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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dirty Talk: Michael Brandon Signs on as Vice President of 9X6 Lube

Gay porn legend Michael Brandon wants to give you his 9x6—nothing new, right? Well, this time he’s not (just) talking about his “monster” cock. He’s talking about 9X6 Pure Silicone Lubricant, available now in retail stores and online at

With the name 9X6 matching Michael’s own infamous member and a sleek beautiful blue bottle design that matches the color of his eyes to perfection, you might assume the entire product line was built around the gay porn superstar.

“Not true,” laughs Michael. “That’s the really crazy thing. This company had already decided to name their products 9X6 before signing me onboard, and the design was also already in place. So besides the fact that it happens to be the best lube I’d ever used in my life, how could I say no when the name, bottle and design is all such a great representation of all that is Michael Brandon?”

Understandably, Michael himself has become the face of 9X6 Lube with a new promotional campaign and website currently in the works. The gay adult film icon announced the news as only he can, showing up in character as “Mr. 9X6 Lube” at Micky’s for Cocktails with the Stars last week in West Hollywood.

In celebration of the launch of this new product, Michael Brandon is offering all of his fans a free sample of the goods—well, the lube that is. “I am so convinced that my friends and fans will think this is the best lube they’ve ever used, I will personally pay for all shipping and send free samples. There’s no way they won’t be as instantly hooked as I was! This is full-on revolutionary technology in masturbation materials. When you’re working with 9X6, it changes the entire face of the game.”

In addition to being 100 percent environmentally safe, 9X6 is also latex, condom, sex toy, leather and skin safe—and it does not stain! Stain-free, odor-free, taste-free, residue-resistant—it’s no small wonder why someone as experienced in sex as Michael Brandon has claimed it revolutionary.

For a full product line, visit the company’s official web site,—and for free giveaways and up-to-the-minute news, follow them on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Follow Michael Brandon on Twitter—@Michael_Brandon.

10 Things: Johnny Hazzard

By Johnny Hazzard

1.    I am obsessed with flossing.

2.    I cannot stand tardiness.

3.    Sometimes I wish I could wear a skirt.

4.    I might be bisexual.

5.    I love working out in the outdoors.

6.    I hate mayo on sandwiches.

7.    My favorite color is orange.

8.    I listen more than I speak.

9.    I don’t watch TV.

10.    I love to grill.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Dylan Rosser Interview

By Stephan Horbelt
Stark, striking and highly erotic, the work of Dylan Rosser is like few others’, able to convey a lascivious invitation with no more than the glance of a gorgeous man. It is no surprise that the South African photographer has established a name for himself through his work with the male figure, and his latest book, Naked, is a testament to the fact that few can compete with Rosser’s innate skill around a nude male model.

Naked is Rosser’s third book of photography for publisher Bruno Gmunder, a collection of images that range from compelling portraits to tasteful full-frontal nudes. Consistent throughout Rosser’s work is his signature use of light and richly saturated color, which works to simultaneously showcase his models’ sensuality and athleticism.

Frontiers4Men sat down with Rosser to discuss his recent return to the publishing world, in addition to his popular website The Male Form, his early fascinations with the male figure and today’s fine line between art and pornography.

You’ve lived a traveled life. Where all have you called home, and where do you call home today?
Home is where my cat is, so that would be London. For the first 26 years of my life, Cape Town was my home. Because I am lucky enough to be able to swap apartments with a friend in West Hollywood, I have been able to spend a lot of time here, and I’m hoping that one day in the future this will become my next home.

I know you started out working as a graphic designer in Cape Town, and you’ve since become a master photographer of the male form, but tell me about how that happens. Was it an arduous path?
It all happened very gradually and not with much forethought. It is still a hard business to make money in, since most photographers really need to shoot more commercial fashion stuff to survive. I used to shoot product and still photography for many years, and that business began to dry up as the male physique stuff started taking off, so that was lucky. I still think of myself as a beginner, even though I’ve been doing it for 10 years now.

Would you say that your design sensibilities still play a noticeable part in your male figure work?

Definitely. The simplicity and composition I try to show in my work all stems from my design background. I don’t think I will ever be one of those big production photographers. I prefer to keep it simple.

Have you always been fascinated by the male form? When did you first start photographing men?
Yes, since admiring the boys in speedos at school, I’ve always had a fascination with the male body and wanted to see it without those damn speedos—and now I can! [Laughs] I guess I photographed my first male nude about 12 years ago.

You aren’t strictly a photographer of the male form. Tell our readers about your other work, and do you have a preference of subject matter?
Now I am mostly shooting nudes. I do the very occasional underwear/ swimwear shot, and as I mentioned earlier, I used to shoot product photography for women’s magazines—things like crushed-up eye shadows, perfume bottles and accessories. Then I also design and run my website,, and recently started my own online magazine called tMf Magazine,, which helps to showcase the work of other photographers shooting male nudes. No fashion allowed.

Despite the fact that a lot of your work contains full-frontal nudity, I wouldn’t consider it to be pornography. Would you agree, and where would you say the line sits between art and pornography?
I think you can even show an erection and keep it tasteful. It is really a grey area, but for me, I try to take the sexual element out of the image, so the guy might be standing fully erect, but he is not grabbing his dick and staring lustfully at the camera. It is just a naked male body. I would like to push myself to eventually shoot more explicit stuff, but maybe it is just not in my nature.

Your website The Male Form is quite popular. Describe for our readers what they can find there.

It started as a small showcase for my work, since there was no place else to publish full-frontal male nudes. Slowly the content grew, and last year I started to include content from other photographers, so the site is less about me now and more about “the male form.” It now has hundreds of male models and thousands of nude images.

How does your new book, Naked, differ from your previous photography books?
I have tried to keep all three books similar in a way so that they work as a series. They are the same size, and I use the same typeface, but the content is maybe more varied than the other books because I was shooting less in my studio. So the result is more location stuff but still indoors.

Was there an impetus behind the book Naked besides simply needing an outlet for your work?
There really is very little money in publishing books, so for me they are more about getting my name out there. Models are more likely to feel confident working with a photographer who has published books, so for that reason it is important to keep bringing out new stuff. I already have ideas for future books in my head, and that helps give you a direction when shooting new work.

How do you typically go about choosing your models?
I used to use modeling network sites, but now Facebook has become quite useful. Models generally hang out with other equally beautiful people, so as soon as you shoot one, maybe their friend will contact you. I prefer for models to contact me now, as it tells me they know my work and they are up for doing full-frontal. I have never been able to approach someone in a bar and ask them if they would get naked for my camera. I would have to be really drunk. [Laughs] So any hot guys reading this that are not shy about getting naked, get in touch!

Is there a particularly memorable shoot that you would consider a favorite?
After doing this for so many years, all the shoots just seem to blur together, so it is hard to think of one specific shoot. I guess when I am traveling it can be quite lonely, so there have been a few times when I have shot the model and then we have gone on to have dinner or lunch and maybe hung out for the day. Those are the kind of shoots I remember.

Any humorous photo shoot mishaps?
Recently I was shooting a model in Chicago. He was laying on the ground and I wanted to shoot him from above, so I got a chair to stand on. As I got up on the chair, the whole crotch of my jeans split open. Luckily I was wearing underwear. And no, before you ask, that was not planned. [Laughs]

Find Naked on Amazon at Visit The Male Form at

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sex Ed: Hormonal Hitches

By Jim Larkins

It is the fuel that drives man’s urges, sometimes igniting battles between male adversaries. But testosterone is more than just a simple male hormone—it is the natural chemical blueprint behind our physiology and it is a great part of what essentially makes us men.

By definition, testosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen group, which is found in mammals, birds and other vertebrates. In men, the hormone is a major player in the development of male reproductive tissues such as the testis and prostate. It also promotes secondary sexual characteristics such as increased bone mass, muscle mass and body hair growth.

Unfortunately, we cannot take our hormonal levels for granted. Testosterone naturally begins to decrease when we reach adulthood and continues to do so throughout one’s lifetime. Therefore it is essential to try and bypass specific hurdles that can drive hormonal levels down even lower than naturally expected.

One of the more urgent consequences of testosterone depletion is the impact on sexual desire. Lower testosterone levels in the bloodstream can have a serious impact on your sexual urges.

Ironically, one bedroom activity can seriously impact another when it comes to testosterone levels. Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea lower the levels of the hormone, which in turn can mean a minimal interest in sex.

Stress is another enemy of testosterone. The stressed out nine-to-fiver might discover that after spending a day in the workplace pressure cooker, his testosterone is plummeting toward a crash landing. Since the waning of sexual appetite is a byproduct of this decrease, one can find himself in a cycle of frustration and even more stress.

Weightlifting is a natural route to boosting testosterone levels. Focusing on the big muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders and back is helpful, but one may experience the greatest increases through leg workouts, such as squats.

Another natural alternative to testosterone supplements can be found in such herbal remedies as avena sativa; a longstanding popular staple of sex-enhancing formulas. In one study, 20 men who took 300 milligrams a day of green oat straw experienced a 54 percent increase in frequency of sexual activity. It is worth noting that, unlike avena sativa, herbs such as saw palmetto, which can help alleviate an enlarged prostate, can actually decrease testosterone production.

In the end, losing weight and getting better sleep can help raise testosterone levels, especially for older men who might be experiencing andropause, the male equivalent to menopause. Lastly, the most attractive of testosterone replacement therapy is simply to have more sex. Now that’s a prescription that anyone should be able to live with.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Porn Reviews: Issue 2.15

By Tony James & Tuck Manning

5 stars
Monster Bang

Trent Locke, Jesse Santana, Heath Jordan, Race Cooper, Damien Stone, Shay Michaels, Tyler Hunt and Lawson Kane

Synopsis: Sometimes guys can be so immature—and sometimes there’s not a damn thing wrong with that. Rugburn puts some hot duos together and invites you to watch them get it on. These guys are decked out in brand-new kicks and hats (seriously, we want to know where they found some of these high-tops), and they suck and f*ck as if their lives depended on it. Unlike a lot of films being released these days, Rugburn isn’t another whitewashed flick. Race Cooper and Lawson Kane—two of the hottest black models currently working in porn—make appearances, with Cooper giving it to Shay Michaels (and vice versa) and Kane letting the hunky Heath Jordan have it.

Must-See Scene: In the last scene, big-dicked Tyler Hunt and huge-cocked Jesse Santana—we’ll let you figure out whose is bigger—play around with a copy machine before getting down to it. After a couple copies of their cocks, Santana plants his ass on the copier, which spits out a shot of his puckered hole. Hunt lets Santana’s ass have it in just about every position imaginable, but nothing beats Hunt on his back while Santana’s hole slides up and down like nobody’s business. Is it possible that Santana has the tightest hole in the industry?

Bold Moves
4 stars
JOCKS Studios

Landon Conrad, Andrew Jakk, Colby Keller, Christopher Daniels, Adrian Long, Blake Daniels and JR Matthews

Synopsis: Bold Moves seems like it was specially made for those with an exhibitionist streak—while each of the four scenes takes place inside someone’s luxe home, each couple that decides to get kinky has a pair of prying eyes looking on. (Those prying eyes then become an erect penis in the next scene, a clever way to connect each of the scenes.) It’s a great roster of guys, cemented by the likes of Landon Conrad and Colby Keller, two of the industry’s hottest guys.

Muse-See Scene: The first scene features Landon Conrad and his huge, meaty cock taking care of (recent Frontiers4Men cover model) Andrew Jakk. The two guys do things that were never meant to be done in the living room, but we’re not complaining! Jakk is damn good with his mouth if we do say so ourselves, and Conrad has had enough experience in film to know how to deliver a solid performance, which he most definitely does.

Firewatch 3
4 stars
Active Duty

Cash, Shawn, Zander, Fox, Nick Gunner, Jack and Ransom

Synopsis: If there’s one thing that Dink Flamingo specializes in, it’s finding straight dudes to bang each other on-camera. (And yeah, they might not be 100 percent straight, but why spoil the fantasy?) Firewatch 3 isn’t much different than other films released by Flamingo’s studio, but then, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? For those into seeing military studs sucking, f*cking, and—as of late—even making out and eating ass, run out and snatch up a copy of this film.

Must-See Scene: A tough choice if ever there was one. If you’re looking for anal action, stick to the first clip, in which Cash, Shawn and Zander engage their cocks in some hot threeway action. If you’re looking for some oral misbehaving, check out either of the other two scenes—the second has Jack and Ransom sucking each others’ cocks, and the third has Fox deep-throating Nick Gunner’s huge dick.

Pounded Down
5 stars
Raging Stallion

Will Helm, Wilfried Knight, Caedon Chase, Kriss Aston, Aybars, Trent Locke, Michael Brandon and Kennedy Carter

Synopsis: With three directors—Chris Ward, Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz—Pounded Down is one for those who love raunch and edgy guys. With a roster of hot, hairy dudes—including the long-lost Michael Brandon (whatever happened to him?)—you’re in for a wild ride of men giving and taking it like only real men can.

Must-See Scene:
Our favorite scene would be the one between young hottie Kennedy Carter and Wilfried Knight, who is nothin’ but man. The guys go from gun cleaning to butt-f*cking in a matter of seconds. The one military-themed scene of the film, it’ll have your gun tingling in no time.

iJERK: Tyler Drills Tyr, Riley's Big Opening and Cocksure Men Goes Back to Bareback

Cumpiled By Jason Sechrest of
Our porn newcomer of the week, Jed, is proof that you can look “all man” without having to look beat, rough or old! With that smile that looks like he just wants to take care of you, and a cock so big it just wants to sleep in you, 21-year-old Jed has a full and very happy trail that leads to his treasure. With a beautiful butt to boot, and the most perfect but not overly worked-out bod, we think Jed is close to being the perfect specimen of manhood. We have to thank the good people at Sean Cody for him this week.

A well-hung beefy muscle top, it is a welcome joy to see Tyler St. James banging away on a regular basis over at the (still relatively) new site Drill My Hole. One of our favorite new romps with the stud is what they call a “punishment” scene, wherein he not only pounds the living heck out of Tyr Alexander but verbally and physically abuses him until he—well, actually he keeps begging for more! And really, can you blame him?

After nearly six months of blood, sweat and tears, Grabby Award-winning Best Newcomer of the Year, gay porn superstar Riley Price has launched his own studio, Priceless Entertainment, and with it, his official web site, The site launches with three stellar sex scenes featuring some of the hottest and most talented boys working in adult entertainment today, including Cliff Jensen, Dylan Roberts, AJ Monroe—and, of course, Riley himself, featured in two of the site’s launch scenes. Judging from one of the site’s kick-off scenes between he and Cliff Jensen, the sex is hard-hitting, edgy and rough. Price calls it “my personal favorite scene of my career so far.” Here’s to Riley’s big opening.

Remember former Chi Chi LaRue discovery and exclusive Jimmy Durano? Well, he’s resurfaced and is now working over at Titan Men, where he can most recently be seen hanging out while Haley Everett takes complete control of the insanely hunky muscle stud Marc Dylan. It’s a super hot scene made all the more hot by the inclusion of good old Durano. Threeways always make us smile when the guys are this hot and talented in the sack.

It seems director Jake Cruise ain’t going anywhere without a fight! Amid recent rumors that his studio was shutting down, Cruise quickly released a statement saying he wasn’t going anywhere but merely restructuring the content, development and office/studio locations. Apparently, part of that restructuring includes Cocksure Men returning to bareback scenes! What do you think of Cocksure producing more bareback content?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 Things: Tom Wolfe

By Tom Wolfe

1. It takes me an hour to wake up in the morning, but I do like to get up early.

2. I love black licorice!

3. I change my own oil in my Jeep.

4. I am OCD. Especially with multi-flavored vitamins!

5. The first thing I look at when I meet people are their eyes and teeth.

6. Wheat Thins are my favorite crackers.

7. I used to put Q-Tips in my penis because I was curious—well, before I knew what sounding was.

8. I love to watch the History Channel, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.

9. I do not know how to play chess.

10. As a baby I was so big that I broke my collar bone at birth. As soon as it healed, I fell off a bench and broke the other one.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Roman Todd Interview

By Mark Grey
Photos by Randy Blue

Roman Todd first raised eyebrows when he appeared as a ‘Fresh Meat’ candidate on Randy Blue Live. His quick wit and sly charm—and, of course, his lean, muscular body—won Roman instant popularity. His debut solo film on became a fan favorite, and it wasn’t long before the self-described straight boy was sucking and pounding with the best of them.

Then Roman took it a step further, giving new meaning to the phrase ‘the sacking of Rome.’ In his first bottoming videos with Diego Sans and Blake Powel, Roman proved he could take it as well as he dished it out. No matter what was thrown at—and in—him, he took it in stride.

It’s exactly his “yes sir, anything you want, sir” attitude that has made Roman Todd’s chat channel on among the site’s most popular destinations. Every night, fans clamor to Roman’s chat room for the chance to direct their own orders to the strapping stud who delights in being conquered.

Did you ever imagine you would be so popular in porn?
The funny thing is I never thought I would be doing porn, but I am happy to have fans that enjoy watching me.

Do you still regard yourself as straight?  
To be completely honest, I do consider myself straight. If I am not in L.A. filming, I am home with my fiancée. I guess you can say I am comfortable with my sexuality. I ultimately feel attracted to women, but am comfortable enough to have sex with guys.

Would you have sex with men if you weren’t being paid for it?
Probably not. Porn is just a really fun job that allows me to travel and have fun while getting paid a lot of money.

How did you find your way into gay porn?

I responded to an ad on Craigslist. Originally I was set to do straight porn, but I was offered a lot more money to do the solo with Randy Blue, so I took it.

Were you familiar with Randy Blue?
I had never heard of Randy Blue before I started working there. I’m psyched to be part of such a great company.

Have you done anything on film that you are surprised to have done?

I never thought I would be doing half the things I have done! But now that I have, I am OK with it.

What do you do to prepare for a scene?
I usually watch porn while on set. If I am doing a bottom scene, I try and practice before to make sure I can perform.

Do you prefer to bottom?  
I don’t have a preference really now, but when I first started, I preferred to top. Bottoming hurt! But after getting used to it, I don’t mind doing both.

What would your fans be surprised to learn about you?
Probably that I went to college and have my Bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration.

How much longer will you do porn? 

I’m not sure how long I will be doing porn. Most likely for a couple years.

Is it just a means to an end? 

I have plans of starting my own small business someday. Porn gives me the freedom to save money for whatever I plan to go on to next.

How do you feel about guys who make a career out of porn?
I think it’s awesome that someone can make a career out of porn. Still, I think most guys should always have a back-up plan just in case something goes wrong.

What’s involved in a typical shoot? 
Usually I wake up early, shower and then head over to wherever the shoot is taking place. I like to get to know the person I’m gonna do a scene with while the crew sets up. It helps us get more comfortable with each other.

How long does a shoot take?
Anywhere between four to seven hours.

What’s been your favorite scene?
I don’t have a favorite scene, as I don’t really watch the scenes I have done. I guess if I were to pick one, I’d say the scene I did with Diego Sans where he gave it to me good. [Laughs]

What’s your opinion on the current trend of barebacking? 
Barebacking is something I would not do unless I was in a committed relationship with that person.

Have you ever been recognized for your film work?
I was recognized once, walking down the street after a night of clubbing. He just screamed out my name, “Roman Todd!”

Do you get a lot of attention from guys?

I don’t really notice if I get attention from guys. I mean, I catch the occasional glance once in a while, but I don’t notice it all the time.

How about with the ladies?
Of course I’m popular with the ladies! [Laughs] At least I would hope so, although I am committed to one girl right now. I would think other girls would find me attractive.

What do you do to keep in shape?
I am really blessed with this aspect of my life. I rarely have to go to the gym. I just eat well and maybe work out two or three times per week. Every once in a while I miss a couple days and end up going once a week.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not filming?
I love sports, especially soccer and snowboarding.

Besides great looks, what makes you a Roman god?
I think I have an amazing personality. I’ve never been told that I’m not fun to be around. I think personality is more important than looks. But having both just makes you so much more a Roman god.

Watch Roman Todd live in his chat room at

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sex Ed: Sex, Drugs and EDMs

By Jim Larkins

Among the halls of higher learning, some young men are receiving a lesson the hard way. A recent first-of-its-kind survey reveals that an alarming number of college-age men are experimenting with chemical cocktails made up of erectile dysfunction medication (EDM), alcohol and recreational drugs. The results, some have found, can be disastrous.

Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, along with Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, conducted a survey revealing that of the 234 young men evaluated, six percent (one out of every 18) had used EDMs along with recreational drugs. Considering the young ages of the participants, researchers were surprised to discover that one in eight claimed they occasionally were incapable of performing during sex.

Obviously, the strategy—to offset the phallic failures brought on by using illegal drugs by incorporating ED supplements—hasn’t worked out very well. These men are buying into the fallacy that modern medicine has provided a cure for everything, even the kind of self-abuse that hits a guy below the belt. More and more men are stumbling into doctor’s offices, looking for answers to their poor sexual performance, when the answers are right in front of them.

It is every man’s desire to perform at his very best when it comes to sexual prowess. But these guys are circumventing this effort with self-inflicted measures of abuse. They think they’re doing the right thing, when actually they are at risk of sabotaging their sexual future.
It’s just a matter of using some self-control and common sense. Although most of the street drugs out there should be avoided anyway, if one does choose to go there, certainly caution and moderation should be exercised.

The reality is that although one might fall under chemically induced illusions of sexual splendor, recreational drugs are more an impediment than enhancement. If you become too saturated with cocaine, crystal methedrine, ecstasy or any other illicit party drug of choice, no amount of EDMs are going to leverage the abuse brought on by these drugs and allow you to become the sexual superman that you want to be.

“These men aren’t living the lifestyles that are conducive to being great lovers,” says Dr. Steven Lamm, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at New York University and author of The Hardness Factor.

In the long run, young men must come to an important realization—that while it may be possible to maintain the lifestyle of a sexually dynamic stud, a late-night alcohol-and-drug-sponging party animal or a top honor student, the ability to play the roles of all of these simultaneously is nothing more than an unattainable myth.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Great Porn Debate

By Alex Garner

If the FAIR (For Adult Industry Responsibility) Initiative qualifies for the June ballot and passes, it will essentially mandate condoms for all porn made in Los Angeles. The main proponent of this initiative is AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which is collaborating with some ex-porn performers to champion the cause of condoms in porn.

There has been considerable pushback from the porn industry, which is worried that it will lose money if they are forced to make porn sanctioned by voters. To most people in this debate, however, the issue isn’t about money—it’s about public health versus freedom of choice.

AHF has launched a campaign to make people aware of the FAIR initiative, and they’ve also hired professional signature gatherers. 41,138 signatures of registered city voters are needed by Dec. 23 for the initiative to qualify for the June ballot. 

If this initiative passes, it would mean that porn producers would have to use condoms in their films in order to obtain permits from the city of Los Angeles. They would also have to submit to inspections by city officials to make sure they are following the new law.

All of this political activity has put AHF and it’s executive director, Michael Weinstein, at odds with most in the porn industry. But Mr. Weinstien insists, “We have no problem with people making adult films. A little piece of latex has the ability to save lives.”

AHF sees this as a public health issue and doesn’t trust in the integrity of those regulating the porn industry. Right now there are regulations in place that involve education and testing, but testing has its limitations as it’s only a snapshot of one’s health and doesn’t accurately represent the health of the performer when they are about to engage in sexual activity on camera.

The executive director of The Free Speech Coalition, Diane Duke, distrusts AHF, saying, “Clearly their efforts and financial resources would be much better served in the prevention and treatment of HIV rather than continuing its witch hunt of the adult entertainment industry.” The Free Speech Coalition is a trade association for the adult entertainment industry and a leading proponent for the choice to make porn without condoms.

Many people in the industry see this as a matter of choice. They believe in the right to do what they choose with their bodies and health and that voters should not be able to weigh in on this. This sort of debate about body autonomy and privacy has come up before around sodomy laws and reproductive rights. In fact, many women who support the right to make condomless porn have adopted the familiar pro-choice phrase, “Keep your laws off my body.”

Some in the debate argue that since porn is protected speech under the first amendment, if one chooses to express themselves without condoms that too should be protected. They fear this could set a dangerous precedent, as other types of actions in porn could also be labeled as dangerous and come under attack—such as fisting, bondage and S&M.

Condom use in gay porn has carried with it an emotional debate since the 1980s. It was at that time that porn producers decided to self-regulate and make porn exclusively with condoms. Many porn films began opening with public service announcements and porn makers worked to make condom use appear sexy. Porn directors, like Chi Chi LaRue, wanted porn to set an example for gay men, in hopes they would embrace the message of prevention.

When the bareback phenomenon swept through the gay community in the late-’90s, it also meant the creation of what was, at the time, a new niche in gay porn—bareback films. In the last 12 years there has been an explosion of bareback gay porn, often made on the cheap by smaller, independent producers. There has also been a proliferation of amateur porn online, which means anyone with a camera can make whatever kind of porn they want and post it for the world to see. A large portion of that online amateur porn is condomless.
Mandating condom use in porn would not put an end to the debate, as people around the country and the world would still be able to make condomless porn. Also, the internet is currently overflowing with such porn, and no one is proposing a way to purge the web of condomless videos. 

The debate in the gay community about porn without condoms can be a complicated and heated discussion and is often prone to sensationalism and hyperbole. In fact, Dan Savage has compared bareback porn to child pornography.  

But some gay porn actors have made an effort to speak out in favor of the option to make porn without condoms. Adult film performer Conner Habib has said, “I don’t make bareback porn myself, but I think the issue is pretty complex. It brings in questions of health, ethics, community identity and media literacy. The bottom line for me is that the freedom of the individual is the highest and purest value I can think of. That means I don’t think my choices should be a standard which dictates the behavior of other people.”

The one thing that all parties can agree on is that porn performers should be well-educated when it comes to their health and regularly tested for HIV and STDs. Where the sides part ways is over who can decide whether a performer can choose to have condomless sex on film. One side believes the state has the power to decide, and the other believes it’s purely the right of the individual. If the initiative makes it onto the ballot in June of 2012, it will be the voters who decide.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Porn Reviews: Issue 2.14

By Tony James and Tuck Manning
Take A Load Off
4 stars
Channel 1 Releasing

Cast: Brent Everett, Johnny Hazzard, Mitchell Rock, Parker London, Brandon Wilde, Cavin Knight, Trent Locke and Jayden Grey

Synopsis: Featuring one of the best casts that C1R has ever had, you know you’re in for a real treat before Take A Load Off ever even makes it into your DVD player. There’s something for everyone here—for the twink lovers, the jock lusters and even those who crave those scruffy, edgy guys. There’s even some toy play for those into that—in one scene you’ll see Jayden Grey ravage his own hole with a huge black dildo—that is, until Mitchell Rock walks in the room, taking over and giving Grey a hole to fill. The pairing of Trent Locke and Parker London is something that we’d been dying to see!

Must-See Scene:
While we’ve never been much of a twink lover, the last scene, featuring Brent Everett and Brandon Wilde, is something of a revelation. Wilde is the type of twink that even lovers of butch, hairy muscle daddies could watch get f*cked for hours. And that’s exactly what Everett does when he whips out that huge cock of his. Now, it’s true that cum shots are generally the hottest part of a scene—hence the term ‘money shot’—but watching Wilde cum all over Everett's legs while bobbing up and down on that cock is something you’ve just gotta see.

Hungry Hungry Holes
5 stars
Randy Blue Adrenaline

Cast: Ashton, Eric, Andrew, Chris, Max and Micah

Synopsis: It’s hard to tell which bottom in this film has the hungriest hole, seeing as how they all want it so damn bad. Hungry Hungry Holes is your typical Randy Blue feature—pretty dudes from the tried-and-true roster getting it on in an interesting selection of tidy, generic bedrooms. The sex, of course, is anything but generic. Each of these scenes is pretty damn hot and won’t leave you lacking.

Must-See Scene: Don’t pass up the opportunity to catch a scene with Chris Bines (featured on the cover of Frontiers4Men earlier this year). And we couldn’t have asked for a better scene partner. Andrew Stark is packing a huge cock under those jeans, and Chris knows exactly what to do with it. After some playful rubbing of their beards, the guys basically say ‘f*ck it’ and get down to business. Chris goes straight for Andrew’s cock, and it turns out Bines has a deeper throat than you might’ve thought. As a nice little surprise, the two guys decide to flip-f*ck in this scene—first Andrew gets it, and then Chris takes his turn on Andrew’s huge meat stick. Everything ends with two hot cum shots and a big mess for you to clean up at home.

Trunks 6
5 stars
Hot House Video

Cast: Kyle King, Matt Cole, John Magnum, JR Matthews, Gavin Waters, Topher DiMaggio, Troy Daniels, Bo Dean and Damien Stone

Synopsis: Hot House returns to the hottest destination in America—Palm Springs—for the sixth installment of the popular Trunks series. Indulge in gorgeous, tanned, oiled-up beefcakes exposing their bulging muscles, including that one you really wanna see. You get five scenes of poolside f*cking in Trunks 6, and they’re all top-notch examples of what Hot House is capable of. Whether you’re a fan of outdoor sex, water play or just big-dicked hunks going at it, you’re gonna enjoy this one.

Must-See Scene:
What starts out as a hot scene between Damien Stone and Bo Dean—who never seems to disappoint—with the guys groping and sucking each other, quickly turns into a threesome when Kyle King shows up at the pool. After servicing Dean’s and Stone’s huge cocks, King gets plowed by Dean while first sucking Stone some more and then eating the hairy newbie’s hot ass. It’s a shame that Stone never takes his turn on King’s ass, but Dean finishes him off rather nicely.

Dicked Down
5 stars
Randy Blue Adrenaline

Cast: Dean, Raphael, Alexander, Nicco, Brett, Nick, Max and Sean

Synopsis: Opting for four scenes of old-fashioned f*cking over an overarching concept, Dicked Down features some of the hottest scenes you’ve ever seen from Randy Blue. As usual, the guys are gorgeous and everything you could ask for in jerk-off material. It’s a great mix of guys too—watch Alexander put his Russian pole in Nicco’s Latin hole, or watch ginger Max London give it hard to Sean Everett.

Must-See Scene: Maybe it’s because we’re big fans of the gingers, but the scene between Max London and Sean Everett is most definitely a keeper. Not only are both guys hot as hell, but you’re in for some of the most animalistic pounding you’ve ever seen from this studio. We’re talking fast, hard and rough—from the making out to the stripping to some ass-eating that’ll make your mouth water, London knows his way around Everett’s body. And best of all, Everett’s so into it that he takes London’s load into his open mouth—and London, being a great sport, then dives right into Everett’s mouth tongue-first.

iJERK: Kyle & Valentin Are Horny Fuckers, Porn Newcomer of the Week

Cumpiled By Jason Sechrest of

Every now and then Badpuppy surprises us and reminds us that even though the site is older than dirt, it still knows how to find the hot hunnies who will strip naked for the monies. While 23-year-old Roman Stach from the Czech Republic may look like he belongs more in a sequel of The Lost Boys than in a jack-off vid, we’re still gonna watch him spread his hole and talk dirty for the camera—even if it is in his native tongue. There’s just something about a young guy with long hair that looks like he’s probably banging the married mom next door—and that’s always gonna do it for us.

There are some freaking hot new recruits these days over at Military Classified, and one of them is this dude, who likes watching straight porn while the site’s fearless leader jerks him to a climax. With open-minded straight guys like this and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” being repealed, there’s never been a better time to join your armed forces. But before you rush out and do that, we suggest you watch the video.

If you have a thing for naked boys in nature, you might want to check out these two specimens in their natural habitat. While Cocksure Men usually shoots its sex romps in a studio, this is a welcome change of scenery—watching two young studs bang by a pond. Featuring two dudes I’ve never heard of in my life, Chester Pool and Damien Dreik, there’s always so much to love about two boys doing it au naturale!

I admit, it’s been a while since we’ve given some love to Michael Lucas’s site, but this scene truly caught our eye and takes the cake for the much-hailed Auditions series. Kyle Quinn, all-American cutie, gets paired with Russia’s own Valentin Petrov for one explosively hot bang sesh! In the past, Valentin has been seen more as a top, but he seems more than happy taking it up the ass for Kyle every which way. But the scene isn’t complete until Kyle gets banged by Valentin’s massive cock, turning the tables and making him one of those shrieking bottom bitch boys we love to watch get pounded. In short, it’s a real winner!

Dear Cody Cummings,

    Thank you, Cody Cummings. We and our penises are really happy about being introduced to Corey Jakobs. Though he looks like he belongs more on your studio owner’s other site, Next Door Twinks, we are happy to have seen him sucking on your dick first. We are equally grateful you took the time out of your busy schedule to spread his pretty pink hole for us. That was really cool of you. If you’re not going to f*ck him, please send him to our office. We could really use the extra help around here. Thanks again. Tell your mom we said hello.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dirty Talk: When Riley Screwed the Mojo

As told by the internet’s premier porn blogger, Jason Sechrest of

Grabby Award-winning Newcomer of The Year, gay porn superstar Riley Price, rams the living bejeebus out of Marcus Mojo in one of the latest updates to Mojo’s official web site, In a scene entitled “Last Call,” Riley portrays a tipsy bar patron who Marcus decides is in no position to drive—before taking advantage of the opportunity and driving his cock straight into his ass!

Though often pegged as a power-bottom, the scene proves Riley’s prowess as a hard-hitting top as well, making him one of the most versatile guys on the market today.

Truth be told, Riley had been asking me for quite some time if I could arrange a scene with Marcus Mojo. In fact, over the past year, Riley said in nearly every interview that if he could do a scene with any porn star, Marcus Mojo would be his top pick. The two were big fans of each others’ work, and thanks to the good people at Next Door Studios, who run Marcus’s site, we were able to make it happen. It was a dream come true for Riley—and from the look on Marcus’s face, the feeling was mutual!

Meanwhile, Riley’s own official website, is slated to make its own launch in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

10 Things: Dylan Hauser

Dylan is the star of Black Balled 8: Behind The 8 Ball
Photo courtesy

1) I love anime. Neon Genesis Evangelion is my favorite.

2) My favorite movie is The Room. If you haven’t seen it, you should!

3) I have a boyfriend, Boston Miles. He is my best friend, an amazing lover and has one of the most incredible hearts of any person I have met.

4) I have an underwear fetish.

5) There is something about F-250s that I find incredibly hot. I’m dying to get laid in one.

6) I am a versatile bottom. While I love having my legs in the air most of the time, I do enjoy giving a good pounding.

7) I love eating ass and worshiping a good cock.

8) I’m a big tech geek. Talk to me about technology and you have grabbed my interest.

9) Audi is my favorite brand of cars. I’ll get one soon enough.

10) I eat cereal dry, no milk. I will drink milk after I finish my cereal, though. I never could get into eating cereal with milk.