it would be ___________.

Yoga will make it better!

What would you most like “Adam Killian” to be remembered for?
That I made you smile.

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