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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Colby Keller Interview

Photos and Text by Gabe Ayala

As his blog, The Big Shoe Diaries, puts it, it’s “Colby like cheese, Keller like Helen.” But anyone who has caught a film starring the furry gentleman that is Colby Keller has no trouble remembering his name. He started out making videos for a decade ago, and he’s still going strong—these days you’ll find him in projects by various studios, including porn giants Falcon and Raging Stallion. Keller’s reputation in the industry and among his loyal fans may not be what you’d expect from an in-demand porn actor, because in addition to being well-equipped and hunky as hell—the obvious prerequisites for starring in adult films—he’s also undeniably genuine and quite the intellectual. Gabe Ayala recently sat down with Keller, and the two discussed everything from social networking and personal misconceptions to romantic relationships and Keller’s favorite adult video.

Prior to this interview, I was on the phone with a friend—also in the industry—and while he hadn’t met you, he’d heard that you were nice. There are worse things to be called, but ideally what trait or characteristic would you most like associated with you? Which do you feel would be the most honest?
‘Nice’ is a compliment you pay someone when you don’t have anything interesting to say about them, so I must not be doing something right. How about earnest, compelling, erudite or HOT! Why not, I am a porn star, right? Earnest is the most honest.

What would you say is the biggest misconception about you?
That just because I do porn, I can’t handle a big conversation as easily as I handle a big cock.

While we met under strenuous circumstances, given Twitter and a mutual friend, we were able to connect in a positive manner. How do you feel the immediacy of social networking tools has changed the industry? Would you say it’s for the better or that it has killed some of the mystery?
The day-to-day professional and personal dramas of conventional movie stars have been forced on society by one-way media for decades, and frankly I find a lot of their dramas quite drab. Social networking lets the audience decide what they think is interesting, fun and sexy in a much more direct and dynamic way.

You have a rather endearing relationship with your fans. How would you describe it? Do you feel any obligation when making career decisions?
Well, I’m no ‘Mother Monster,’ but I know I benefit immensely from the dialogue I have with my fans. I get insanely excited every time a fan sends along some Colby art, or a Colby doppelgänger photo or an I See Penis. The multiplicty of perspective makes me smile with the biggest colons and end parenthesis marks I can imagine. My biggest obligation is to be as true to myself as I can, and to have my fans help me out with that makes me think of them more as friends than fans—so maybe Facebook ‘friending’ isn’t that far off.

You’ve been in porn for a decade now and have remained compelling to fellow bloggers, fans and fellow bloggers who happen to be fans. How do you feel about that?
Immensely fortunate and humbled.

What do you think it is that helps to keep you relevant?
A high-fiber diet, curiosity and plenty of sleep. Not kidding.

While curiosity and money tend to be factors in porn beginnings, what was the breaking-in process like for you? Did you seek it out or were you sought out and ‘discovered’?
'Breaking in?’ Am I a mule? [Laughs] I sought it out with a combination of curiosity and economic need. I was very fortunate to work with the great folks at Sean Cody.

Do you have an end date in mind for the porn chapter of your life? How will you know when to walk away?
I think at this point, porn is multiple chapters. I will either walk away graciously when the time is right or hold on with a vice-like grip ‘til I’m forcefully ripped away and kicked to the curb. I haven’t decided yet.

You frequently feature other men on your blog. Are the fresh faces mainly submissions? If so, how do you sift through them? What pops out to you?
I find them; I have a sexuality too, ya know. But feel free to send submissions to

Aside from being an actor and a writer, you’re also an artist. Did you study fine arts at university?
Yes. Although my B.A. is in Anthropology, I got an M.F.A. in sculpture and painting from MICA, the alma mater of both Jeff Koons and John Waters.

What mediums do you work in? Do you favor one over another?
I’m pickier with men than I am with my mediums. I keep my fingers in every pot.

What inspires your work? Do you lean more towards the conceptual or the aesthetic side of the spectrum?

It’s hard to pull those two things apart—just like me and a nice piece of tail. I’m inspired by line, shape, color and value.

Can you tell us what you’re currently working on?
Piles of dirt—I’m drawing them—and if that doesn’t impress you, they’re big, like me.

What was little Colby like? Did you have a favorite toy?
He was very shy. He liked to draw.

Romantic relationships—how you feel about them?
The more the merrier.

What do you look for in a partner aside from the requisite good looks?
Generosity of spirit, smarts and the ability not to take themselves too seriously.

Without embarrassing anyone else, what is the most comical thing that you’ve encountered on set?

Is it funny when the Magnum XXL doesn’t fit?

In the last 10 years, has anyone stuck out in a more favorable manner than the rest—cast, crew or companies?
I’ve had a lot of great experiences with casts and crew—it would be too hard to pick.

What is your favorite porn?
Debbie Does Dallas—it’s a classic.

While storybooks and fairytales are just that, if you could write one to live out what would it be?   
There already is a fairytale—it’s the Keller Family Origin Myth. I won’t go into too many specifics, but it involves Napoleon Bonaparte, the discovery of Strontium (Sr), Sandra Bullock’s first orgasm, the castration of Osiris and cilantro.

Is there anything you’d like to convey to the public?
I would now like to announce my candidacy for President of the United States in 2012.

Keep up with Colby Keller through his blog at

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sex Ed: Prostate PR

By Jim Larkins

The prostate, man’s anatomical centerpiece is, once again, making medical headlines. Doctors at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London have discovered that Radium-223 Chloride, also known as Alpharadin TM, is a far greater weapon than beta treatment against prostate cancer cells.

“It’s more damaging. It takes one, two, three hits to kill a cancer cell, compared with thousands of hits for beta particles,” claims Dr. Chris Parker, lead researcher on the project. “They have such a tiny range, a few millionths of a meter, so we can be sure that the damage is being done where it should be.”

Cancer Research UK is touting this alternative therapy as a very important and promising discovery. For more than a century, radiation has been used to eradicate tumors by damaging genetic code within cancerous cells. But alpha particles, which consist of a barrage of helium nuclei that are far bigger than beta radiation, are like a much more powerful radiation ally against cancer cells. 

Of the 922 cancer patients involved in the study, those who received the alpha radiation treatment experienced less pain, only minor side-effects and had a 30 percent lower death rate than those taking placebos. 

It turns out that results of the trial were too good to continue. Medics postponed testing the life-extending supplement because it was considered a violation of humanitarian medical code of conduct to avoid offering the treatment to all 922 cancer patients taking part in the study.

It would have been unethical not to offer the active treatment to those taking placebo,” Dr. Parker claimed at the 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress in Stockholm.

Prostate Particulars

If you’re over 50 years of age, hopefully you’re already having your prostate examined on a regular basis. Health experts recommend getting both the blood test and the old-fashioned, intrusive digital exam every year for those over 50 years of age. 
But if you’re among the younger set, and therefore you don’t think prostate cancer has a place in your closet of concerns, consider some of the following statistics.

+ Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer among men, and the disease is the second leading cause of cancer death among white, African-American, American Indian and Hispanic men.

+ One in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime.

+ In 2007, new cases of prostate cancer in the U.S. capped out at 218,890.

+ A study conducted by the Cancer Treatment Center of America between 2004 and 2008 found that patients had a 38 percent survival rate four years after initial diagnosis with advanced-stage prostate cancer.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Get Slick

Whether or not you use it for beating off, when it’s time to get particularly friendly with that special someone, you’re gonna need lube. Here are four brands that Frontiers4Men swears by. Remember to always practice safer sex, and get tested regularly.

Elbow Grease
Last month’s Folsom Street Fair saw the debut of the company’s first new cream formula in over 20 years. Elbow Grease Cool Cream is the same original formula that’s been used since the brand’s beginning, with menthol added for increased stimulation during fisting or masturbation. You’ll find it in tubs of four different sizes, with screw-top lids to keep the product fresh between uses.

The ‘naughty brother’ of Elbow Grease, Fusion is a line of silicone-based lubricant. In addition to Original Bodyglide, a super-concentrated, long-lasting formula, there are also two new blends—Deep Action Max Performance, the ultimate combination of silicones, and Double Impact, a non-staining silicone hybrid. Each formula is available in three different sizes, with easy-to-grip bottles and no-mess, single-finger pump applicators.

STR8Cam Lube
This is a hybrid lube that looks and feels like—believe it or not—cum. It’s water-based, white and creamy, and feels like no other lubrication available. You get the best of both worlds with STR8Cam Lube—lube that’s long-lasting like silicone and cleans up easily like water. It’s condom-friendly, safe to use with all sex toys and won’t stain your sheets. It won’t get sticky and doesn’t taste or smell like chemicals—perfect for any occasion.

Swiss Navy
After 12 years of creating tried-and-true personal lubricants, horny men everywhere have come to trust and love the Swiss Navy line of products. Find silicone, water-based, flavored, cream and testosterone trigger lubes in all sizes—including pocket-sized miniature bottles. The Swiss Navy team also recently joined the social networking world, now on Twitter @SwissNavyLube, where the company gives away free products to followers every week.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Porn Reviews: Issue 2.13

4 stars
Falcon Studios

Will Helm, Andrew Jakk, Trent Locke, Roman Heart, Landon Conrad, Jesse Santana and Donny Wright

Synopsis: Each of the scenes in this Falcon film takes place in a gorgeous cabin-like retreat out in the wilderness. Gorgeous views of the trees and sky are only overshadowed by the gorgeous guys—and their gorgeous cocks—who are having sex in every room of this wooden enclave. It seems the guys are all on vacation together, and while there’s no group scene that puts all of these hunks in the same room, you won’t be disappointed by the four scenes you’re given. Cover boy Will Helm—a newbie if ever there was one—appears in two of the film’s scenes. We get the feeling we’ll be seeing much more of him.

Must-See Scene: Watch Roman Heart nibble on Will Helm’s foreskin in the very first scene. The guys are enjoying a nice breakfast on their deck overlooking the woods, and it takes no more than a slight breeze to get the guys horned up. If you’re looking for Oscar-worthy acting, you might wanna look elsewhere, but if you’re simply looking to watch some hot sucking and butt-fucking, you came to the right place. Watching Helm’s uncut cock bounce up and down while he’s on his knees servicing Heart is a sight to be seen—highly recommended.

5 stars
Men At Play

Francesco D’Macho, Marcos Gabriel, Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Axel Brooks, Ross Hurston, Eric Demko, Rick Bauer, Neil Stevens, Eduard Dubov, Kevin Cage, Marvin & Andreas, Carlos Rivas, Rio and The Mangiatti Twins

Synopsis: If you aren’t familiar with the site Men At Play, then get with it! It’s one of the hottest pay-to-jerk sites out there, and there’s no way anyone could possibly be disappointed. Hustlers is Men At Play’s “Ultimate Collection Part Two,” following “Part One,” which was dubbed Gentlemen. Not only are the scenes here hot as hell—we’re assuming they’re the cream of the crop from the site’s online scenes—but you’re given eight scenes, each around 20 minutes long. That’s nearly double the amount of naked dude action you’d get on most studio releases.

Must-See Scene:
While each of the eight scenes is hot as hell, the one called “Interrogation 2” got us particularly hot and bothered. Watch a well-dressed professional get jumped in an interrogation room—although it doesn’t seem like he minds all that much, especially when the guy doing the assaulting goes down on him. Eventually, out come the handcuffs, which is when things really start to heat up.

Gay Porn 2
4 stars
Jake Cruise

Arpad Miklos, Trent Locke, Bo Dean, Revel Milan, Lance Bennett, Nick Cross, Tim Kelly, Nick Moretti, Tyler Saint and Tyler Ford

Synopsis: “Five hot couples show the full spectrum of gay porn, starting with ultra hunk Tyler Saint’s fucking of Tyler Ford, followed by superstar Bo Dean’s initiation of Revel Milan into the ways of Jake Cruise-style sex. Tim Kelly and Nick Moretti show how hairy daddies do it, while Lance Bennett and Nick Cross offer a younger perspective. The climax, so to speak, features super daddy Arpad Miklos and his younger look-alike Trent Locke, who loves Arpad’s big dick any way he can get it.”

Must-See Scene: There’s not a body part on Arpad Miklos that isn’t big, and when he’s making out with Trent Locke at the beginning of their scene, you’re almost worried that Locke is gonna choke on Miklos’ tongue. It turns out that Locke is a trooper, and Miklos continues to make great use of that tongue on Locke’s cock and ass before sliding his huge cock inside the hairy hottie. The guys take their sweet time with the foreplay, resulting in a pretty hot scene. Miklos eventually lays Locke down on the bed and slips it in from behind, just like a professional.

Blond Fuckers
3 stars
Cocksure Men

Brady Jensen, Gavin Waters, Riley Price, Connor Maguire, Chris Daniels, Rick McCoy and Denis Reed

Synopsis: “You don’t need to look any further for proof that sometimes blonds DO have more fun.” So says the back of the box, but based on what’s inside, we’re not so easily convinced. What should be a straightforward, hot video turned out to be kinda blah—we don’t know whether it was just an off day for some of these guys or what, but many of the scenes kinda lacked that spark.

Must-See Scene: A porn star at the top of his game, Riley Price appears in two scenes in this film—one with Brady Jensen and the other with Rick McCoy. Whereas the chemistry between Price and Jensen seemed lacking, it’s downright palpable between him and McCoy, so opt for this one when making that always-difficult decision of which scene to start—or end—with.

iJERK: Jason Pitt Resurfaces and Brodie Finally Bottoms!

By Jason Sechrest,

The boys at Austin Zane are proud to announce and introduce you to their first-ever discovery and exclusive, Blake Savage, a surreal manifestation of every gay man’s “boy next door” fantasy. No, really—he is. Blake just turned 20 years old, stands tall at 6’ with hypnotic crystal blue eyes, dark hair and full lips. He grew up on his uncle’s dairy farm, where he milked cows daily, learned how to hunt and fish and played football and basketball in high school. Yeah, we found it a little hard to believe too! In fact, until you see the sincerity in his video interview before he bangs dudes, you’ll never believe it for yourself. Blake Savage is, in a word, perfection.

So you may have heard by now that former Cocksure Men exclusive Brady Jensen is now under contract with Bel Ami, a fine fit considering the studio has a soft spot for beautiful blonde boys who look like they just stepped off the beach. And so it seems completely appropriate that they would pair Brady with the equally blonde and beach-like Dolph Lambert in a flip-f*ck scene available now exclusively on their website. These two boys were born for sex with each other on camera!

We’ve been waiting forever for this! One of our fave Sean Cody performers, Brodie, is finally bottoming over on the fab sex site. After having turned the once-straight boy into a power top for the past several months, it now seems Sean has gotten Brodie to go full-on bottoms-up. Ah—remember when his cock was flopping around in his gym shorts while tossing a football? Those were the days. Now he’s just gay.

Sure, we love how Channel 1 Releasing exclusive Brent Everett uses his massive member to turn men of all shapes, colors and sizes into begging little bottoms—but we love it even more when he throws his legs back and gets his pretty pink hole plowed within an inch of its life. Fortunately, in Chi Chi LaRue’s new release, Something’s Come Up, the boy does just that for the equally smoldering newcomer Dante Escobar, the two of whom look like they could be brothers. The movie is packed full of other hot moments, with a stellar cast of newbies who have clearly taken a lesson from LaRue in how to become powerhouse fuck flick stars. Brava! Before being available in adult stores everywhere, the movie is first available to watch exclusively on C1R’s site. Get it while it’s hot!

Superstar Jason Pitt recently took to the internet to talk to his fans and launch his brand new web venture,—a site that will not only chronicle his day-to-day lifestyle but will spotlight specific charities helping children in need. The site’s membership is currently free, with Pitt promising to check in regularly with live shows to update his followers. Now, before you go getting all excited, the live shows aren’t nude—yet. Pitt announced his retirement from adult entertainment following his final film last year—but damned if he doesn’t look more grown up, buff and beautiful than ever. Let’s all hold hands and pray for a comeback. Cum-baya!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dirty Talk: Riley Price & Brent Everett Star in Chi Chi's Latest, ‘Cock Trap’

By Jason Sechrest,

Fireworks explode on screen when two of today’s biggest gay porn superstars, Brent Everett and Riley Price, are paired together for the first time in Chi Chi LaRue’s new movie from Channel 1 Releasing, the cleverly titled Cock Trap.

This is Price’s first time under the directorial tutelage of LaRue, neither of whom disappoint as Price grinds his perfect ass against a glory hole, donning nothing but red athletic socks, a jockstrap and ball cap while opening his pretty pink hole for Everett’s massive member.

“I don’t know if it was half nerves or half excitement, but my leg wouldn’t stop shaking from all of the hotness Riley Price was giving me during his scene with Brent Everett,” says LaRue. “He’s really a fabulous performer. He aims to please, and when it comes to making porn, he just gets it. He knows what to do. It’s a scene to be remembered.”

LaRue features Price more down and dirty than ever, fully drenched in sweat, gagging on Brent’s cock, rubbing it in his armpit, taking it hard up his ass for the pounding of his life, all while crying out for more.

The scene is hands down one of the hottest of the year, and the centerpiece highlight of this kick-ass new release.

Incidentally, Riley Price’s own official site,, debuts later this month.

Monday, October 17, 2011

10 Things: Johnny Torque

1. I have a huge thing for she-males.

2. I have worked in the restaurant business for over nine years.

3. I own a monster truck.

4. I have a best friend named Butters—not the one from South Park.

5. I’m an adrenaline junkie.

6. Although I fuck hard in porn, I actually fuck slow and soft most of the time in my personal life.

7. I secretly love having my ass eaten.

8. I’m going to school to become an accountant.

9. I am terrified of needles, even though I have tattoos.

10. I always masturbate before I go to sleep and when I wake up.

Photo courtesy Falcon Studios,
from The Guys Next Door, Part 1

The Andrew Jakk Interview

By Tuck Manning

One of the newest—and cutest—guys on the Falcon Studios roster, Andrew Jakk hasn’t been around for long but is quickly making his mark. This fuzzy blonde bottom is exactly what you’d expect from the likes of Falcon, a studio that for 40 years has released high-quality films for gay men to enjoy. You can catch Jakk in a couple different Falcon and Raging Stallion releases, but most anticipated is his scene in the upcoming The Guys Next Door, a film that’s set to be released this month. Frontiers4Men sat down with this porn ‘ingenue’ to discuss how he broke into the industry, how his personal sex life compares to his porn persona’s—you might be surprised—and which fellow porn actor he considers to be his ideal partner.

Where did you grow up, and where do you call home today?
I grew up in the same place where I currently reside today, which is in a suburb of Detroit. I have lived here my whole life and am currently in my last semester of college at a local university, where I will earn a Bachelor’s in Public Administration.

What was it that initially attracted you to the porn industry?
I decided to start working out and build muscle, because I wanted to model. I watched porn and noticed all the hot guys in it. So I decided to submit a few applications and see what happened. From there it’s history. 

Tell me a little about how you were discovered.
I filled out an application to Falcon and got a response right away. So in April I did my first shoot and really enjoyed it. The crew was wonderful and they really made me feel comfortable. A month later I was booked for a couple more shoots, and they were impressed with my performances. Adam Robinson, who discovered me at Falcon, thought I had the true Falcon look that has been so distinguished over the years, and he said that they had been looking for someone of my potential for a couple years. So Adam came to me with an exclusive contract offered by Chris Ward, the president of Falcon Studios. In July I was officially signed with Falcon.

What was your very first scene and how did it go?
My first scene was interesting, to say the least. It was a three-way, which I had never done before. It was with Austin Wilde and Johnny Torque. As many know, Austin is very well-endowed, and I hadn’t had sex with anyone for about six months prior to the scene, so it took some time getting used to it. As Austin tweeted recently, it’s his most-viewed scene on his website, so it must be pretty good. [Laughs] I recently just did another scene with Johnny Torque for Guys Next Door: Part 1, which will be released Oct. 24.  

Let’s talk about The Guys Next Door. What can you tell us about the upcoming film and your scene in particular? 
Chris Ward actually asked me to be in both movies for The Guys Next Door, so I was very excited for the opportunity. In Part 1 I’m with Johnny Torque, and in Part 2 I’m with Trystan Bull. Johnny Torque is a great guy to work with and made things very comfortable for me. I think Trystan is one of the sexiest guys alive—I was extremely attracted to him and actually requested to be put with him. I was told he was straight, but he ended up saying he was ‘flexible’ and said I was very cute and very much his type of guy to work with. He was such a gentleman to work with, and he kept checking on me to make sure I was comfortable. The ending of my scene with him was extremely hot, and you can probably tell from the cover shot how it ends. If I was to date anyone in porn, it would be Trystan. I wish he liked guys! [Laughs]

How does your personal sex life compare to/differ from your porn persona’s sex life? 
I actually have had more sex in porn than in my personal life. Since I started porn, I haven’t had sex outside of a scene. Sex is a big deal for me, so separating my work from my personal life can be hard to handle at times. 

Care to tell us about your earliest sexual experience?

My earliest sexual experience was not fun at all and one that I try to forget, since it was with my first ex—who was a hot mess to say the least. [Laughs]

And what’s the wildest sex story you care to share?
I really don’t have any wild sex stories. Maybe this question will have an answer in the next year—stay tuned. 

How would you describe your ideal sex partner?
My ideal sex partner would be Trystan Bull. [Laughs] But besides him, I would like the guy to be in shape and muscular. Have good teeth and a great smile. Have a charming personality, like to laugh and have a good time. He needs to be romantic but then at times be dominant when it comes to sex. And he needs to be someone that I can trust. 

What do you like to do in your spare time, away from the camera? 

In my spare time I like to go to coffee shops, dance, go to the movies, hang out with friends and shop. I love shopping for shoes and new clothes. I’m not too big on partying and going to clubs—it’s just not my scene. But I do like to dance at clubs, so appearances are always fun. I also enjoy my time with my dog Austin. 

Is there anything your fans might be surprised to learn about you?
I’m not sure if it’s a surprise, but like I said, that I’ve been with more guys in porn than in my personal life. I have been with about 12 guys in porn, and in my personal life I’ve been with four. Of the four guys I’ve been with, three were while we were in a relationship. I’m not one that likes to hookup and am more of a relationship type of guy. So if you think you have what it takes, don’t be afraid to message me. 

Follow Andrew on Facebook——and Twitter—@andrewjakk.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Starrfucker: Riley Price

Photo by Jeremy Lucido
By Jeremy Lucido

Riley Price sits down and speaks about going from porn star to producer as he gears up for the launch of, his own website and porn studio.

What was the idea behind
I can’t give away the recipe. I will say this—it’s dark, it’s edgy, it’s moody, but it’s funny.

Was starting your own website/production studio always in your plans?
Porn was never on my radar, but then I did it for the first time—and I was amazed at how well I did. I couldn’t stop. I don’t know how to stop. My passion came over me and I decided that if Riley Price was gonna go anywhere, it was his own place. I became bored with this industry, but I found a new wave—I was ready to retire, I was so bored. A fan and friend came knocking and invested 50/50 into me starting my own studio. Luckily, I had saved and I became an adult.

What about the Industry bored you?
You can only show up onto a set and get railed so many times. I’m a deep thinker, and the industry is a surface—I am not. I’m not better, nor am I worse. I felt that I had given just too much, and then it hit me—I hadn’t given enough! That’s when RileyPriceless was born.

Randy Blue helped inspire me. Let’s be frank—I would see this guy walk in wearing a blue zip-down sweater and I’d think, “That lucky bastard.” I would study him and eventually said, “I love you, Randy, but I can do this, too, without you.” The thing about running your own porn company is that you don’t have to be smart—it’s about being passionate and willing and persistant.

I can give you and Joe Shmoe a pick hammer tell you both to knock down this barrier—one will say “fuck it” and one will say, “I’ll do it.” I’m the guy that says, “I’ll do it.”

Tell me about your first feature at

There will be three videos. The first is a solo from the guy you wanted to see get fucked ever since you knew him, the second is Cliff Jensen and I in a fuck fest that is the Wrestle Mania 28 Main Event and Ulterior Motives, which needs no introduction [Riley’s full-length directorial debut, starring Phenix Saint, Dean Monroe, Mason Wyler, Dylan Roberts and Rob Romoni].

Were there any names you already knew you wanted to work with when you started this?
No, except for Cliff Jensen, because I wanted him to fuck my brains out. There were other men I wanted to work with, but they are exclusives to other companies. 

When should we expect the launch of
Why do you think I said ‘Fall 2011’ and not October or November—to give myself breathing room. I’m not as dumb as y’all think I am. [Laughs]

What have you learned about yourself now from when you started?
To have fun. To smile and have fun with this industry. I’ve learned that I—if i allow it—will be my biggest stumbling block. I’m a double-edged sword and I have to use it the right way. I can be the best, or I can be the worst, and everyone in this industry knows it.

Sex Ed: Diabetic Dilemma

By Jim Larkins

In past columns, we’ve mentioned the far-reaching negative impact that diabetes can have on the body, particularly causing erectile dysfunction (ED). What we’ve neglected to cover, however, is that state during which such a dreaded phallic fate can be circumvented.

Individuals with type-2 diabetes almost always experience a precursor to the disease, known as prediabetes—blood glucose levels that are higher than normal, but not yet high enough to be considered diabetes. In fact, this diabetic forerunner plagues more than 70 million people in the Unites States, giving it the dubious distinction of “America’s largest health care epidemic.” With those statistics, it can easily be assumed that many of you reading this column could be part of the ever-growing sector of the population suffering from prediabetes without even knowing it.

Prediabetes is more than just a red flag warning of impending diabetic doom. Researchers have recently come to the conclusion that the condition may cause some long-term damage to the body, especially the heart and circulatory system. These are the exact symptoms that can eventually lead to ED. However, the prediabetic period is also the time to turn things around before one reaches the diabetic point of no return.

Obesity is a common contributor to prediabetes, so weight loss is a must for anyone who plans to ward off the disease. Losing as little as five to 10 percent of one’s total body weight can have a significant bearing on overall health.

A strenuous exercise program is another preventative weapon in the battle against prediabetes. Health care experts suggest a routine that consists of 45 minutes of exercise per day, five days a week.

Of course, if you do suffer from prediabetes, it’s likely that your dietary habits are what got you to this point. Therefore, it is by changing what you eat that you will have the best chances at conquering the disorder. Healthy meals consisting of low-fat, low-sugar and low-salt foods are on the suggested menu.

Of course, when it comes down to that late-night munchie attack, you might need something more than a possible long-term health threat to feed your will-power. Therefore, keep in mind cock-blocking gremlins like insulin resistance are right around the corner, threatening to send your erection into a downward spiral of flaccidity

Insulin resistance, which causes an overabundance of insulin in the bloodstream, injures the endothelium (the layer just inside blood vessels). The damaged endothelium can then fail to produce nitric oxide, which is a must-have for vascular dilation. Considering that vascular dilation is basically what feeds the lifeblood of an erection, the whole thing can spell disaster for your dick.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bringing Scruffy Back

By Stephan Horbelt

Let’s face it—finding a date by engaging someone face-to-face is practically passĂ© these days! With the advent of social networking and online hookup sites, not to mention mobile phone apps that let you cruise on the go, tons of guys are meeting potential matches with their fingers. And while you’ve surely heard of certain gay faves—Manhunt, Adam 4 Adam, Grindr—there’s a possibility you haven’t yet discovered SCRUFF, a mobile phone app for the gay man who’s a little rough around the edges. Frontiers4Men sat down with Johnny Scruff, co-founder of the wildly successful app, to discuss his initial inspiration for SCRUFF, what sets it apart from similar social networking services and what we can expect from the app in the near future.

When you meet people who aren’t familiar with the SCRUFF app, how do you describe it to them?
SCRUFF is a gay social network on iPhone and Android. We are one of the most active and fastest growing global gay social networks in the world, with more than one million members worldwide. Our members use SCRUFF for a variety of reasons—making friends, seeing who’s around in a new city, finding dates, hooking up and checking out local gay events.

What was your initial inspiration for creating SCRUFF?
My co-founder Eric and I wanted to build a social network for the gay community that resonated with gay men. We were both frustrated with other services and wanted to create a new community with a brand people could get excited about. I’ve always liked scruffy guys—guys who are more rugged, a bit more masculine—and so I thought that “Scruff” would be a great name that a diverse group of men could identify with. We launched SCRUFF in August 2010 and the rest is history.

What sets SCRUFF apart from other, similar apps?
The guys on SCRUFF are definitely what sets us apart! All kinds of guys use SCRUFF—servicemen, firefighters, jocks, bears and lots of everyday guys.  We have an inclusive community that welcomes all kinds. On that note, I love that we have famous drag queens on SCRUFF!

What kind of team does it take to create a mobile phone app like yours?
There are three of us, but we all wear many different hats. It takes a lot of heart and hard work. We plan on growing our team in the upcoming year and are excited to build SCRUFF even faster in 2012.

Scruff has become more than an app recently, cross-promoting itself with nightlife events and such around the country. How are you liking that aspect of your work?
Events are definitely a perk of running SCRUFF! I absolutely love being out there at the bars aand clubs meeting other SCRUFFers. We have been fortunate to be able to cross-promote with so many incredible events, such as Bearracuda, Lazy Bear and Folsom Street Events. Our recent SCRUFF night at Town in Washington, D.C. drew more people than Pride! The owners were very happy, to say the least.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of creating SCRUFF for you personally?

The personal messages I receive from members on SCRUFF are one of the most rewarding aspects of the job. I’ve heard countless stories from guys who feel better about their own identity because of the different images they’re seeing on SCRUFF. Plus, guys on SCRUFF are a lot friendlier. One of my favorite stories is from a transgendered gentleman who said, thanks to SCRUFF, he’s made close, accepting gay friends that he hadn’t ever had before.

What can we expect from SCRUFF in the future—as a brand and as an app?

We have a lot of exciting things in the works. In addition to growing our team and building new features like search into the app, we’re expanding our media presence. SCRUFF will be featured in an upcoming gay film in Spring 2012. We’re also exploring both a SCRUFF-themed reality TV show and a SCRUFF book. We’re really humbled and excited, and thanks to all of our members who made this future possible!

For more info on SCRUFF, or to download the app, direct your smartphone to

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Porn Reviews: Issue 2.12

Falcon Studios
4 stars

Cast: Jesse Santana, Landon Conrad, Tom Wolfe, Colby Keller, Christopher Daniels, Dakota Rivers and Dylan Roberts

Synopsis: In Indiscretion, Falcon treats us to the crumbling of a relationship. The film opens with an argument between box cover boy Jesse Santana and Dakota Rivers. It seems that Santana has been sleeping around and—imagine this—Rivers is pissed. (They must not have one of those ‘agreements’ that are so popular in gay LTRs.) After Rivers storms out of the apartment, Santana goes to get his rocks off, while Rivers heads straight to the massage parlor. Unfortunately, his masseur is the freakin’ gorgeous Tom Wolfe, and Rivers ends up engaging in a little extramarital behavior as well. Just when you’re thinking there’s not a person in the film with a redeemable quality to their character, Santana and Rivers reunite. They hug it out—and fuck it out—and as a special bonus, we watch Rivers take out Santana’s Prince Albert piercing, an act that is surprisingly very erotic.

Must-See Scene: In the film’s second scene, Santana walks into a bar to see his buddy Colby Keller, who is setting things up before the bar opens. Seeing as how they have 20 minutes to kill, the two guys, along with Keller’s co-worker Dylan Roberts, get it on. We’ve always been partial to Keller, seeing as how he’s one of the most gorgeous guys in the world, and he doesn’t disappoint in this scene. The foreplay between he and Santana is electric, and Keller goes down on Santana, sharing Santana’s huge cock with Roberts, before Keller pounds Santana’s ass with abandon. The guys then take turns on Roberts’ ass, who sure knows how to take it and like it. Keller’s ‘O face’ is priceless, and he dumps a huge load on Roberts’ back before the scene ends.

Hairy Fuckers #3
Cocksure Men
5 stars

Cast: Scott Campbell, John Magnum, Morgan Black, Heath Jordan, Conner Habib and Nick Donato

Synopsis: This film’s title does pretty much sum it up, doesn’t it? Watch this film to see some of the hottest hairy guys working in the industry today. Not one of them is forgettable. Whether you’re watching Heath Jordan and Shay Michaels get it on in the gym (on the benchpress and on a mat, no less—very hot!) or the hotter-than-hell threesome between Heath Jordan, Conner Habib and Morgan Black, you’ll switch off this film fully satisfied—and most likely with a big mess to clean up!

Must-See Scene: The aforementioned threesome between Jordan, Habib and Black isn’t only the must-see scene on this film. It’s also possibly the hottest scene we’ve ever seen—ever! Habib’s spunkiness is truly his charm, and he lightens up any scene he takes part in. Jordan and Black are both Grade-A hunks and can do no wrong themselves. Fans of ass-eating will be particularly pleased with this scene, which not only features Habib in a sandwich between Jordan (who takes his ass) and Black (who takes his cock), but also an ass-eating daisy chain and a good couple minutes of Jordan switching his tongue from one guy’s ass to the other. Trust us—this is a scene that you won’t soon forget!

The Chip Tanner Show
Randy Blue Adrenaline
5 stars

Cast: Chip Tanner, Chad Hollon, Justin Blakley, Roman Todd, Donny Wright, Nicco Sky and Porter Wescott

Synopsis: If you’re aren’t familiar with Chip Tanner, you aren’t alone—although he was featured on the cover of Frontiers4Men this year. Here’s what you need to know: He’s downright adorable (on the twinky side for those into young and fit types), with a tight ass and plump, uncut cock. He could also be the most flexible guy in porn. A gymnast, he’s able to put his body in positions you didn’t even know were possible. Oh, and he also doesn’t consider himself “gay”—although you’d never guess that from the way he takes a pounding.

Must-See Scene: While the film does have a couple threesome scenes, we’re a fan of the scene between Tanner and Chad Hollon. As soon as Tanner walks in on Hollon, the guys decide to cut the pretense and get right down to it. The scene starts off with a bang, as Hollon goes right for the sweet spot—he puts Tanner onto his stomach, pulls off Tanner’s pants and underwear and dives right into his hole with an eager tongue. After pounding Tanner in a million different positions, the scene ends with two amazing cumshots—well, three, most likely.

Dicked By Richard Pierce
Randy Blue Adrenaline
4 stars

Cast: Richard Pierce, Cayden Ross, Gunner Pierce, Sean Everett and Shane Fisher

Synopsis: Richard Pierce is one hot top. Prepare yourself to watch this Randy Blue team player plow the crap outta four other RB favorites. And there really isn’t much more to it—nor does there need to be.

Must-See Scene:
It’s hard to get a scene that isn’t hot as hell out of Cayden Ross, one of our personal favorites on the Randy Blue roster. Ross gets it hard and fast from Pierce, who looks like he’s enjoying himself quite thoroughly.

iJERK: Sean Cody's Nelson, Active Duty's new bottom in training and C1R's 'Black Balled 8'

From the Football Field to Our Bedroom

Those at Sean Cody describe naughty newcomer Nelson as “a walking precum machine.” We describe him as every gay guy’s straight guy fantasy. He’s 19 years old, 6’2”, plays football, wears his shorts low and has just the right amount of tattoos in all the right places. He’s turning us into precum machines, too. One viewer at a time, no doubt. And get a load of those bedroom eyes—hypnotic! Bet he’s making many a cheerleader’s day on and off the field.

Porn Newcomer of the Week: Solomon

Okay, so the latest discovery over at Chaos Men is definitely a keeper. Solomon is hands down our Porn Newcomer of the Week. A straight boy (aren’t they all?) with a perfect build, gorgeous cock and an ass that is wider than his entire freaking body. But thankfully, he’s also got a serious case of gay face, and we’re hoping that means he’ll be turned within the next few hours. If the good people over at Chaos Men have anything to do with it, you know he’ll have that booty in the air on all fours in no time. And that’s why we continue to love them!

Bottom in Training

Check out this tight little compact bottom in training—Kevin from Active Duty. Thank goodness he’s found shelter in the home of director Dink Flamingo for a short while, as we look forward to seeing him thrown around the room any day now. This kid’s got star potential, and it’s shooting out from every direction, making a mess in the process. He reminds us a bit of porn celeb Mason Star, minus the “star.” More of an amateur hottie, and that’s just fine by us.

Crazy About Cocksure

Kris Jamieson is new on our radar, but we’re always happy to see Cocksure Men exclusive Jimmy Coxxx getting the living hell fucked out of his bad ass. Kris looks like he could join the cast of Jersey Shore if he were only a little less attractive, and he gives it to fellow hottie Jimmy like only a cocksure stallion can. We can only wonder why every massage seems to lead to taking a cock up the ass, but we remain grateful for this pattern and fully support it!

‘Black Balled 8’? Lookin' Great!

We are loving the hilar trailer for Chi Chi LaRue’s latest installment in one of Channel 1 Releasing’s best series, Black Balled 8: Behind The 8 Ball. Newcomer Dylan Hauser’s star is about to launch into porn fame with this vehicle, a bold move for someone fresh out of the box—though he looks right at home taking all of these big black dicks in a gangbang! What’s most amazing is the movie was shot less than a month ago, and due to popular demand, it’s already available to order! We hear the movie will first be available on the site before anywhere else.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dirty Talk: Ryan Idol Convicted, D.O Roughs Up Erik Rhodes

By Jason Sechrest,

Ryan Idol Convicted of Attempted Murder

Sad, disappointed and even a little embarrassed to report that one of the last of the golden age of gay porn icons, Ryan Idol, was found guilty of attempted murder by a Sacramento Superior Court jury earlier this week, in addition to battery against a person, corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant and assault with a deadly weapon. The cohabitant it seems was his girlfriend, and the deadly weapon was a toilet seat lid, with which he reportedly beat her over the head. Idol was one of the biggest superstars of the gay porn industry from 1988-1996, starring in such blockbusters as Score 10, Idol Eyes, Idol Country and many more. His sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 9.

D.O. Roughs Up Eric Rhodes

We don’t get to see Falcon Studios exclusive Erik Rhodes nearly enough these days, so it’s a treat when he’s put in a new release like Roughin’ It 2. Though he remains a force to be reckoned with as an incredibly versatile performer, we must admit we prefer to see him in bottom bitch mode, and since seeing this muscle hunk fisted, it’s hard watching a plain old sex scene with him getting boned. Fortunately, taking fellow studio exclusive D.O.’s cock is one of the closest things to having a baseball bat up your ass these days, so until Rhodes decides to take on Louisville Sluggers (or just an entire baseball team), this will do quite nicely, thank you.

Monday, October 3, 2011

10 Things: Shane Frost

Photo by

1. I was home-schooled all throughout high school.

2. I’ve been an avid WWE wrestling fan for over 20 years.

3. I have an older gay brother.

4. I come from a Republican family. (gasp! I know.)

5. Even though I am a bottom 75 percent of the time on film, I am 75 percent top in real life.

6. I was a GM for McDonald’s for 10 years. I won the Ray Kroc Award (top one percent) in my eighth year.

7. I was an overweight/husky child growing up.

8. I am most happy when I am spending time with my man or dancing at circuit parties. I love music!

9. I am in love with English Bulldogs.

10. I’m a game show freak!

The Alessio Romero Interview

By Andrew West

Manhunt, the world’s leading website for men to meet men, celebrates its 10th anniversary this fall with MANHUNT X TOUR 2011, a 20-city club tour. Presented by Dick Dorm, the parties unite leading circuit DJs with some of the biggest names in porn, including Alessio Romero, who will perform live with fellow Titan stud Jayden Grey at West Hollywood’s Here Lounge on Oct. 16.

We spoke to the multi-talented and faceted bear Adonis about how he’s working to make himself a better man in order to find everlasting love.

How did an innocent, young Latino find his way into porn?
Innocent and young? Me? Not really. One thing you got right is I am Latino and proud of it. As far as getting into porn, I simply filled in an application at a major studio and everything started pretty quickly from there.

Have you always been an exhibitionist? 
I was very shy when I was younger, but for the past five years, I have become something of an exhibitionist. For some reason, things for me go in waves. Sometimes I’m a bit more conservative. Other times, I’m fully out there. Right now, my exhibitionism is in low tide.

What is one thing you have done on film that you never thought you would?
Deep penetration.

What convinced you to try it? 
A nice-looking cock can be very convincing.

Where did you grow up?
In Mexico City. I lived there until I was 19 and then moved to L.A.

Have you done any stripping? 
Yes, of course. The last time was four weeks ago. My best friend in New York owns Eastern Bloc NYC, my favorite bar. I worked there for a bit. It was fun.

Are you good on a pole? 
I don’t do any of that upside-down shit. I am too old for that [Laughs]. I use the pole to rest my body.

Like a cane?
Watch it. I’m not that old.

You could work with any studio. Why Titan Men? 

I love the quality of their films. Also, they’re fun to work with. They take full advantage of my versatility, which I love.

Is there anything that you won’t do on film?

I have my boundaries. That’s another thing that’s great about Titan Men. They take care of me. Not just like any other model. They take care of me as a sober man. I have an amazing relationship with everybody in the company.

Would you date a porn star?


Would you date you? 
Not right now. I’m a work in progress. I’m working on myself to become a better man.

Besides a body of steel, what do you offer?
I’m simply a good guy.

Have you always been hairy?
All this hair I have today has been attached to my body for the past six years.

Would you ever take clippers to your chest? 
I have used clippers, but never again. I love my hairy self.

What do you look for in a partner? 
Good sex and monogamy.

Have you hooked up on Manhunt?
Yes. Hasn’t everyone?

Do you classify yourself as a top or bottom on Manhunt?
Versatile. Should I give you a list of my keywords?

Sure, if you’re willing to share.
Muscle, wrestling, fur, sweat, man scent, masculinity, leather, spitting, kissing, rough sex, tender sex, passion, bottom, top. Flipfucking, role play, domination, vanilla, total pig, submission, cuddling, sling, UFC, porn, casual fuck, oral, anal and bondage.

That’s a mouthful.
I’m multilayered.

Tell us about your favorite Manhunt experience.
My last experience is always my favorite.

How many more years of hooking up do you have left?
I’m hoping to find that special someone soon.

What would fans be surprised to learn about you?
Sobriety makes me precum.

What can your fans expect when you host the Manhunt X Tour? 
I’ll be fully charged and in charge.

You will be showcasing your dominant side, then?
You bet.

What’s your current life goal?
I want to go to school for sports medicine.

So you have a brain too?

Everything on me is big.

Speaking of big, Manhunt celebrates its big 10 this year.
Happy birthday, Manhunt! 

Do you have a special birthday wish for them?
I wish Manhunt and all of its members many more successful years of fucking and sucking.

For more info on the MANHUNT X TOUR, go to