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Thursday, October 6, 2011

iJERK: Sean Cody's Nelson, Active Duty's new bottom in training and C1R's 'Black Balled 8'

From the Football Field to Our Bedroom

Those at Sean Cody describe naughty newcomer Nelson as “a walking precum machine.” We describe him as every gay guy’s straight guy fantasy. He’s 19 years old, 6’2”, plays football, wears his shorts low and has just the right amount of tattoos in all the right places. He’s turning us into precum machines, too. One viewer at a time, no doubt. And get a load of those bedroom eyes—hypnotic! Bet he’s making many a cheerleader’s day on and off the field.

Porn Newcomer of the Week: Solomon

Okay, so the latest discovery over at Chaos Men is definitely a keeper. Solomon is hands down our Porn Newcomer of the Week. A straight boy (aren’t they all?) with a perfect build, gorgeous cock and an ass that is wider than his entire freaking body. But thankfully, he’s also got a serious case of gay face, and we’re hoping that means he’ll be turned within the next few hours. If the good people over at Chaos Men have anything to do with it, you know he’ll have that booty in the air on all fours in no time. And that’s why we continue to love them!

Bottom in Training

Check out this tight little compact bottom in training—Kevin from Active Duty. Thank goodness he’s found shelter in the home of director Dink Flamingo for a short while, as we look forward to seeing him thrown around the room any day now. This kid’s got star potential, and it’s shooting out from every direction, making a mess in the process. He reminds us a bit of porn celeb Mason Star, minus the “star.” More of an amateur hottie, and that’s just fine by us.

Crazy About Cocksure

Kris Jamieson is new on our radar, but we’re always happy to see Cocksure Men exclusive Jimmy Coxxx getting the living hell fucked out of his bad ass. Kris looks like he could join the cast of Jersey Shore if he were only a little less attractive, and he gives it to fellow hottie Jimmy like only a cocksure stallion can. We can only wonder why every massage seems to lead to taking a cock up the ass, but we remain grateful for this pattern and fully support it!

‘Black Balled 8’? Lookin' Great!

We are loving the hilar trailer for Chi Chi LaRue’s latest installment in one of Channel 1 Releasing’s best series, Black Balled 8: Behind The 8 Ball. Newcomer Dylan Hauser’s star is about to launch into porn fame with this vehicle, a bold move for someone fresh out of the box—though he looks right at home taking all of these big black dicks in a gangbang! What’s most amazing is the movie was shot less than a month ago, and due to popular demand, it’s already available to order! We hear the movie will first be available on the site before anywhere else.

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