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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Roman Heart Interview

By Jason Sechrest

Photos by Falcon Studios

It’s so great to get to interview you for Frontiers. We have a lot of history between us. Do you know you’re one of the top 10 most downloaded porn stars on my site,
Wow, that’s amazing, I had no idea. I know, we’ve known each other for almost five years or so.

I think the first time I interviewed you was onstage at Micky’s in West Hollywood. Do you like doing appearances like that?
I remember! That was one of my first appearances, I was so nervous. I love making appearances now—I’ve met a lot of great people while traveling.

Your first sex scene was with one of gay porn’s greatest phenomenons, Brent Everett. What did you learn from him on that shoot?
Brent was a piece of cake to work with. He was my first scene partner and my second in the industry. Definitely taught me that I could enjoy my work!

You’ve since become quite the phenomenon yourself. You’re one of the biggest superstars in gay adult entertainment. Did you ever think that would happen?
It’s very interesting how things have played out, I’m still caught by surprise when someone notices me, or when someone refers to me as a porn star. I’m very grateful of my success in the business and I’m happy with how things have played out.

There are so many guys now in porn who come and go—so to speak. What makes a great porn star?

I think it’s something unique that a guy has, something that people can’t explain, that keeps them guessing. I think of every guy I see as a “great porn star” and they have a unique charm or look to them. Also choosing who and what companies you work with will help you become a great porn star. Simply put, working with great porn stars and great porn companies will help make you a great porn star.

There’s a rumor that you started working in gay porn while in your senior year of high school at 18 years old. How much of that statement is true?
I was 18, yes, but I was already out of high school and in community college.

Where did you meet your boyfriend, Benjamin Bradley?
We finally met at a Halloween party after months of our friends wanting us not to meet. I had several friends that wanted him, and they knew best to keep me away from him. [Laughs]

What was the moment you knew you fell in love with him?

I might have been young but I knew something was different with him right when I met him. Our first night together was different—it just felt right and felt perfect. I think I fell in love with him right away.

You split up for a few years. Why?
I think the situation was right and we were right together, just wasn’t the right time. I was 20, Ben was in college and I had a wild, crazy side that wanted to move to Los Angeles. So I left for L.A. and he stayed in school in Bellingham.

How do you feel it has strengthened your relationship now?
I think we experienced time apart and saw that we wanted to be together still. We dated other people during that time, and we always compared them to each other. Time away showed us how much we felt comfortable with each other.

Do you two have an open relationship even outside of porn?

Outside of porn we are not in an open relationship. I mean, we have played with others, but only together. We have fun, but having an open relationship isn’t much of a relationship at all—seems more like a cop-out.

You’re doing a lot of scenes together now for your own site, What are some of the crazier sex scenes you guys are doing there that we can’t find anywhere else?
We do live shows that we record. It’s real sex, not staged or set up, but sex between two people that have been together for almost six years. We know each others’ bodies, and when you watch these live shows you can tell. It’s real sex live.

You recently worked with Channel 1 Releasing exclusive Jimmy Durano for a scene on Tell us a little something about the scene.
That scene was delicious. It is definitely one of my top five I’ve done.

Aside from that scene, you’ve been an exclusive to Falcon Studios for many years. Why Falcon?
I’ve built a strong, solid relationship with Falcon. I’ve grown up in the business with them. They’ve always been very good to me, and I’ve grown close to the crew and staff. I enjoy the familiarity of working with them.

What do you like to do when you’re not having sex on camera? Hobbies?

I like cooking, trying new recipes and putting my own spin on recipes I already have. I love traveling and being in new places. We just got back from the Baltic Sea area and are planning a trip to Costa Rica.

Last question. Next time I see you, will you do me a favor and make those infamous loud on-camera moans that you make when you’re getting railed?
Gladly! [Laughs … and starts to moan a little]

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