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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Reese Rideout Interview

By Max Jiminez has an impressive line-up of some of the sexiest men in porn, Chris Rockway, Nicco Sky and Brett Swanson among them. Arguably, though, none are more popular than Reese Rideout.

“The first time I saw Reese was in a magazine,” remembers Randy Blue, who Reese now calls his best friend. “I knew right away he represented the quintessential Randy Blue man. I did a bit of investigating and somehow found his number. Then I sweet-talked him into packing all his things and moving to Los Angeles.”

That was 2007. Reese was a phenomenon from the start, nominated Amateur Star of the Year by the Weho XXX Awards. He went on to star in a slew of other RandyBlue titles, and in 2009 won Men magazine’s Man of the Year. Earlier this year, Cybersocket Magazine awarded him Best Porn Star of the Year.

Reese’s relationship with Randy Blue has remained strong throughout. His latest video with the studio is Dirty Secrets, a deliciously seductive flick that reenacts guys’ hottest fantasies. Reese plays a mysterious stranger that offers his own brand of education to a young college stud. It’s another award-winning performance. Too bad there aren’t many awards left for Reese to win. In any account, it proves this veteran porn stud still has the stamina to deliver a wild ride.

Have you any dirty secrets to reveal today?

If you really want to know, I’ll tell you…

We really want to know.
It happened the other day on the set of my latest Randy Blue film with Brett Swanson. I felt something rumbling in my stomach. I could tell I was about to blow so I ran outside and let one go! I sharted in my underwear.

You sharted?

I sharted. 

As in…
Exactly! What’s a porn shoot without a little fecal matter, right?

Oh Reese. TMI.
You said you wanted to know.

We have a section in our magazine called “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me.” Can you share something (unrelated to anything fecal) that your fans don’t know about you?
I used to prefer servicing myself to get me close to ejaculation. Lately, though, I prefer penetration. I love jamming in, then pulling out quickly and frantically ripping off the condom to blast my load on the guy’s back.

Congratulations on the success of Dirty Secrets!

Thank you! 

We gave the film five stars. 

I actually saw the review. You know, I read every issue of Frontiers4Men

What makes Dirty Secrets stand out from the rest of the porn pack?
So much hard work went into the making of the film. You wouldn’t believe the amount of planning and set preparation that goes into each Randy Blue shoot. Dirty Secrets went above and beyond, because it was well-written and conceived. The movie dabbles close to the edge of soft sexy porn but offers some hard scenes too, for those that prefer their films down and dirty.

Is there anyone in the film that you haven’t had sex with that you’d like to? 

Micah Brandt. I think it would be fun to grab hold to his tight, thin waist. He has a great smile and my cum would show up nicely on his dark skin.

In your scene, you play a dark stranger who meets a college stud at a bar.

My scene depicts a real fear that people have these days—waking up tied to a bed and being hammered by a hot stranger.

That sounds like a fantasy for many guys.
Exactly. There’s something hot about losing all control.

Was it your first time having sex in a bar?
Back in college, a friend and I went to a rave in a warehouse on Halloween. The place was packed and jumping and we were feeling frisky. We found a spot behind some curtains to get it on. Hundreds of people were arms length away while we did it like two drunken animals.
 Was that your wildest sex in a public place?
No, my wildest sex would have to be the time at the video store. It was a normal Friday night and another friend and I decided to get a movie at Hollywood Video. We were prancing around the aisles when we noticed there was no one in the store but the workers at the front counter. We pulled our pants down and went at it behind the video racks.

Have you always been an exhibitionist?
I’ve been an exhibitionist all my life. I grew up in a community where all the town houses faced a playground. Let’s just say a lot of playing happened there, both on the ground and on the jungle gym. Most of what I know about sex today, I learned on the see saw.

Were you one of those “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” kids?

You bet. I was always up for a game of show and tell.

How did you find your way into porn?
I started out in magazines. I did pretty much every nude male magazine out there. One day I got a call from Randy Blue.

You could have signed with any studio. Why Randy Blue?
Randy was just so down-to-earth and it felt like a place for me to belong. The level of care that he and his company put into their talent is tremendous. It was also a way for me to get down to L.A. 

What was in L.A. for you?
I want to be an actor. I’m so close to fulfilling that dream. I have a big surprise that I will be revealing soon, having to do with acting.

Do you remember shooting your first Randy Blue film? 
It was a simple jack-off scene. For me, it was no different than what I do every morning after I wake up. I remember the house being really nice and I did it on some cool, fancy chair. I wonder where that chair is now and who has it?

Oprah sold her chairs for $60,000!
We should be able to get at least $60 for ours!

What’s been your favorite film?
The Coach movies were fun to shoot. We got to throw in some comedy, which is pretty unusual to mix with porn. It was a long shoot, though, because Chris Rockway can be a diva sometimes. By that, I mean all the time.

This year will be your fourth year in adult films. That’s longer than most last! 

I’m sure I could go a few more years if I want. I’m in good shape and my dick still works fine.

How long can you see yourself in porn?

I’m like fine wine. I get better with age. I have no plans to hang up my condom anytime soon.

2010 was an award-winning year for you!
2010 was a perfect 10 year.

Cybersocket named you Best Porn Star of the Year. 

That was cool. I remember going onstage to get my award and I had no clue what I was going to say. So I just yelled, “I’m Gay!”

What did you do with the statue?

It is on my fireplace mantle.

You were also nominated by XBiz as Gay Performer of the Year.
You win some, you lose some…

Was it really an honor just being nominated? 
It was great being nominated and it was fun watching the awards. Chi Chi was hilarious when she joked about straight guys calling her at all hours of the night. She really has the best job in the world.

What do you hope to achieve in your career? 
So much has already happened to me that I never could have imagined. I have life goals that I’m pretty close to achieving thanks to my porn career. It’s a unique path I’ve chosen, but hey, we are all traveling down our own yellow brick road. As long as we land in Emerald City, we’ve done good.

Is there anything you still have left to do on film?
I have a hell of a lot to do on film and I want everyone to see it. The only thing I ask is to pretty please pay for it. Do not download it from some hack site. I would not come into your home or office and steal from you. If you already pay for your porn, thank you. I’ll suck your dick the next time I see you.

You don’t bottom too often.
I’m a great top. It would be a poor business decision to put me anywhere else. Also, my ass is too tight.

Is there anything that you won’t do on film?
Getting fisted isn’t my thing.

Do you save anything for the bedroom with your significant other?
My morning wood.

Would you date a porn star? 
Probably not, but who knows—maybe. Anyone in the right circumstances could be driven to do something they wouldn’t normally think possible.

If you were someone else, would you date you? 
Sure, I'd date me.

Besides a great ride, what do you offer?
I’m a driven person. I’m also extremely polite. When I was a kid, my nick name in school was Nice Reese.

What do you look for in a partner?
Blonde, tall, thin, toned and tight. Plus kind, generous and understanding. I like someone who loves to dream and listen to dreams.

Would you tolerate your partner keeping dirty little secrets of his own?
I’m the kinda guy who likes to know as much as possible and if I don’t, I'll research it to find out. Truthfully, though, secrets are really something from the past that have no value in the present. We only really have now, and now is what matters.

Who is the real Reese?
That’s a hard question to answer. I mean, I don’t have much to hide. You can see every inch of me.

What do you do on a typical Monday morning?
I spend most mornings with my dog, Happy. He is the best Rhodesian Ridgeback ever.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

My hand. My foot doesn’t jerk me off as well as my hand does.

Who is one person you could never live with?
Justin Bieber. Although I do like his “Baby, Baby” song.

What do you have planned for the new year?
I am working very hard on something that we will be revealing soon, but I can’t say it yet.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

I aim to read more self-improvement books. I also hope to gain five more pounds of lean muscle and get my house refinanced. In this economy, that may be a shot in the dark.

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