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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Tim Kruger Interview

By Jason Sechrest,

Tim Kruger has caught the eye of many a porn aficionado as of late with his stunning turns in gay adult movies, both mainstream and fetish. With his rough-house style of handling his sex partners, matched by an equally voracious attitude, Tim drips sex every time he appears on the screen—winning him the heart and hard-ons of viewers around the globe.

Having worked with the best—from Raging Stallion Studios to Hot House Entertainment—Tim’s star is now brighter than ever and he’s in the prime of his career. Fortunately, over New Year’s Eve weekend, Tim took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to talk to us about everything from the kinkiest sex he’s ever had to his ultimate goal while working in the sex biz.

Hi, Tim. Thanks so much for talking with us here at Frontiers4Men today!
I appreciate the opportunity. How are you, Jason?

I’m great! How did you celebrate your New Year’s Eve?

I had a nice dinner with my boyfriend at home and later we met some of our friends, went out and did some party-hopping. There was so much going on in Berlin, you wouldn’t believe! We had a lot of fun at the parties—and then even more fun after at home! [Laughs]

[Laughs] I love it! Were you born and raised in Berlin?
No, I was born in Dusseldorf. I lived there until I moved to Berlin in 2001.

Wow, so you’re all German!
[Laughs] Yes, pretty much. I’m sorry. English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance.

No, you’re doing fine! How did you get involved in adult entertainment?
I started working in a porn shop here in Berlin and porn was all around me all the time. I was wondering how it works in the industry, so I decided to send my application to some companies. A few weeks later, I was on a plane to San Francisco to shoot my first movie with Raging Stallion there.

What was that like? Nervewracking I’m sure!
I was extremely nervous, yes. Michael Brandon was directing it and I was working with Max Schutler, CJ Knight and Alex Tyler, so of course with all those guys I was so nervous I needed some time to relax. Everyone was very helpful and nice, though.

What movie was that?
Bang That Ass from Raging Stallion.

And you loved working with Max Schutler?
Loved him so much! He recently visited Germany to shoot a scene with me for my site,

How many movies total would you say you’ve made at this point?
For other companies about 25, but if you count the videos on my website,  much more.

Have you ever had sex with a fan?
Have I ever had sex with fans?! [Laughs] Yes, of course! I have sex with them all the time! So if you’re a sexy fan, just message me on my site.

Nice! I think you just gave lots of guys out there lots of hope! You do some pretty kinky stuff on camera. Tell me about the top three craziest sex scenes you’ve done.
In my opinion, fisting, pissing and cum eating is not very kinky, but many Europeans and especially Berlin guys are a little bit different from the rest of the world.

Wow! I’d say so!
I remember one fisting video I did for Dark Alley a few years ago where they built a pool and filled it with 10 actors and a lot of fisting lube. It was like lube wrestling with fists.

[Laughs] Okay, well that counts as kinky in my book for sure, Tim.

Okay, then.

What’s your favorite movie you’ve made?
I enjoyed making all my movies, but I really like to watch my threesome with Francesco D’Macho and Kyle King in Wood Work from Hot House. And because of the setting, I like Man Island from Black Scorpion Video. The guys rented a little island in Florida with all of these sexy men and the lovely Mr. Pam was shooting it. Was like a dream vacation with friends, really. So I like to watch that.

Tell me something about yourself that would surprise your fans.

Most people are surprised when they find out I’m a little shy. That’s also the reason why you do not often see me traveling, doing live shows at clubs or go-go dancing on stage.

Do you have any other jobs besides working in adult entertainment?
My web site,, is a full-time job. Me and my boyfriend do almost everything alone, so there’s a lot of stuff to do besides filming the videos. But I really like that. It’s cool to be your own boss.

What’s your ultimate goal in this industry?

Having my own company and producing my own videos is the thing I always dreamed about when I started doing porn, so now my goal is to extend the success of We’re thinking about releasing DVDs. I really want to have my own Tim Kruger dildo sometime soon, too.

I don’t think you’re the only one who wants that.


Tim, again, thank you so much for taking the time. Good luck with your site!
Thanks, Jason. I’m wishing you a nice week and a happy new year.

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