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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Jock Hudson Interview

By Jason Sechrest

Photos by Falcon Studios

Jock Hudson, what made you decide to start doing porn at this point in your life?

In my past I used to get up to a fair bit of mischief, so I guess going into porn seemed like the next step.

Has it been everything you thought it would be? Or nothing like you thought it would be?
I found it’s not as straightforward as it looks, and I’m learning the ropes as I go. Luckily, the producers and camera guys are a brilliant help both on and off the set.

Titan is known for making some of the best movies in gay porn. What scenes have been your favorite to shoot so far and why?

The first two shoots I ever did with Titan—Dust Devils with Dean Flynn and Scorched with David Anthony—were my favorite. Being a rookie I was extremely nervous and they were both great guys and took real good care of me—plus they’re HOT!

Anyone you’re really looking forward to shooting with that you haven’t yet?
Any well-built top that is similar in height to me I am keen to shoot with.

Do you have a boyfriend?
Nope. Single and looking at the moment.

Where were you born and raised and where do you currently live?

Born in Sydney, Australia, but currently living in Los Angeles.

Do your friends and family know what you do for a living? Are they supportive?

Most of them simply giggle and laugh as it’s not anything they haven’t seen me do before.
Do you think it’s difficult having a relationship and working in the sex industry? Or is that something you’re even interested in right now?
I am certainly ready to settle down with someone special. However, it has yet to happen. So when it does, then I will see. 

Do you have a place fans can get to you online? Your own web site or Twitter or something?

Yes you can find me on Facebook under Jock Hudson. Hopefully I will have a website coming soon as well.

What’s the greatest perk about working in porn?

Not having to explain what kind of things I like in the bedroom department.

What do you like to do when you’re not having sex on camera? Any hobbies?
Mostly the gym and I love the beach. That is one thing I miss from back home in Australia—swimming in the ocean.

What are some of your fetishes?
Afraid to disappoint, but most of the time good old-fashioned vanilla fun with someone hot that I like turns me on like nothing else!

Tell me a secret. Something very few people know about Jock Hudson.

I am definitely not innocent, but I am a lot quieter and more reserved than people realize.

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