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Friday, October 21, 2011

iJERK: Jason Pitt Resurfaces and Brodie Finally Bottoms!

By Jason Sechrest,

The boys at Austin Zane are proud to announce and introduce you to their first-ever discovery and exclusive, Blake Savage, a surreal manifestation of every gay man’s “boy next door” fantasy. No, really—he is. Blake just turned 20 years old, stands tall at 6’ with hypnotic crystal blue eyes, dark hair and full lips. He grew up on his uncle’s dairy farm, where he milked cows daily, learned how to hunt and fish and played football and basketball in high school. Yeah, we found it a little hard to believe too! In fact, until you see the sincerity in his video interview before he bangs dudes, you’ll never believe it for yourself. Blake Savage is, in a word, perfection.

So you may have heard by now that former Cocksure Men exclusive Brady Jensen is now under contract with Bel Ami, a fine fit considering the studio has a soft spot for beautiful blonde boys who look like they just stepped off the beach. And so it seems completely appropriate that they would pair Brady with the equally blonde and beach-like Dolph Lambert in a flip-f*ck scene available now exclusively on their website. These two boys were born for sex with each other on camera!

We’ve been waiting forever for this! One of our fave Sean Cody performers, Brodie, is finally bottoming over on the fab sex site. After having turned the once-straight boy into a power top for the past several months, it now seems Sean has gotten Brodie to go full-on bottoms-up. Ah—remember when his cock was flopping around in his gym shorts while tossing a football? Those were the days. Now he’s just gay.

Sure, we love how Channel 1 Releasing exclusive Brent Everett uses his massive member to turn men of all shapes, colors and sizes into begging little bottoms—but we love it even more when he throws his legs back and gets his pretty pink hole plowed within an inch of its life. Fortunately, in Chi Chi LaRue’s new release, Something’s Come Up, the boy does just that for the equally smoldering newcomer Dante Escobar, the two of whom look like they could be brothers. The movie is packed full of other hot moments, with a stellar cast of newbies who have clearly taken a lesson from LaRue in how to become powerhouse fuck flick stars. Brava! Before being available in adult stores everywhere, the movie is first available to watch exclusively on C1R’s site. Get it while it’s hot!

Superstar Jason Pitt recently took to the internet to talk to his fans and launch his brand new web venture,—a site that will not only chronicle his day-to-day lifestyle but will spotlight specific charities helping children in need. The site’s membership is currently free, with Pitt promising to check in regularly with live shows to update his followers. Now, before you go getting all excited, the live shows aren’t nude—yet. Pitt announced his retirement from adult entertainment following his final film last year—but damned if he doesn’t look more grown up, buff and beautiful than ever. Let’s all hold hands and pray for a comeback. Cum-baya!

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