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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Jimmy Durano Interview

Gay porn blogger Jason Sechrest of grills Channel 1 Releasing Exclusive Jimmy Durano

You’re a discovery of Chi Chi LaRue’s and an exclusive now to her company, Channel 1 Releasing. How did you two manage to find each other?

A friend of mine, Sister Stella—one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in Seattle—sent my photos to Chi Chi. She liked them and had C1R director Doug Jeffries contact me, and here I am! It was really that fast from the day they got the first email, then a phone call and two weeks later I was in Los Angeles and signing a contract.

Who was your first scene with and for what movie?

It was with Steven Daigle and Jeremy Bilding in Steven Daigle: XXXPosed.

Were you nervous shooting for the first time?
Yes, I was. But also I was comfortable with the guys for my three-way scene. And the crew was super nice, including Chi Chi.

So does Chi Chi yell and scream obscenities on her set as much as it is rumored that she does?
Not on my first movie, because we were shooting it to look like an amateur porn tape. It was just me and two guys with a flip cam in a bathroom shooting each other. They put us in there and let us do our thing. I didn’t get Chi Chi’s screaming or even directing me really until my second scene. She’s fun though when she directs. Great director.

You recently did two scenes soon to be released on, both with true superstars in the gay porn world—Roman Heart and Dean Monroe. Was that intimidating?

YES! I was way more nervous to work with them than I was on my first shoot for sure! Those are really big names in the industry and everybody respects them. I was proud to be chosen to do the scenes with each one of them. They are very genuine and unbelievable performers. I’m so thankful to Chi Chi for letting me work with both of them.
 Is there anyone you’d like to do a scene with that you haven’t yet?
Francesco D'Macho would be one I could think of right now.

Have you always been a sexually overt person?
I don’t know. [Laughs] But I think so. Who doesn’t like sex?

How old were you when you lost your virginity and to whom? What was the circumstance?
I was about 18 and he was a teacher. I had just recently graduated and that was my biggest fantasy. [Laughs] We met in a shopping mall. Started talking and a few weeks later I was in his apartment. I was born a good top.

How long do you want to stay in this industry? Do you have any goals outside of porn or do you want to make this a long-term and full-time career?
I do think it will be my major long-term and full-time career. I see a strong alliance between Jimmy Durano, Chi Chi LaRue and C1R.

What do you like to do when you’re not having sex? What are some of Jimmy Durano’s hobbies?
I like boating a lot. I like being at the beach or the pool too. Anywhere near water. Working out or tanning, hanging out with friends. I work out a lot in my spare time.

I can imagine with a body like that! And lastly, the question that I think all our readers want to ask—are you single?
Yes, I am. I’m not looking for a guy at this point in my life. But if he finds me, I’d be more than happy to start something. He’d have to be fine with the fact that my job is porn, though, so I can keep doing it. I don’t want to stop this any time soon. I’m having the time of my life.

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