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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Jayden Grey Interview

By Trevor Blackenship is scouring the globe to find the world’s best male escort. The Los Angeles competition was held Jan. 12 at Here Lounge, and Jayden Grey took home the top prize. As Mr. Los Angeles, Grey will compete for the title of Mr. International Escort 2011 at Rentboy’s fifth annual International Escort Awards, better known as The Hookies. The pageant of hustlers takes place in New York on March 18, the official opening of Black Party Weekend. We spoke with Jayden Grey about how he plans to represent the City of Angels by taking a giant bite of the Big Apple.

Congratulations on winning Mr. Los Angeles at the regional Rentboy Awards!
I’m so excited! 

What did you think when they announced your name?
I felt all kinds of emotions. One minute, I was a regular escort. The next I was Mr. L.A. Regional! It’s quite exciting.  

You will represent Los Angeles in the national Hookie Awards being held this year in New York. Have you packed your bags?
I haven’t started packing yet but I know what I will bring—lots of condoms and lube. I never leave home without them.I’m all for safe sex.

What is it like to compete in these beauty contests?
I wouldn’t say I am a pageant girl but I do love being in the spotlight, even if it’s for a few seconds. 

Why do you think you came out on top?
I have a great personality. I’m fun and friendly. I’m also a pretty decent at networking. 

What does the win mean for your career?
I think it may boost my customer base and hopefully I will find a generous daddy out of it. If not I will keep working my ass off until I accomplish my goals.  

How is business these days for the working boy? Has it been affected by the down economy?
Here in Los Angeles, I have seen a decline in clients. Maybe it’s just that L.A. is cheap and most of the guys out here don’t or can’t spend more than $150 on an escort.  

Who is your best customer?
I recently found a guy in D.C. who I talk on the phone and email back and forth with all the time. I haven’t met with him but I will soon. He seems like a very nice, respectable man that I could see becoming a friend.  

What is a typical date like?
Usually starts off by grabbing a bite to eat or meeting up for a cocktail.  

How often is sex part of the date?
Sometimes sex isn’t involved; it doesn’t always have to be about sex.  

What’s your favorite sexual act to do on a date?
I love getting head. Most of my clients love eating ass and I like it, so I tend to put my ass up in the air and tell them to have at it. I try to have a good time.  

Is there anything you won’t do sexually?
I won’t get into anything too crazy. Watersports are the furthest I will go, I think. The rest tends to scare me unless done by a professional or someone who knows what they are doing. 

What’s the craziest sexual request you have gotten on a date?
I usually ask clients what they are into beforehand so I can decide if I will be comfortable doing it. It’s not only about making my client comfortable. I have to be comfortable too. 

You list shaving as one of your specialties on your page. Does that mean you shave your dates? Or do they shave you?
I have actually never done it before on a client. But I would … it is only hair.  

You’re also a porn star for Falcon.
I am not an exclusive, but yes, Falcon is one of the companies I have filmed for.  

You’ve got your poor penis working double time! Do you ever let it rest?

I have a nice penis and, no, I never let it rest. It’s always being used in one form or another. Either I am hooking up with hot guys, jacking off or working. Very rarely have I gone more than a few days without jacking off.  

What would you do if it broke?
I am a versatile bottom so I’ll be fine.  

Is there another career you can see yourself doing?
I have always wanted to be a make-up artist, photographer or print model. 

What’s the best thing about porn?

I get to meet so many amazing guys and become friends with most of them. 

Are you ever nervous the films might come back to haunt you? What if you wanted to run for president some day?
I am not worried. I made the choice of doing porn and being an escort. I will deal with whatever comes at me. I don’t wanna be president because there is too much responsibility that comes with that job.  

Does mom know what you do?
I am sure my mother knows—she passed away a few years ago—but my family doesn’t know. They only know I do porn. 

What’s more fun—porn or escorting?
I would say porn, but the other day I did have fun escorting. I had a client who wanted to watch me and another escort wrestle.  

What pays the bills—porn or escorting?
Escorting pays for most of my bills.  

What’s something your fans would be surprised to learn about you?
I don’t get to travel as much as I would like to.  

Why should fans vote for you to win Escort of the Year at The Hookies?
I am a nice, respectful person. I’m honest and I’m a great power bottom. 

Who will be your biggest competition?
Honestly, I have no idea. Probably the guys who have been escorting the longest and have a large client base. I have only been escorting for a year now. 

Is it really an honor just being nominated?
Yeah, it’s definitely an honor. I have had so many people in West Hollywood come up to me on the streets and congratulate me on winning and wish me luck in New York.  

What’s the first thing you’ll do if you win International Escort of the Year at The Hookies?

Thank everyone who helped me win, especially my clients who voted and have had me as their escort. 

Good luck, Jayden. Los Angeles will be rooting for you!

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