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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Drew Cutler Interview

By Jason Sechrest,

Undisputedly one of the fastest rising newcomers of 2010, Drew Cutler has just wrapped his first year in gay porn with a bang. A few bangs, in fact. While most stars infiltrate the system slowly, starting with smaller sites and studios and building up to the big time, Drew Cutler shot out of the gate like a canon and worked with Channel 1 Releasing, Hot House and Falcon Studios all within his first few weeks of becoming a performer.

Within a month, he had signed a web-exclusive contract with Suite 703 that saw him performing for their series of fantasy sites: Hot Jocks Nice Cocks, My Brother’s Hot Friend, I’m A Married Man, and Men at Work to name a few. He became the number one highest-rated performer on the site as voted on by fans, and he is currently nominated for the Cybersocket Web Awards as Best Performer.

Drew took some time out of his busy shooting schedule to catch up with Frontiers4Men and look back on what has been a first year most porn stars can only dream of having.

So am I right in remembering you were a bartender before you got into porn?
Yeah, it was my full-time job in West Hollywood for three years prior to becoming a porn star! I worked at Micky’s, Eleven, St. Felix and Fubar.

Is there anything being a bartender did to prepare you for porn?
[Laughs] Well, yes and no. The cool thing is I had a lot of customers who became fans and bought my movies, so I felt like I already had this small, local built-in fan base. But I went to school for the service industry actually. I have a Bachelors in Business and I worked in hotels, restaurants and even retail for eight years prior to bartending. I’ve always been a people person. It’s just that now instead of serving the people, I’m servicing the people!

[Laughs] How did it happen? How did you go from making drinks to making pornography?

I had always wanted to do it. Even as a teenager watching porn I thought, “I want to do that for a living.” I used to say, “Who hasn’t had that fantasy?” but I’ve since come to learn that not everyone does have that fantasy! [Laughs] I always like to say my first scene was with Chi Chi LaRue, but something I don’t usually tell people is that wasn’t really my first scene. I basically went on Craigslist and followed an ad where I ended up doing a quick gig for I met photographer Tony Duran through that shoot and he helped me do some modeling for Fleshjack. Then I had a contact to Chi Chi, so I sent her a letter and she took a meeting with me immediately. I was shocked how fast she got back to me, but she said she thought I had what it took to be one of the next great superstars and cast me in Playing with Fire: 4 Alarm for her studio, C1R.

I didn’t even know your first scene was with!

I never told you that?

No! I always thought it was for Chi Chi! You know, since we are friends I feel like I have the privilege of asking you things that others might not be able to.

[Laughs] That’s true. Go ahead! Whatever you want.

You’ve had a lot of porn boyfriends over the past year. There was Spencer Whitman, Jayden Grey and now Leo Forte. Are you still friends with your two exes?

Well, let’s clarify first off when we say ‘boyfriends,’ because I think there’s a misconception there. I don’t talk about my personal life much, so I can see where people would just assume things, but I don’t know if I would even use the term ‘boyfriend’ for the other two. Spencer was someone I dated for I think two months, if that! He was someone I had fun with one weekend and we clicked incredibly when I met him. But as we got to know each other, we realized it wouldn’t work and therefore stopped dating. Jayden was never my boyfriend either, contrary to popular belief. He needed a place to stay and I took him under my wing for a while. He was more of a live-in friend. We had sex a few times, but we were never boyfriends. To answer your question, though, I haven’t seen much of either of them since I moved to San Francisco. I hope they’re both doing well, though.

Have you ever been in love?
I am in love!

Really? You’re in love with Leo Forte?

Yup. First time in a long time. I had a five-year relationship with a guy when I first came out, and then I had a fiancée, a girl who I was in love with.

Yeah, I don’t talk about that much either. Because that’s the reaction I get. [Laughs]

Are you bisexual?
No, I consider myself gay. It just took a long time for me to come out of the closet, and an even longer time for me to be comfortable with myself.

How did you meet Leo?
I met him briefly before Folsom, but it was during Folsom that we worked the booth together for We spent the day together, spent the night together, spent my last two nights there together in fact, and when I went back to San Diego we were talking every day, several times a day on the phone. I can see where people would think we moved very fast, but I really moved to San Francisco for more job opportunities, for a change of place and to continue exploring what happened here with Leo prior to that. And I’m really glad I did. We’re good. We’re happy.

That’s really incredible! I’m so happy for you!
Thanks. It’s hard having a boyfriend when you work in porn. It’s nearly impossible to date someone who doesn’t work in this industry, because when we say we are going to work, we’re really going to have sex with other people, and the average person would have a hard time dealing with that. But even with inner-industry relationships I’ve seen friends of mine go through hardship, because if you both work in the same field, it can become competitive. So it’s a learning process but fortunately that has not been a problem yet with Leo.

What did you learn from your prior relationships that has made this one better?

Everything! I’ve learned patience, compromise, responsibility. Besides that, though, the more I grow up the less I worry about what I worried about four or five years ago. My value is in different things now, like a roof over my head and activities that make a relationship blossom. I’m in a much healthier place than I was even just six months ago I think. I’m much more focused on my career as a porn star instead of being focused on living the porn star lifestyle if that makes sense.

Completely. I keep seeing these pictures on your Twitter (@/DrewCutlerXXX) of you and Leo eating out of dog food bowls. What is that all about?
[Laughs] Well, you know my catch phrase early on became “Aruff!” I will bark in a bar and everyone knows I’m there and starts barking back now, which is really fun. I think I’ve always had an animal inside of me. Leo is that way too. We’re both just really animalistic and passionate and we like playing like we’re puppies. There’s some role play involved. We both gave each other dog collars with tags to signify that we belong to each other.

But wait, if you’re both puppies, who is putting the food in the dog food bowls?
[Laughs] You’re funny! Mostly Leo is, because Leo can cook!

Any interest in having kids?
Do I have any interest in kids?

Well, in having them someday.
[Laughs] Oh God, at this point in my life, I don’t perceive myself having kids, no. I have nieces I love and lots of family, but I can barely take care of myself—how am I gonna take care of a kid? No kids.

You know, when you started working in porn, you really shot out of the canon. I’ve never seen anyone work with so many big studios so quickly. Looking back on that, what was both the best and the worst thing about it?  

Hmm. Well, I’ll tell you the best thing was I felt that I rose quickly in regards to name recognition, working with big studios, big directors and some big-name stars. I can’t really say anything bad about the experience because it just was and has been such a privilege.

When you were an exclusive for Suite 703, your look was much different than now. Now you’re more rugged with the facial hair and the shaved head, shooting with Raging Stallion and What made you decide to make that change? signed me because my look at the time was versatile enough for me to work on all their sites. With that clean-cut look, I could do their I’m A Married Man or Men Hard at Work or My Brother’s Hot Friend”but after the contract was fulfilled, I realized most of my work up to that point had been pretty vanilla, and that’s not the kind of sex I was exploring in my personal life. The studios I wanted to work with, like Raging Stallion—their look wasn’t so jock-ish or clean-cut. So the change in my appearance creates a whole new outlet for me to explore, both as a career and personally. By spring time maybe I’ll have spiky hair and shave my face again. Who knows? And then if someone wants me for a scene, yeah I can grow my facial hair back and shave my head again! That’s the great thing about having the ability to change your look in this industry.

Both of your newest releases are with Raging Stallion. Tell me about Piss Army.

I had never done a watersports scene before, so I had to piss on a lot of people before to prepare. [Laughs] I ended up really loving it! It was a fantastic experience making that movie. I went into it not knowing at all what to expect, which in itself was a high for me. So when I was on set, I was lucky enough to be shooting with someone I liked and knew, Chris Porter as my scene partner, and another one of my friends—Steve Cruz—was directing, so I didn’t feel any pressure at all. I peed more than they expected actually. I did it a couple times because they have you drink like a gallon of water before the shoot so I kept having to take a piss! And then I was turned on by the fact that I was pissing so much, so then I was peeing with a hard-on! It was a phenomenal experience.

Your other movie is sort of a sexed-up version of Fight Club called Brutal. Another fetish but a different kind! Much more dangerous I’d think!

Two completely different shoots for sure, because Brutal was a four-day experience. It’s the longest and biggest production I’ve ever shot. It was a full-on feature with plot and acting. I’ve been on mainstream shoots as an extra before, and it felt exactly like being on those. The level of professionalism at Raging Stallion is astounding. We did fighting and mixed martial arts and to work with people who had experience with that was intense because on a one to ten scale I’d had about a ‘one’ in experience with that. But I got into the ring and they taught me how to properly spar, fight, wrestle. A very hands-on shoot. Most of us had bruises, somebody lost a tooth. I got to work with Ricky Sinz, too, who was an awesome scene partner.

Tony DiMarco directed that, right? He’s won a lot of awards for his work with Raging Stallion. What’s he like to work with?  

Tony is fantastic. He has a vision and he’s very focused and patient. When you’re filming a full feature like Brutal you really need to stay within the vision, and he knew what he wanted from beginning to end. He wrote the story and directed it too. He’s brilliant. I can’t wait to work with him again!

Why do you think Raging Stallion stands out as being one of the biggest studios in gay porn today?
They run so many sites! There are so many subdivisions, so many different labels that each captures different audiences. Chris Ward [owner of RS] has really created a great company to work with. I’ve never had a bad experience with them. I’m honored to continue working with them. I have a live show for their site on Dec. 16 and it has quite a twist. Definitely not your traditional live show. They don’t want me saying what it is, but tune in for a surprise!

Where else can we see you in the near future?
Fit For Service from Mustang is coming out in the next couple of weeks too. My scene is with Samuel Colt. What a pro! It’s in a doctor’s office in the Army. His hard-on wouldn’t go down so I had to help him take care of it.

Nice! Thanks Drew, see you soon!

Give big barks and puppy licks to all the Frontiers readers for me.

[Laughs] Will do.

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