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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dirty Talk: Michael Brandon Signs on as Vice President of 9X6 Lube

Gay porn legend Michael Brandon wants to give you his 9x6—nothing new, right? Well, this time he’s not (just) talking about his “monster” cock. He’s talking about 9X6 Pure Silicone Lubricant, available now in retail stores and online at

With the name 9X6 matching Michael’s own infamous member and a sleek beautiful blue bottle design that matches the color of his eyes to perfection, you might assume the entire product line was built around the gay porn superstar.

“Not true,” laughs Michael. “That’s the really crazy thing. This company had already decided to name their products 9X6 before signing me onboard, and the design was also already in place. So besides the fact that it happens to be the best lube I’d ever used in my life, how could I say no when the name, bottle and design is all such a great representation of all that is Michael Brandon?”

Understandably, Michael himself has become the face of 9X6 Lube with a new promotional campaign and website currently in the works. The gay adult film icon announced the news as only he can, showing up in character as “Mr. 9X6 Lube” at Micky’s for Cocktails with the Stars last week in West Hollywood.

In celebration of the launch of this new product, Michael Brandon is offering all of his fans a free sample of the goods—well, the lube that is. “I am so convinced that my friends and fans will think this is the best lube they’ve ever used, I will personally pay for all shipping and send free samples. There’s no way they won’t be as instantly hooked as I was! This is full-on revolutionary technology in masturbation materials. When you’re working with 9X6, it changes the entire face of the game.”

In addition to being 100 percent environmentally safe, 9X6 is also latex, condom, sex toy, leather and skin safe—and it does not stain! Stain-free, odor-free, taste-free, residue-resistant—it’s no small wonder why someone as experienced in sex as Michael Brandon has claimed it revolutionary.

For a full product line, visit the company’s official web site,—and for free giveaways and up-to-the-minute news, follow them on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Follow Michael Brandon on Twitter—@Michael_Brandon.

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