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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sex Ed: Sex, Drugs and EDMs

By Jim Larkins

Among the halls of higher learning, some young men are receiving a lesson the hard way. A recent first-of-its-kind survey reveals that an alarming number of college-age men are experimenting with chemical cocktails made up of erectile dysfunction medication (EDM), alcohol and recreational drugs. The results, some have found, can be disastrous.

Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, along with Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, conducted a survey revealing that of the 234 young men evaluated, six percent (one out of every 18) had used EDMs along with recreational drugs. Considering the young ages of the participants, researchers were surprised to discover that one in eight claimed they occasionally were incapable of performing during sex.

Obviously, the strategy—to offset the phallic failures brought on by using illegal drugs by incorporating ED supplements—hasn’t worked out very well. These men are buying into the fallacy that modern medicine has provided a cure for everything, even the kind of self-abuse that hits a guy below the belt. More and more men are stumbling into doctor’s offices, looking for answers to their poor sexual performance, when the answers are right in front of them.

It is every man’s desire to perform at his very best when it comes to sexual prowess. But these guys are circumventing this effort with self-inflicted measures of abuse. They think they’re doing the right thing, when actually they are at risk of sabotaging their sexual future.
It’s just a matter of using some self-control and common sense. Although most of the street drugs out there should be avoided anyway, if one does choose to go there, certainly caution and moderation should be exercised.

The reality is that although one might fall under chemically induced illusions of sexual splendor, recreational drugs are more an impediment than enhancement. If you become too saturated with cocaine, crystal methedrine, ecstasy or any other illicit party drug of choice, no amount of EDMs are going to leverage the abuse brought on by these drugs and allow you to become the sexual superman that you want to be.

“These men aren’t living the lifestyles that are conducive to being great lovers,” says Dr. Steven Lamm, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at New York University and author of The Hardness Factor.

In the long run, young men must come to an important realization—that while it may be possible to maintain the lifestyle of a sexually dynamic stud, a late-night alcohol-and-drug-sponging party animal or a top honor student, the ability to play the roles of all of these simultaneously is nothing more than an unattainable myth.

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