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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Starrfucker: Riley Price

Photo by Jeremy Lucido
By Jeremy Lucido

Riley Price sits down and speaks about going from porn star to producer as he gears up for the launch of, his own website and porn studio.

What was the idea behind
I can’t give away the recipe. I will say this—it’s dark, it’s edgy, it’s moody, but it’s funny.

Was starting your own website/production studio always in your plans?
Porn was never on my radar, but then I did it for the first time—and I was amazed at how well I did. I couldn’t stop. I don’t know how to stop. My passion came over me and I decided that if Riley Price was gonna go anywhere, it was his own place. I became bored with this industry, but I found a new wave—I was ready to retire, I was so bored. A fan and friend came knocking and invested 50/50 into me starting my own studio. Luckily, I had saved and I became an adult.

What about the Industry bored you?
You can only show up onto a set and get railed so many times. I’m a deep thinker, and the industry is a surface—I am not. I’m not better, nor am I worse. I felt that I had given just too much, and then it hit me—I hadn’t given enough! That’s when RileyPriceless was born.

Randy Blue helped inspire me. Let’s be frank—I would see this guy walk in wearing a blue zip-down sweater and I’d think, “That lucky bastard.” I would study him and eventually said, “I love you, Randy, but I can do this, too, without you.” The thing about running your own porn company is that you don’t have to be smart—it’s about being passionate and willing and persistant.

I can give you and Joe Shmoe a pick hammer tell you both to knock down this barrier—one will say “fuck it” and one will say, “I’ll do it.” I’m the guy that says, “I’ll do it.”

Tell me about your first feature at

There will be three videos. The first is a solo from the guy you wanted to see get fucked ever since you knew him, the second is Cliff Jensen and I in a fuck fest that is the Wrestle Mania 28 Main Event and Ulterior Motives, which needs no introduction [Riley’s full-length directorial debut, starring Phenix Saint, Dean Monroe, Mason Wyler, Dylan Roberts and Rob Romoni].

Were there any names you already knew you wanted to work with when you started this?
No, except for Cliff Jensen, because I wanted him to fuck my brains out. There were other men I wanted to work with, but they are exclusives to other companies. 

When should we expect the launch of
Why do you think I said ‘Fall 2011’ and not October or November—to give myself breathing room. I’m not as dumb as y’all think I am. [Laughs]

What have you learned about yourself now from when you started?
To have fun. To smile and have fun with this industry. I’ve learned that I—if i allow it—will be my biggest stumbling block. I’m a double-edged sword and I have to use it the right way. I can be the best, or I can be the worst, and everyone in this industry knows it.

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