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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Austin Wilde Interview

By Jason Sechrest,

If you’re a fan of gay pornography, there’s no way you haven’t heard or seen Austin Wilde on DVD or in an online sex romp in the course of the past year. Austin is one of our industry’s most prolific, with a killer cock that has become nearly as infamous as he.

Wilde has shot countless scenes for all the major studios, which bring him back time and time again because he continues to deliver the goods with more reliability than most of his fellow porn mate contemporaries. With his dark skin, muscular body and big brown eyes, he’s the Matthew Rush of a new generation, a superstar on his way to becoming a legend.

Thanks to a mind for business and a sizable work ethic, these days Austin finds himself working ‘round the clock. Between shooting new movies he’s now sexing it up on camera for his own official web site,, where he even finds time to do a live chat and sex show with his fans on a weekly basis.

Thankfully, Austin stopped the roller coaster for a few brief minutes to catch up with us before heading off on his next sex conquest.

I can’t allow myself to start with something as trite as, “How did you get into this business?” so instead, how about you tell me what you’re wearing?

I’m in the process of getting dressed for the gym, so I’m in the most natural form possible—naked! 

Nice! Now, how did you get into this business?
[Laughs] Well, I was approached multiple times in one weekend at an event in Palm Springs back in 2008. I took it as a sign that maybe it was something I needed to consider. I got my manager Howard from FabScout soon after that and my career took off from there.

Do you have any scenes over the past few years that have been your favorites?
My favorite released scene to date is definitely the one with Marcus Mojo on my site! When I met him two years ago on the set of a Next Door Studios shoot, I fell in love. So it was a long awaited shoot! Once those cameras started rolling, I was ready!

Your cock seems to be at the center of attention regularly. And standing at attention regularly!

[Laughs] You’ve noticed?

Hard not to!
Always hard ... not to.

[Laughs] Why isn’t there an Austin Wilde dildo yet?
That’s a great question! Thanks for bringing it up. I have never really talked about it with anyone. Maybe this interview will put it out there. It’s definitely something I want to get done during my career.

I hear you pissed on yourself recently for a Chi Chi LaRue shoot. What was that like?
I had always heard about Chi Chi’s aggressive way of directing, so I was a little skeptical of working with her and very nervous. But once we got going, I’ve got to say she is totally motivating and fun to work with. I had pissed on someone in some behind-the-scenes videos a couple years ago, but that was the extent of my watersports experience until now.

So how was it?
Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I enjoyed it. [Laughs] Thoroughly enjoyed it!

You must love being your own boss these days, too. You recently launched via Next Door Studios. How did they first approach you about that?
The initial approach was toward the middle or end of last year, and to tell you the truth, at the time I didn’t take it too seriously. But they were persistent, and sure enough, a few months later here we are!

I was just looking at it before this interview and there’s so much content on it already!
They have me shooting a lot. Next Door Studios shoots about 12 days in a row every month. In addition to the couple scenes I already had with them, I was on the November and December shoots to ensure we had plenty of stuff to launch the site. So you can imagine—the last two months of 2010 for me were basically back-to-back sex, which made me very happy!

I can imagine! What kind of antics can we expect to see from your live cam shows?
Well, people seem to like seeing me eat my own cum. Along with sticking things up my ass. Both of which I’m fond of as well. Plus, my boyfriend likes to hop on with me sometimes, and the members love when that happens.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without sex in the last few years?
Hmm … 12 hours maybe? [Laughs] Kidding. That’s hard to say, but maybe a month.

And what kind of trouble do you get into when you’re not shooting? Do you have any hobbies—things that don’t include sex?

I do a lot of appearances, dancing, events, prides, etc. When I’m home, I’m either at the gym, playing on the computer or out with friends.

Playing video games?

Yeah, I’m a huge video game nerd! Call of Duty, baby!

I’d have never guessed that about you! [Laughs] What do you think are your best qualities, first as a performer and then as a person?

I’d say my personality in both instances! Which I think has contributed to a lot of my success.

And what are your worst?
My lack of patience. I like things to go smoothly, and when they don’t, it doesn’t take long for me to lose my patience. Though I’m usually pretty good at hiding that on set. Gotta stay professional, right?

Tell me something most of your fans and friends don’t know about you.
Well, we’ve established that I’m a big video game nerd. So, there’s that. Something random? I like to eat pickle relish straight out of the jar.

And on that note, I think we’ll sign off!
[Laughs] Good! I gotta put some clothes on and hit the gym! Talk to you later, Jason.

See you online, Austin!

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