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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Parker London Interview

 By Jason Sechrest,

I think one question that doesn’t get asked to you guys nearly enough is the one thing everyone probably wants to really know—what’s it like being a porn star?
Being a porn star is okay. Everyone pries into your personal life a bit too much and you’re stereotyped immediately.

Are you gay? Straight? Bisexual?

Do you feel you’re just selling a fantasy as opposed to who you are behind the scenes?
I’m not selling a thing. I’m just playful and hypersexual. What you see is who I am.

What made you originally decide to get into this line of work?

Aspiration for world domination. Oh, and job stability.

What scene is your favorite that you have shot to date?

The piss scene with Rod Daily for Lucas Entertainment. So hilarious for us to shoot!

Who are some of your closest friends you have made in this industry? Are you friends with any other porn stars?
Friends—I’d say probably everyone behind the scenes! But star-wise, probably the boys from Next Door Entertainment. Mainly Rod Daily. We just clicked.

You have an amazing body. What’s your workout and diet regimen like? And has it gotten more strict since you now make your living off of your body?
For a workout I do slow-rep high-volume mixed with high-rep low-volume and only 60 seconds of rest. That along with biking and climbing. And TONS of fucking!

Do you prefer topping or bottoming? What do you think your fans like seeing the most?
I love bottoming, but I love to fuck too. I think they like to see a bigger guy crave to be fucked hard.

They keep you Next Door boys on lockdown for the most part. We don’t see you out and about at events like we do other porn stars who seem to attend every opening of an envelope! Do you ever get to meet your fans in person?

I run into fans at gyms in NYC and L.A. a bit. Occasionally if I’m ever out in West Hollywood too, of course. It’s nice to feel loved.

Does your family know what you do for a living?
Everyone but my family knows. Which makes me think they do but just won’t confront me about it.

Do you want to start a family of your own some day or have you already?
I don’t know about a family. The idea is amazing, but I’m just so chaotic and my life is so fast-paced I can’t imagine slowing down until I’m well into my 30s.

What is one of your personal fantasies that you’ve always wanted to do and haven’t lived out yet, either on camera or off?
Fantasy? Hmmm. Maybe a few guys and a girl pissing on me while I fuck a girl in the ass and have my ass fucked by a big dick.

Wow. You are nothing like what I was expecting today. [Laughs] Thank you for taking the time and being so open and honest with us today. We appreciate the REAL answers here at Frontiers4Men and we hope to send lots of people to see you at and too!

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