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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Brent Everett Interview

By Jason Sechrest,

First of all, I have to say it’s so good to see you back in movies this year. It had been quite a few years.

Thanks! It’s great be back!

And what a successful year it’s been for you too! You currently have the number one movie on TLA, XBiz and JRL charts.

Yeah! How cool is that, right? I believe it’s FUCK U from Channel 1 Releasing. My scene is with Steven Daigle of TV’s Big Brother fame. It was the first scene I shot as an exclusive for C1R and it was the last of his three-movie contract with them. It’s a shower scene and a very fucking hot one at that!

Another movie of yours is climbing the charts right now—Grand Slam: Little Big League 4. This is your return to the Little Big League series, which you helped make the best-selling twink series of all time. What are your recollections of making those earlier movies?
All the movies were directed by Doug Jeffries, and he deserves so much praise for the series. I remember that the first Little Big League movie was a group scene. I was very nervous and didn’t really have a speaking role. And looking back I’m glad, because I don’t think I could have talked from being so nervous. But for the sequel, he really pushed my acting abilities and had me cry on camera. That was one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done.

Doug is incredible. I love all his movies. We’re both “ass men” so he concentrates a lot on the booty in his movies.

[Laughs] Yup!

Is there any one movie that is your absolute favorite?
It’s really hard to say. All of them are my favorites. I think all my best work has been with C1R. But if I had to pick just one, it’d have to be Starting Young 2 with Chi Chi LaRue directing and me fucking the living daylights out of Benjamin Bradley. An interesting side note is that it was filmed in Chi Chi’s bedroom! On her bed! So I can literally say I’ve had sex in Chi Chi’s bed! [Laughs]

Are there any new porn stars out there you’re anxious to work with?
I really just have to say, any of C1R’s stable of exclusives or models—I’m game for any of them anytime, any place! I’m a pretty horny guy and they’re all super hot!

Give me a list of some of your turn-ons. What kind of guys do you like?
My type of guys have to have muscular and fit bodies, masculine guys with nice asses and big dicks. I’m turned on by not having any limits in bed. A guy who’s open-minded in the sack is the biggest turn-on to me.

Is there a sexual fantasy you have that you’ve yet to fulfill?

Having [my husband] Steve in one of my films!

I think that’s a lot of people’s fantasy actually! Your husband is gorg!
He sure is!

Chi Chi does some dirrrrty movies at C1R! How kinky do you get? Are we gonna see you take your sexual exploration to the next level this year?

Yes, I’m sure Chi Chi will help me explore the kinkier side of me this year. I am very kinky to begin with, I just haven’t been given the chance to explore it on camera.

You brought your parents with you to the Cybersocket Awards in Los Angeles, and that got so much adult media attention! What did they think of the evening, and what do they think of your life as an adult entertainment celebrity?

My parents are the most supportive parents in the world. They love me and are very proud of me. They are aware of everything I’m doing! They check out my blog all the time to see what I’m doing or where I’m at. When we all did the Cybersocket Awards, they had a blast. They dressed up very glamourously, took a limo with us and partied with us all night. One of the best nights ever. Winning the award for Best Amateur Web Cam topped the night off.

Your official web site is What can we expect to find there? is going through some big changes right now. Some of the changes can already be seen, and others are being added every day. We’ve been signing new exclusives to our site. There is going to be a lot of content of me and my models, and me with my models. Some of this can also be seen during the live hardcore sex shows we do on the site. We are constantly filming, so there will always be new and awesome content for the boys to enjoy. Check out the site to see for yourself. I’m sure you’ll love it! And thank you everyone for all the love and support you have given me all these years. None of this could be possible without you!

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy scheduling to chat with me today.
Thank you, Jason. I love Frontiers! I read it regularly, so I can’t wait to open it up and see myself in it! That will be so cool!

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