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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sex Ed: Pretty Peter

By Jim Larkins

From L-shaped schlongs to tiny-headed manhood missiles, the world of penises is as diverse as are other human characteristics. Certainly, when it comes to labeling a penis as attractive, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many men find a large phallus an exciting sight, but with all of the aesthetic anomalies, there is much more that meets the eye with the one-eyed monster. 

Then there’s the question of circumcised versus uncircumcised. Again, this is largely a matter of personal preference. For those who find they’ve lost something more than just foreskin with their post-natal surgeries, there are options that our forefathers were not privy to. These days, if you long for the enrobed member that nature intended, there are “stretching” methods or surgical procedures available.

There is only so much you can do to alter your phallic appearance though. Sometimes you have to accept that you possess something between beauty and the beast. Besides, the real beauty of the penis lies in the extremely heightened sensations brought on by great sex.
There are a number of conditions that simply come with the penile package. Occurring in about 90 percent of the male population is Fordyce’s Spots. These raised bumps along the shaft ordinarily require no treatment. However, if there are cosmetic concerns, one can use Tretinoin gel or cream along with alpha hydroxy acids like those used for acne treatment.

Another aesthetic anomaly, Pearly Penile Papules (PPP), consists of raised globular dots along the rim of the corona, or penis head. This condition is not an STD, but it is a non-malignant variation of genital warts, which can sometimes be mistaken for the real thing. Like Fordyce’s Spots, PPP doesn’t require treatment unless one is concerned about appearance. If so, carbon dioxide laser treatment is the commonly preferred solution.

Phimosis is the term for yet another phallic flaw, and it involves the inability to fully retract the foreskin in uncircumcised males. Although the pre-pubescent male will remain unaffected by Phimosis, it does need to be corrected at about 18 years of age.

Probably the most physically debilitating disorder of the penis is one that most of us have probably seen in one form or another at some point. Peyronie’s Disease is a curvature of the penile shaft that occurs in one to four percent of men. Although a slight arc in the penis is normal, extreme conditions can result in pain upon erection and can make intercourse difficult if not impossible.

In the end, your cock is the last part of anatomy a partner sees when the clothes come off. So after you’ve hit the gym and combed the last hair into place, make a last-minute check below the belt. Do you think he’ll like what he sees?

Porn Reviews: Issue 2.18

By Tony James and Tuck Manning

Raging Stallion
4 stars

Trent Locke, Roman Heart, Angelo Marconi, Damien Drake, Tom Wolfe, Samuel Colt, Morgan Black and Steve Vex

Synopsis: Here’s a location you haven’t seen featured in many porn flicks—a woodshop (which you most likely guessed). Watch a group of hot, beefy men suck cock, eat butt and pound ass while surrounded by sawdust and power tools. (Insert ‘wood’ joke here.) The films ranks up there with other Raging Stallion films, which never disappoint. The studio knows how to pick from its roster, and they feature a great group of guys here. It was nice to see Roman Heart in a Raging Stallion flick (possible now that Falcon and RS have merged), surrounded by a bunch of hairy dudes. And it’s always nice to see Trent Locke take it up the ass. He’s nice and furry in Woodshop, beard and all. And in case you were curious, he just might have the hairiest ass in the biz.

Must-See Scene: Like we said, it was nice to see Roman Heart in a scene with a real man as opposed to a young twink type. In Woodshop, Heart gets plowed by Morgan Black, a hottie who is nothin’ but man. After the foreplay, watch as Black pounds Heart’s ass with his gorgeous curved cock. And you’ll know for sure that Heart is enjoying it, evidenced by his excessive moaning throughout the scene. Lucky guy.

Unglory Hole #2
Big Daddy

5 stars
Cast: Eight unknown guys, a couple women and some cock-s*cking pros

Synopsis: Like all films by the Big Daddy studio, Unglory Hole #2 goes for documentary-style realness—and while it never really comes off as being unscripted or ‘real,’ it doesn’t matter because each scene is hot as hell. Eight different ‘straight’ guys—some more convincing than others, and some really damn convincing—head to one of those sex store megaplexes, where they’ve been told they’ll get a free blowjob from a hot chick. Once the guys step into one of the arcade booths, a sexy lady is there to meet them and promise them some of the best head of their life. Of course, what they can’t see is the woman switch places with a gay dude, who sucks off the straight guys to completion. Once the deed is done, the straight guy heads home never the wiser.

Must-See Scene: Each of the eight scenes are worth a look, and you’ll be able to tell from the chapter menu which of the eight guys is more your type. Our favorites? The super cocky Italian guy (clearly one of the ‘actually straight’ guys), who spouts out some sexy Italian phrases before getting his uncut cock sucked nicely. Also the 24-year-old frat boy who is shy as hell but gets the deed done all the same. He’s downright adorable, and we’ve never seen someone so excited to get a little head.

The Porne Ultimatum/ The Porne Identity
Dirty Bird Pictures
5 stars

Brent Corrigan, Kaden Saylor, Devin Moss, Thomas, Elijah, Spencer, Cash, Chaz, DJ, Gage, Levi, Kasey, Seth, Colin, Mason Wyler, Barrett Long and Brant Moore

Synopsis: Some of us need a plot to get off. Others don’t always need a plot, but sometimes it’s an added bonus. For those looking for a story with their naked dudes f*cking, this “Chason Porne Series” is right up your alley. You’re probably already familiar with this story, as it’s a parody of the Bourne flicks that Matt Damon made so popular. In these films, Chason Porne wakes up from a coma and has no clue who he is, so he’s on a mission to find out. It turns out there are people out to kill him—but even better, there are also people out to f*ck him. Sure, the dialogue is pretty bad, and most of the performances are of the same vein, but let’s not forget what we’re watching here—a porn flick. Kaden Saylor, who plays Chason Porne, is a hot newby, and you’ll love watching him top half the guys on the cast, including Brent Corrigan and Mason Wyler.

Must-See Scene: Our favorite scene of the two films has to be the one that has huge-cocked Barrett Long pounding the hell out of Mason Wyler. Long’s character in the film is the cocky asshole he’s gotten used to playing, and he doesn’t take it easy on Wyler’s poor mouth and hole. Plus, as an added bonus, after Long gets off, Wyler hits him with a baseball bat and knocks him unconscious. That’s one way to end a hot sex session...

Backroom Exclusive Videos Volume 26
Hot House
5 stars

Topher Dimaggio, Riley Price, Logan Scott, Trent Diesel, John Magnum, Kyle Quinn, Cole Streets, JR Matthews, Diego Torres and Jake Austin

Synopsis: Volumes of Hot House’s Backroom Exclusives feature nothing but the crème de la crème of the studio’s online scenes. You’re getting nothing but the best here, with this particular volume featuring locker room and gym scenes—”dominant coaches, sex-crazed personal trainers and aggressive teammates who show younger, more inexperienced guys how to bend over and take it up the ass like a champ.” ‘Nuff said.

Must-See Scene: The chemistry between Cole Streets and JR Matthews is practically palpable. These guys’ scene is hot as f*ck, and you’re sure to love it. JR Matthews is definitely the silent type, and he doesn’t say much in this scene—but then, when you’re busy taking a cock, you don’t really need to. Cole Streets is aggressive and sensual at the same time, making him the perfect sex partner. Call us, Cole!

Dirty Talk: A Big Gay Chat With Austin Zane

By Jason Sechrest

In the thick of the holiday season, the studs who run what has become one of the most talked-about new sites of the year,, managed to find the time to sit down with us for an exclusive interview about how their first year online has treated them.

I had expected a little five-minute chat with the boys, but as I quickly learned, nothing about Austin Andrews or Zane Michaels is little. That’s why they are porn stars, after all.

We’re coming to the end of 2011, and you guys have had quite a year with the launch of AustinZane. Is it everything you thought it would be?
    Austin: To be completely honest, it has been way more work than Zane and I would have ever expected, but definitely worth it.
    Zane: Yeah, I would say the success that we’ve experienced was unexpected, but also it’s been the most rewarding thing we have ever built, and we’re excited to see what 2012 brings us!

What is the most fun aspect of your job?
    Austin: Easy—being my own boss!
    Zane: For me it’s meeting the fans in person and getting to hear how much they enjoy their experience at It’s nice to hear that our work affects people in a positive way!

Do either of you have other jobs, or is running the site full-time?
    Austin: Nope, this is it. It keeps us busy! Every once in a while we will go shoot a music video or help out a friend with video work.
    Zane: Yeah, this occupies a large part of our life, but when you put out a product that has your name on it, you become obsessed with it.

You were a focal point at the Grabby Awards this year when no one even knew who you were yet. How do you think that happened? What makes you stand out amongst a sea of gay porn superstars?
    Austin: I like to think we are unique from most gay porn stars because we are the same off-camera as we are on. We don’t pretend to be better than anyone, and we try our hardest to please our fans.
    Zane: The Grabbys were a complete surprise to us. We’d never had that type of attention or exposure, but everyone in the industry was so great to us, and we were just grateful that people wanted to know who we were. It really motivated us to build AustinZane bigger and better than we had previously thought we could.

You guys are currently nominated for the Cybersocket Award for Best New Site. Will you be at the ceremony in West Hollywood on Monday, Jan. 9?

    Austin: It’s our very first nomination for an award, and we wouldn’t  miss it for the world. Win or lose, it’s always a good time in West Hollywood.
    Zane: Oh man, it would be so awesome to bring that award back to Las Vegas where we were told we would never be successful on our own. It would be our validation and redemption!

Between the two of you, what part of gay sex do you most enjoy, and what do you least enjoy? Be honest.

    Austin: I don’t know why, but when Zane licks my ass, it really gets me going—but it’s only him that can do that to me. What I least enjoy would have to be bottoming. It just doesn’t work for me.
    Zane: There’s one position when I’m bottoming that’s enjoyable that only Austin has been able to get. I think we’ve done that position twice, but both times I was able to get off without really trying—he did all the work! [Laughs] My least favorite part would be getting pubes in my mouth!

I hear Austin recently had a baby. How has that changed you and your outlook on life in general?
    Austin: [Laughs] Yes, I just had a baby boy. Let me tell you, he’s the cutest thing ever, and that’s not me being biased. I would say that yes, it has changed me. Now I have little Austin to care for, and I can’t be skydiving or anything crazy like that.
    Zane: Austin definitely has a greater sense of mortality now. He’s a very proud father!

What exciting new changes or additions or projects can we expect from Austin Zane in 2012?
    Austin: Well, we are working on making all the videos iPhone compatible. New models and more frequent live chats.
    Zane: Yeah, and we have been working on filming our very first DVD special, which is going to be a ton of fun to create!

The Year in Review 2011

By Stephan Horbelt

Frontiers4Men chatted with a ton of porn stars in 2011, and we got the exclusive scoop on everything from Angelo Marconi’s hottest sexual encounter (involving four hot Italian guys) to who taught Roman Heart how to masturbate (you’ll never guess) to Drew Cutler’s bar bathroom routine. Here’s hoping for another porn-filled year in 2012!

“In my opinion, fisting, pissing and cum eating is not very kinky, but many Europeans and especially Berlin guys are a
little bit different from the rest of the world. I remember one fisting video I did for Dark Alley a few years ago where they built a pool and filled it with 10 actors and a lot of fisting lube. It was like lube wrestling with fists.” —Tim Kruger, when asked about the craziest sex stuff he’s done. Tim’s website is

What We Didn’t Know About Trent Locke: “I take naked pictures on planes. I’m not entirely sure why, but I think it’s hot to
expose myself in less than appropriate places. My TwitPic account is full of naked plane and train photos.”

“Sexuality is so complex and complicated; I have a hard time putting a label on myself. It’s not always so black and white as to simply say ‘straight, gay or bi.’ I definitely have a preference for females, but I guess I’d call myself try-sexual at this point, because I like to experiment.” —Chip Tanner on his sexuality.

What We Didn’t Know About Jimmy Durano: “I don’t like cum. I don’t even like to cum on myself, but when I have to get it on my body, as in when I’m shooting, I can’t wait to hear Chi Chi say, ‘Cut! That’s a wrap!’ so I can get it off of me as quick as I can!”

“I love getting head. Most of my clients love eating ass, and I like it, so I tend to put my ass up in the air and tell them to have at it. I try to have a good time.  ... Watersports are the furthest I will go, I think. ... I usually ask clients what they are into beforehand so I can decide if I will be comfortable doing it. It’s not only about making my client comfortable. I have to be comfortable too.” —Jayden Grey on having sex with his escort clients.

What We Didn’t Know About Steven Daigle: “Before Big Brother or porn, I worked for a global engineering consulting firm as a GIS developer/analyst. While working as an analyst, I traveled the United States and world for work—including Dubai, Kuwait and Iraq.”

“Brandon Wilde was so sweet—he surprised us all by getting a limo for the DV8 Casting family. It was a one-year anniversary for him, as he originally came out to West Hollywood for the first time during the week of the Cybersocket Awards last year to attend the event and shoot his first sex scene for Suite 703. Unfortunately, he was not able to stay at the event this year because someone pointed out to security that he was under 21 and it was a 21+ event.” —Jason Sechrest on his night at the 2011 Cybersocket Awards

What We Didn’t Know About Brandon Wilde: “I love to grab a nice ass when getting f*cked.”

“Well, people seem to like seeing me eat my own cum. Along with sticking things up my ass. Both of which I’m fond of as well. Plus, my boyfriend likes to hop on with me sometimes, and the members love when that happens.” —Austin Wilde on the antics we can expect from his live cam shows at

What We Didn’t Know About Drew Cutler: “When I piss in a trough at a bar, I try to shoot it in my mouth and drink it.”

“The leather community has more fundraisers per week than the number of Starbucks in this city. We are a relentlessly giving group of people. The leather heart at its core is about service. The big one is the Southland Honors [which took place March 25], and it began as a fundraiser. We also have a memoriam for all those we have lost. This event is focused on recognizing members of our community for outstanding achievements, such as Mentor of the Year, Business of the Year, Event of the Year, Chairman’s Award, the TNG (for the next generation) and others.“ —Tom Pardoe, Vice Chair of L.A. Leather, on 2011 Leather Pride Week

What We Didn’t Know About Roman Heart: “I learned to masturbate from my dog when I was little, no joke! The dog would hump the floor, so I gave it a try. I couldn’t stop after that.”

“Yeah, I’ve gotten good at using them to get what I need. You know, staring someone in the eyes with these things can be kinda captivating. [Laughs]” —Chris Bines on his baby blues.

What We Didn’t Know About Riley Price: “Last year, my buddy from TMZ took me to Madonna’s Oscar party, where I got to meet Justin Timberlake. I walked up to him while he was mid-conversation and tapped him on the back, where I proceeded to ask, ‘Is Britney here?’”

“I started escorting because so many guys were contacting me to act out the fantasies I was doing in the movies. I decided, hell, I’ll put an ad up on Rentboy and start making dreams come true. ... I do porn for fun. Escorting is part of my life. It’s like drinking water for me. I drink overtime.” —Rafael Alencar, winner of the Mr. International Escort 2011 title.

What We Didn’t Know About Billy Byron: “I’m the marketing director for an interior design company for the government.”

“I have to say, I’m very surprised at the personalities of the models we have used. I naturally assumed that these gorgeous guys would be playboys, but to my surprise, they have all been very grounded and down-to-earth guys. I don’t think they use their stature for a sexual check list. … And if they do, then good for them.” —Jason Scarlatti, Creative Director of 2(x)ist, on how much action his underwear models get on average.

What We Didn’t Know About Billy Heights: “I live for car racing and motorcycles—and if you ever need one built, I’ve got you covered.”

“I was an A&R executive. A talent scout/executive producer for Elektra records and Geffen Records for 20 years, then worked for Palm Pictures for three years. As for Metallica, I heard a record they made called Kill ‘Em All for a little indie label, and it blew my mind. I’d never heard anything like it, ever. I went to see them at The Stone in San Francisco and was hooked. I waited a few months until they came to Roseland in NYC. There was sweat and leather and beer and sexy boys in the crowd. Once the music started, it whipped the crowd into a frenzy, and I knew that they were going to be the biggest band in the world. And I was right. So, I signed them to Elektra Records and the rest, as they say, is history, my friend!” —Erotic photographer Michael Alago on how he discovered Metallica. Alago’s book Brutal Truth is available now.

What We Didn’t Know About Austin Wilde: “I’m a ‘Gold Star Gay.’ Other than the one I gayly paraded out of, I’ve never touched a vagina.”

“I used to work behind the scenes at Catalina Video with Chuck Holmes, William Higgins and Matt Sterling, so I learned from the masters. There ain’t no one out there who can hold a candle to stabbing in the back. You better go get an expensive knife and learn how to stab if you’re gonna keep up with those people. I learned from the best, and I learned early that I needed to take punches, take the criticism, love the haters and always be sweet and let the other people be nasty. There were so many people who hated me as I was climbing the ladder, trying to kick me down, but I always stayed the same. I always stayed nice.” —Chi Chi LaRue on the porn industry and its ‘stab you in the back’ mentality.

What We Didn’t Know About Dean Monroe: “I’ve had sex with a leading celebrity actor that made me sign a legal disclaimer forbidding me to divulge his identity. So don’t ask me!”

“I never like anyone calling me papi. I see it as an insult—as a way of categorizing me into a specific ethnic box. It wasn’t until recently that I allowed one guy I was seeing to call me ‘papo,’ and to be honest with you, I liked it. I guess it all depends on who it comes from and when it is used. There is something sexy when you hear ‘harder, papo.’ [Laughs]” —Jorge Lopez, the face of Fire Island’s three-day party Ascension 2011, on how he feels about being called ‘papi.’

What We Didn’t Know About Tony Buff: “I’m bisexual, but most of my sexual relationships are with guys, because I don’t understand females of our species.”

“I was 13 years old, and it was with the captain of my gymnastics team. We were at my house, jumping on the trampoline together and the sprinklers came on. We took our shirts off and started wrestling. After the water shut off, we went inside to get out of our wet clothes and one thing led to another. … We never talked about it or ever messed around again, and it wasn’t until I was away at college that I had sex again with another guy.” —Donny Wright on losing his virginity.

What We Didn’t Know About Cameron Marshall: “I have trypanophobia, the fear of needles. I’ve tried many different ways to get over it, but it’s just made it worse. And yes, I cry if anybody brings a needle near me.”

“Probably that I sleep around. I wish it were true, but it’s not. Between school and my work with Randy Blue, there’s not time. Luckily, I have my hand. But I’d much rather have someone else’s.” —Trent Davis on the biggest misconception about him.

What We Didn’t Know About Dominic Pacifico: “I’ve been married twice. Once for six years to a beautiful and highly talented Russian model and female dominatrix. I became a widower when she was tragically murdered in Paris, and she is credited with giving me the name Dominic Pacifico. The second marriage came during the short window of legal gay marriage in 2009 when, just days before it became illegal, I married fellow gay porn star Christian Owen in San Francisco. Unfortunately, less than a year later we separated.”

“I met four hot guys from Italy. We went to bars for drinks, and then we went back to their hotel. Lucky for me they were all tops, so each of them took turns on me and I also got double f*cked—which is my favorite. I love getting double penetrated by two big dicks.”—Angelo Marconi on his wildest sex story.

What We Didn’t Know About Cody Cummings: “Large house spiders, rats or big bugs turn me into a girl quick. I’ll go from ‘tough guy’ to a high-pitched voice standing on my toes with a broom, yelling ‘Get it!’”


“I like to have my private life. When I’m not working as Lucky Daniels, I’m my other alias, which is my real name, Paul. I just have my personal life, and I keep them separated. Porn is a character that I portray when I do events and I do movies. But when I’m not doing that, I’m just Paul, who my family and friends know me as, and I think that’s the best way to go about this industry—having a personal life and not intertwining your porn name and your real name.” —Lucky Daniels on his private life outside of porn.

What We Didn’t Know About Samuel O’Toole: “I almost enlisted in the United States Air Force instead of doing porn!”

“When I lived in Canada, my best friend—a hot straight guy—coached me through gay sex with my boyfriend. He was shouting out directives, like, ‘lick the tip more,’ or ‘try it from the other side.’ It was hot, and I’ll never forget that. Oh, Canada.” —Trent Locke on his wildest sex story.

What We Didn’t Know About Kennedy Carter: “I’m halfway through a degree in Hispanic Studies, a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese language classes with additional classes in the history, literature, culture and cinema of Iberia and Latin America. I’m an embarrassing geek, spending frightening lengths of time in the British Library at home in London, eventually emerging in the late afternoon light like Gollum.”

“I lost my virginity in the army to my first boyfriend. I was 20 years old. I was his commander, and we stayed
together for almost a year. In his first three months on the base, he wasn’t allowed to call me by my name. He had to call me Commander. I loved it.” —Shay,’s Mr. October, on losing his virginity.

What We Didn’t Know About Bruno Bond: “When I was 19, I hooked up with a famous rock star for a short fling and actually have a song written about me. I am not going to say who it was, but the song is still playing and I really think I should be getting some royalties or something. Just sayin’.”

“I’ve taken breaks before, but I’ve never had the resolve to stop for good until now. I’ve been doing this for eight years, and I think it’s just time to move on and focus on other things. Believe it or not, employers don’t take me seriously after they find out that I’ve done (a lot of) porn. And porn is not and never was a ‘career’—it was just something I did for fun. It also has been an issue with almost every boyfriend.” —Blu Kennedy on his decision to leave the industry for good.

What We Didn’t Know About Samuel Colt: “I didn’t masturbate for the first time until I was 18. I heard people
joking about “choking the chicken” the summer I was in basic training, but I was unsure what that meant. When I got home after the summer, I locked myself in the bathroom, determined to figure it out. I was in there for four hours and had 23 orgasms. I figured it out!”

“Muscle, wrestling, fur, sweat, man scent, masculinity, leather, spitting, kissing, rough sex, tender sex, passion,
bottom, top, flipf*cking, role play, domination, vanilla, total pig, submission, cuddling, sling, UFC, porn, casual f*ck, oral, anal and bondage.” —Alessio Romero on his list of ‘keywords.’

What We Didn’t Know About Shane Frost: “Even though I am a bottom 75 percent of the time on film, I am 75 percent top in real life.”

“I have been with about 12 guys in porn, and in my personal life I’ve been with four. Of the four guys I’ve been with, three were while we were in a relationship. I’m not one that likes to hookup and am more of a relationship type of guy. So if you think you have what it takes, don’t be afraid to message me.” —Andrew Jakk on something his fans might be surprised to learn.

What We Didn’t Know About Johnny Torque: “I secretly love having my ass eaten.”

“Is it funny when the Magnum XXL doesn’t fit?” —Colby Keller on the most comical thing he’s encountered on set.

What We Didn’t Know About Dylan Hauser: “I am a versatile bottom. While I love having my legs in the air most of the time, I do enjoy giving a good pounding.”

“If I am not in L.A. filming, I am home with my fiancée. I guess you can say I am comfortable with my sexuality. I ultimately feel attracted to women, but am comfortable enough to have sex with guys.” —Roman Todd on his sexuality.

What We Didn’t Know About Tom Wolfe: “I used to put Q-Tips in my penis because I was curious—well, before I knew what sounding was.”


“I think you can even show an erection and keep it tasteful. It is really a grey area, but for me, I try to take the sexual element out of the image, so the guy might be standing fully erect, but he is not grabbing his dick and staring lustfully at the camera. It is just a naked male body. I would like to push myself to eventually shoot more explicit stuff, but maybe it is just not in my nature.” —Photographer Dylan Rosser on the line between art and pornography.

What We Didn’t Know About Johnny Hazard: “Sometimes I wish I could wear a skirt.”

“This year for Christmas, I wanted to use the show as a vehicle to give back, so I asked all my friends in porn to give as generously as they could. I reached out to everyone I could for help. And with help from my porn star buddy Christian Owen, the month-long period of giving started off extremely well!” —Scotty B, host of Cocktails with the Stars, on holiday fundraising.

What We Didn’t Know About Doug Jeffries: “I was an opera singer and won many singing competitions.”

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sex Ed: The Herbal Answer to Improved Sex

By Jim Larkins

Today there are more people taking some form of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication than ever before. Unfortunately, for men these psychological meds can be anti-erection as well. Factor in alcohol and illicit drug abuse, as well as the problems that naturally arise as one gets older, and your hard-on can end up taking an unwanted downturn.

Fortunately, the physiological ravages of time and questionable lifestyle choices can be circumvented with the same herbal remedies that people are using these days to ward off other common maladies. Circulation, blood flow, energy conversion and testosterone—all factors that can be impacted throughout the course of the aging man’s life—can be remedied using natural concoctions that have been used for centuries.

These early brews were produced by extracting the essence of roots, stems, leaves and seeds by using hot water. Today’s man on the run doesn’t have the time or patience for such a process, though. Thus, those necessary ingredients for putting the wood back in one’s woody are packaged in a convenient capsule and stored in the glovebox for woofing down on the commute. Still, one should avoid taking any such supplements without doing some research. The following are just some of these erectile invigorating herbs and roots.

    You can learn a lot from simple animals like goats. When goats were observed having higher sex drives due to grazing on epimedium, the herb was nicknamed “horny goat weed” and marketed as a sex enhancer. Epimedium was used in Asia for over 2,000 years as a reproductive system tonic, to boost libido, treat impotence and correct premature ejaculation. The herb also helps relieve frequent urination, dilates blood vessels, raises adrenaline levels and increases sensitivity in nerve endings, which explains why it is popularly used as an aphrodisiac.

Panax Ginseng
    Probably the world’s most widely publicized herb, Panax Ginseng has been used in Asia for more than 5,000 years. Treasured as a strengthening supplement since the beginning of written history, the herb was once valued higher than gold in China. Panax Ginseng fortifies body functions and the immune system in a way that allows the user to adapt to the effects of stress. Since it is popularly used as a stamina-increasing tonic during physical activity, it is a natural for sexual well-being.

Eurycoma Longifolia
    This herb is so effective it is commonly referred to as “Tongkat ali,” the name of a historical Malaysian god known for his sexual prowess. Malaysian men over 45 years old have commonly taken Eurycoma root tea as a daily tonic for enhanced sex and better quality of life during the aging process.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Porn Reviews: Issue 2.17

By Tony James and Tuck Manning

Suited for Sex
3 stars
Raging Stallion 

Cast: Angelo Marconi, Tom Wolfe, Jesse Santana, Dominic Sol, Marc Dylan, Shay Michaels and Steve Vex

Synopsis: Here’s one for those into guys who are dressed for the office but ready to get down and dirty. There are few things hotter than a sexy, beefy guy in a suit and tie with a hard-on protruding from his pants. But while we had the highest of hopes for this film—being huge fans of suit-and-tie sex ourselves—we have to admit that we were a tad underwhelmed. Suited for Sex does something you don’t see often in porn—some of the scenes start off with the guys already going at it, say with Tom Wolfe’s head already buried in a hairy bubble butt. While that could be really hot, we found ourselves missing out on what we missed. Who knew we were actually into foreplay?

Must-See Scene: It’s undeniable that Raging Stallion picked a great group of guys for Suited for Sex. None of the scenes lack muscle, good looks or throbbing cock. So much so that it’s hard to pick a favorite scene—also, each scene seems to take place on the same couch in the same warehouse, so in our minds, each of these hot pairings kinda melds into the others. Still, how can you go wrong with pairing Tom Wolfe with anyone, or huge-cocked Jesse Santana for that matter?

Out in Public #3
5 stars
Big Daddy

Eight attractive ‘unknowns’

Synopsis: If you’re not familiar with this series of films—or the site by the same name—you should know this: despite the fact that these scenes are obviously scripted, they’re still hot as hell, especially for those into exhibitionist porn. Each scene involves ‘guy number one’ walking around the streets/store/sex shop/etc. with a camera guy. Lo and behold, they run into ‘guy number two.’ The two guys then proceed to do the dirty—and we’re talking full-on butt sex—right in public, where there’s a good chance they could get caught. Often the scene ends with the guys actually getting ‘caught’ by a bystander (or the shop owner), whose face is blurred.

Must-See Scene: While each of the four scenes is hot and will get the deed done (if you know what I mean), the first one has to be seen to be believed. The camera guy and ‘guy number one’ are browsing a local grocery store, where they run into a really cute guy browsing the cat food aisle. Things go down right in the store, and after the guys get caught with their pants around their ankles and a penis in a mouth, they move things to the parking lot, where the guys have sex against a car and on the ground. The scene ends with a massive to-the-face cumshot. Wowza!

The Best of Trevor Knight
5 stars
Falcon Anthology Series

Trevor Knight, Derrick Vinyard, Maxx Diesel, Matthew Mayfair, Jason Crew, Duncan Princo, Barrett Long, Tommy Blade, Antonio Madiera, Carter Longway, Roman Heart, Trent Atkins, Christian Owen, Kyle Pierce, Conner O’Reily, Jake Woods and Blake Stein

Synopsis: You can most likely guess what you’re getting with this film. The Falcon Anthology Series does a great job of compiling different porn superstars’ best scenes from throughout the years. While Trevor Knight might not have been in the biz quite as long as some of the other featured guys, his cute face, huge cock and wrist tattoos have most definitely earned him a place up top. For those unfamiliar with Knight—get with it! (And is it just us, or have you never watched a scene featuring this porn demigod where he didn’t tongue a bottom’s ass? Just something we’ve noticed.)

Must-See Scene: For us, the scene worth going back to is from Overtime, and features Knight and Kyle Pierce. What can we say? Any doctor-patient scene is pretty much enough to get our rocks off, often more than once. Knight plays the doctor giving Pierce a full-on physical in this scene, and as you probably guessed, the scene ends with both guys butt-naked in the doctor’s office, and a huge wad on Pierce’s body. After watching this scene, we made a doctor’s appointment right away!

Hot Tricks, Hot Dicks
4 stars
Cocksure Men

Cast: Leo Giamani, Parker London, Dakota Rivers, Steven Daigle, Lucas Knowles, Devin Draz and Brandon Bangs

Synopsis: Without a real concept or plot behind Hot Tricks, Hot Dicks, you might think there was nothing special about this film. But this is proof that you don’t always need a high-concept plot to make a f*ck film worth watching. Sometimes all you need is a bed with clean sheets, a couple condoms, a bottle of lube and two hot motherf*ckers to pound each other out. I mean, there’s not a gay man alive who’s gonna complain about watching Parker London take it in the ass courtesy of the gorgeous Leo Giamani.

Must-See Scene: You’ll be happy with any of the four scenes on this film, but we’d like to draw attention to the film’s first scene, featuring Steven Daigle (who you may remember from the show Big Brother—or from the gut-wrenching interview he gave this mag earlier this year) and Dakota Rivers (a hot guy who we’ve actually never noticed before). It’s a hot scene for sure, with Daigle seeming to always embody the role of ‘bronco-riding cowboy with a filthy mind.’ Seriously, don’t even think about bringing him home to Mom—at least not if you two are going to be spending the night in her adjacent guest bedroom. He’s nothing but trouble!

iJERK: Mall Meat,

Cumpiled By Jason Sechrest of

I’m sorry, but I just had to laugh when Sean Cody described their latest hottie as “the kind of guy you might meet at a mall.” This conjures up so many thoughts, where does one begin? First of all, malls attract all sorts of people, big and small, attractive and unattractive, predatorial and non-predatorial. Secondly, the thought that this description is for some reason supposed to turn us on gives another slap to the knee—most especially at this time of year. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of malls. I have not, however, had enough straight cock, and so Quentin gets our vote for Porn Star Newcomer of the Week. Mall meat! This will be a new site in the next three years, Criswell predicts!

Following what the good people at Drake Rock called four long months of persuasion (remember when it used to take years?), Carter Hawk, the boy once known for only a solo where he shot cum in his own face, is now for the first time ever on camera (or in real life) taking a toy up his ass. Will this be the beginning of more? Is it the beginning of the apocalypse? Does the fact that it takes ‘straight’ porn newcomers less time to shove things up their butt mean that time is slowing down or speeding up? These questions and more we are left to ponder until Carter’s next big moment!

It’s baaaack! The hottest and longest-running web series on the net from Naked Sword returns this holiday season. In the fourth season of Golden Gate, the series teams up with the Cocky Boys website for steamy sex and hot drama in San Francisco. Be sure to check out the new Golden Gate hotties. This season features stars Parker Perry, Mario Costa, Tommy Defendi, Phenix Saint, Leo Forte, Tristan Jaxx, Dominic Sol and Morgan Black. It’s a porn-studded buffet of man meat, and episode one is now available on the site!

Famed straight porn stud Troy Halston seems to be returning to his gay roots. Having once starred in several gay and bisexual titles in the early days of his career, he should feel right at home jumping back into those waters with Men Over 30. Though it’s always nice to see a ‘gay’ straight guy go straight back to being gay, it’s his counterpart Micah Andrews who totally steals the show with his perfect pink hole and a twink ass any man would want to dive his face and dick into—regardless of sexual preference, apparently!

Well, this was unexpected! One of the industry’s hottest bottoms, John Magnum, is sticking it good and hard to one of the industry’s most hung and horny, Lucas Knowles, in the latest scene on Cocksure Men. As it turns out, the perfect bubble-butt bottom bitch can give just as good as he gets. Versatility is always a plus in our book!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dirty Talk: The New

By Jason Sechrest

Proving that some things do get better with age, launched a new and improved version of its award-winning website, infamous for recruiting real-life military men and getting even the straightest of soldiers to do the gayest of sex acts on camera. Now in HD and fully mobile—with a sleek new design and new easy-to-navigate system that takes members to hundreds of thousands of hours of content specified to their favorite models, movies and military fetishes—it’s enough to make any gay porn aficionado stand at attention and salute! Even more exciting is that the entire library—every scene and every stud in the cannon of Active Duty annals—is now available exclusively to members of the site.

That’s right. The full library, no footage left uncovered, dating back to the original Active Duty classics (remember the VHS tapes?) have been completely remastered into high-quality formats, universal and able to be played on any device, in any browser—anywhere! That includes iPhones, iPads, Androids and other cellular devices—even Apple TV!

“We’ve never had anything bigger than 800k before,” says Active Duty founder/director Dink Flamingo. “I personally love being able to hook it up to Apple TV so I can watch it on my big screen TV. For me, coming from an era where I started with just a camcorder and VHS tapes, the quality of this content—even the stuff I shot in the early days—is just unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
The new site also boasts improved organization with content that is searchable, linked by model, movie categories and more. Members even get their own favorites page to store the scenes they like the most!

But it’s not just the quality that has improved over the years—it’s the content that continues to rank Active Duty at the top of its class. With a heightened demand for online porn and an ever-increasing adoration of military men being trained to take orders and do things with their buds that feel good and hurt just a little, Active Duty remains the number one most popular site of its genre. Unlike other military-themed websites that simply rotate old content or “fake it” using porn stars instead of real-life marines, Dink Flamingo continues to produce and turn out more content on a weekly basis than ever before, finding some of the most drop-dead gorgeous men of his career.

Monday, December 12, 2011

10 Things: Doug Jeffries

By Doug Jeffries

1.    I have about 50 teddy bears. Some of them are as big as me.

2.    I have a partner of seven years.

3.    I’ve been sober for 10 years, off of drugs and alcohol.

4.    I’m painfully shy, and it takes me a while to feel comfortable in social situations.

5.    I find guys attractive from 18-55, all shapes, sizes and colors, as long as there’s chemistry.

6.    I was an opera singer and won many singing competitions.

7.    I have two master’s degrees and two post-master’s degrees.

8.    I take lots of hip-hop dance classes.

9.    I’m bi-coastal.

10.    I’m 100 percent versatile.

Cocktails with the Stars Gives Back

 Photos by Rolling Blackouts
At first it may sound a little weird that West Hollywood’s longest-running promotion—which features almost-naked porn stars and free porn giveaways on a weekly basis—is collecting children’s shoes and raising money for bicycles for Christmas. But if you ask Scotty B, host of Cocktails with the Stars at Micky’s, it’s all part of giving back!

Not familiar with the skin show that is Cocktails with the Stars? The weekly Wednesday porn show at Micky’s (7-10 p.m.) has been around for decades, welcoming everyone from Matthew Rush, Ryan Idol, Johnny Hazzard and Titan Exclusive François Sagat. The show, no stranger to controversy, naked bodies and debauchery, is a live show and has garnered quite an impressive following over the years—by loyalists, journalists, photographers and the ‘pornorazzi’ camera squads.

“This year for Christmas I wanted to use the show as a vehicle to give back, so I asked all my friends in porn to give as generously as they could. I reached out to everyone I could for help,” says Scotty B. “And with help from my porn star buddy Christian Owen, the month-long period of giving started off extremely well!” 

Christian Owen has been in porn for years, working for almost every studio—and about as many years as he’s been having sex in front of the camera, he’s also been hosting his yearly children’s shoe drive, coinciding with his birthday! In lieu of gifts, Owen asks his fans and peers to bring a pair of children’s shoes benefiting the Hollywood Housing Corp. in Los Angeles. And on Dec. 7, porn stars from all over the West Coast, including Jimmy Durano, Nick Young and Lex Sabre, came out to contribute to the heaping pile of shoes that Owen annually collects. In the past, both San Francisco and Los Angeles have hosted this great promotion, but the patrons of Micky’s made Christian Owen’s 30th Birthday bash—quiet, he didn’t want us to tell his age!—the most successful yet.

In addition to the shoes, Cocktails with the Stars is working with Huffy Bikes to put as many bicycles as possible ‘from Santa’ under children’s Christmas trees this year.

"I have a close friend who works for Huffy, and he can get bicycles for as inexpensive as $40, so I decided to ask my porn star friends, their studios and fans to put their money where their heart is and help me raise 20 bikes or more before Dec. 21,” says Scotty B. “So far everyone has been incredible! I’m blessed to work in an industry that can unite to do so much good.” 

Cocktails with the Stars and Scotty B are working with the offices of Mayor John Duran and the city of West Hollywood & Sheriff’s Department Toy Drive to get these bikes to families that so desperately need gifts for the holidays. In addition, the city of West Hollywood has also agreed to pick up the bikes from their delivery point in Carson, saving the promotion lots of time and costly money in renting a delivery truck.

So far, fans of the weekly promotion have given well over $200, and Raging Stallion, Next Door Studios, Nick Young XXX and Michael Brandon’s 9X6 Lubricant have all donated. 

In particular, Michael Brandon found the cause so honorable that his company donated $200! “I remember how important bikes were to my childhood,” says Brandon.

Scotty B and AshCamerazzi, his weekly cameragirl/wingman, have vigorously been calling as many studios as possible, in hopes they would pledge money for a children’s Huffy bike. On Wednesday, Dec. 21, the show will announce how many bikes were raised and will have a special ceremony with porn stars Riley Price, Dominic Pacifico, Cliff Jensen, Rob Romoni and hordes of other stars. That date is also when the show conducts its yearly tradition, “Dick in a Box.” Be sure to check it out! Has exploded Onto the Web

With millions of members around the world, and thousands of new men signing up daily, is quickly on its way to becoming the number one gay dating network in the world. Simply put, the site is a one-stop shop for guys who are looking to meet other guys—whether for dating, friendship, a long-term relationship or a no-strings one-time encounter. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it at

Your Profile
After the quick sign-up process and choosing what will be your designated screenname on the site, you’re asked to let ManPlay’s other members know a little more about you—or should we say a lot more. The profile you’re asked to fill out is particularly detail-oriented, which means you’re more likely to find guys that are a perfect match. Unlike profiles on most dating sites, your ManPlay profile isn’t restricted to ‘just the basics,’ and unlike most hookup site profiles, you’re not just asked to list your sexual preferences and cock size. Over at ManPlay, they want to know all about you—including your birthday, body type, what you do for fun, your perfect evening, pet peeves, how old you were when you lost your virginity, where you fantasize about having sex—and the list goes on. It’s a great mix of questions that allows other members to get a sense of who you are even before the very first message.

Since you’re out to meet someone online, you’ll want to see pics of what your new beau looks like, right? ManPlay allows you to upload tons of pics of yourself, and even videos—all of which can be set to public or private, meaning you have to ‘unlock’ them for different guys.

Getting in Touch
So, you’ve found someone that you’re interested in getting to know a little better—what’s next? The options are endless on Maybe you’ll want to send them a “flirt,” which is a virtual gift that gives a hint as to your intentions. Send a potential mate anything from a kiss or bouquet of roses to a bitch slap, blowjob or golden shower. Yep, we’re being serious. If you’re more into back-and-forth interaction, you’re able to email or instant message your new buddy. And if you’re not feeling particular about whom you chat with, check out the site’s message board, chat room and “virtual singles world.”

Get Matched Up
Need a little help wading through the guys in your area? Let ManPlay match you up with guys that fit what you’re looking for, all based on the info you provide in your profile. Avoid potential missteps this way—there’s nothing worse than finding the guy of your dreams, only to then discover he’s only into 65+ silverback daddies!

Who’s Checking You Out?
Once you’ve got photos—and maybe even videos—on your profile, you’re sure to attract some hungry eyes. Thanks to ManPlay’s “Who’s Viewed Me” feature, you can see for yourself who finds your profile interesting enough to peruse.

XXX Theater

Everyone’s unlucky in love sometimes, and for moments like that, ManPlay has you covered. Check out the XXX Theater to relieve a little stress after the workday, even when no one’s taking bites of your profile!

Get Laid, Guaranteed!
Best of all, ManPlay guarantees that you’ll get laid! That’s right—if you don’t get laid, ManPlay will give you three months free! Take the opportunity to try out the site with little to no risk. Payment plans are also very reasonable. Try something as noncommittal as a three-day trial for just $1.95, or commit a little more: one month for $34.95, three months for $23.32 per month or 12 months for $12.50 per month.

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Sex Ed: Macho Macho Man

By Jim Larkins

Ask the average American to paint a picture of the evils behind the AIDS epidemic and you’ll get a variety of responses. Commonly, the average Joe blames gay bath houses and back alley needle-sharing. Fortunately, those who mingle in more cerebral circles have taken a look at the problem with more investigation and less assumption.

Sociologists Michael S. Kimmel of the State University of New York at Stony Brook and Martin P. Levine of Florida Atlantic University claim that people mistakenly view AIDS as a “gay” or “drug addict” disease rather than as a “men’s disease” fostered by risk-taking as a measure of masculinity. The tendency for men to ignore the signs of health risks is seen as a fundamental part of the male gender’s role in society.

Further compounding man’s hunger for risk-taking is stigmatization. Among men who are the least secure in their sexuality, this breeds amplified forms of male-identified behaviors. This stigmatized gender identity leads to hypermasculinity, a psychological term describing the exaggeration of typical male behavior. The emphasis is on physical strength, aggression, body hair, body odor and virility.

Among those to first study the realm of hypermasculinity was Donald L. Mosher and Mark Sirkin in 1984. The two researchers defined this psychological state of mind, also referred to as the “macho personality” as consisting of three variables. These include “a callous sexual attitude toward women,” “the belief that violence is manly” and “the experience of danger as exciting.” It is this final component of hypermasculinity that leads us back to man’s propensity for ignoring risks for the thrill of it, and nowhere is this syndrome more prevalent than in the bedroom.

Caught up in the throes of passion and prompted by personal, societal and cultural influences, some men have been known to throw caution to the wind. Some of these behaviors may also be displayed to rebuff stereotyped or generalized behaviors. Some groups of oppressed males challenged by socially constructed views of their communities may also assimilate hypermasculine images and attitudes. This is particularly true when the oppressive conditions consist, in part, of societal attitudes, laws and practices that alter norms and traditions that the marginalized group sees as important.

The problem, states Kimmel and Levine, is that so-called safer-sex programs “encourage men to stop having sex like men, because safe sex is an oxymoron. We must enlarge the definition of what it means to be a real man and eroticize responsibility to prevent the inexorable spread of AIDS.”

Friday, December 2, 2011

Porn Reviews: Issue 2.16

By Tony James and Tuck Manning

The Guys Next Door, Part One
Falcon Studios

4 stars

Cody Cummings, Paul Wagner, Anthony Romero, Johnny Torque, Landon Conrad, Andrew Jakk, Marcus Mojo, Rod Daily, Samuel O'Toole and Brandon Lewis

Synopsis: Here’s another summertime flick for ya—hot, buff men posing, making out, sucking, fucking and eating ass around the pool. While that may sound like nothing special, The Guys Next Door is actually the result of a fairly novel idea. Nowhere else will you find Falcon exclusives (à la Landon Conrad and Andrew Jakk) in the same film as Next Door Studios’ roster of popular hotties. The two companies came together (pun intended), and the result is a steamy film that you’re sure to enjoy. Particularly of note is the group scene in which Cody Cummings (who we believe identifies as a straight man) has six guys going down on him one after another. It’s a hot scene indeed, though we wish the guys had gone past third base!

Must-See Scene: We’re sure that you’re gonna go straight to the big group scene, but the other scene that’ll have your mouth watering is the pairing of Paul Wagner and Samuel O’Toole. There’s just something über-sexy about watching these two go at it—most likely because they’re both hunky, beefy men. Whereas you can typically figure out who’s gonna top and bottom in a scene just by the guys’ demeanor, in this scene, we didn’t know until the moment of penetration who was gonna give it and who was gonna take it, and we love that!

Cruise Control
Hot House
4 stars

Matt Cole, Craig Reynolds, Rick Van Sant, Cameron Foster, Chris Daniels, Parker Perry, Drake Jaden, Topher Dimaggio, JR Matthews and Blake Daniels

Synopsis: For those who like their sex on the sleazier side, Cruise Control might just be for you. Watch a bunch of muscled up, hunky, hung studs fight for dominance in an abandoned warehouse. Hot House is known for its sexy roster of guys, and here you have some of the old reliables—Craig Reynolds, Drake Jaden—and some sexy studs you might not be so familiar with as well, like the downright gorgeous blonde Cameron Foster. One thing’s for certain—you’ll get off multiple times watching these hotties get off!

Must-See Scene: In the first scene, Drake Jaden sits all alone in an empty warehouse—and what else is there to do but whip out his huge cock and start jerking? Well, he does just that until hung stud Parker Perry interrupts his jerk-off session. After going down on Jaden’s meaty cock, Perry takes a seat and goes for a wild ride. After pile driving Perry into the ground, Jaden lets his load go on Perry’s ass before escaping the warehouse and letting Perry finish himself off—and by that time you’ll be cleaning yourself up too.

Chris Ward’s Masterstrokes Volume 1: Three-Ways
Raging Stallion

5 stars

Tag Adams, Brendan Austin, Jay Black, Jason Branch, Michael Brandon, Tamas Eszterhazu, Blake Harper, Huessein, Jerek, Ryan Lexington, Logan McCree, Arpad Miklos, Matthieu Paris, Mike Power, Peter Raeq, Dak Ramsey, Victor Rios, Shane Rollins, Joey Russo, François Sagat, Michael Soldier, Taurus, Vince Varrone, Michael Vincenzo

Synopsis: This collector’s edition features some of the hottest three-way scenes ever to be captured on film, all from GayVN Hall of Fame director Chris Ward. It’s a two-disc set, which means there are more scenes here than you can shake your stick at—at least in one sitting. Raging Stallion really went through the archives to compile these discs, so you’re getting amazing scenes that stretch throughout the years here. Don’t miss out on these hot three-ways.

Must-See Scene: Without a doubt, the scene that gets you your money’s worth is the one featuring gorgeous, tatted-up hottie Logan McCree—if you’re not familiar with him, he’s tatted head-to-toe, including his cock and ass. Oh, and he’s gorgeous. In the scene, McCree gets it on with some rough trade (whose names escape us—what can we say, but McCree does that to us) who like to spit and get their huge cocks serviced. After taking care of their cocks with his mouth, McCree then gives up his ass to both of them. The scene is one for the record books, from start to messy finish.

Ready Reserves
Active Duty
4 stars

Bric, Kai, Rusty, Blake and Nick Gunner

Synopsis: “Gorgeous Bric is fresh out of the Navy and making his solo debut and sexy follow-up with Kai in this can’t-miss film! Also includes new recruit Rusty in his first solo and a divine threesome with returning hotties hung Blake and little Nick Gunner, where all three bottom.” It’s a nice selection of cute straight guys in Ready Reserves, and there’s all the cock sucking and ass fucking you could ask for. Fans of the ‘amateur military’ genre will be nicely surprised with this one.

Must-See Scene: If you’ve read the synopsis found on the box (the above quote), then you already know—a threesome between three smokin’ hot guys should never be passed up!

iJERK: Porn Newcomer of the Week, Brandon Lewis Cleans Up Nice and Tyler Saint Resurfaces at Cocksure Men

Cumpiled By Jason Sechrest of



Our Porn Newcomer of the Week, the perfectly sculpted Adonis of a man named Dominik, likes to do some boxing in his spare time—and we like to watch him jack off in ours. Any man who can throw a punch and then use the same fist to beat his meat is OK in our book! This gem of a find from Chaos Men is only doing solo work at the moment, but here’s hoping for a future of getting it on with men in all kinds of sexually compromising positions. Get on it, CM!

Sometimes there’s nothing hotter than an all-American boy jacking off poolside. When that boy is Brandon Lewis, we can’t help but swoon. With that mischievous smile, chiseled jock bod and perfect cock, we can’t get enough of him. Thankfully, this week he’s busting a nut over at Falcon Studios. We wonder if we can hire him to come clean our pool for us—or at least jack off beside it while we clean it?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We pretty much think that Tyler Torro is the hottest gay porn star to come along in years. Every time there’s a new scene from him, we can’t help but let out a giddy schoolgirl cry of glee, and in his most recent scene on Next Door Buddies—wherein the tattooed bad-ass bangs the bubble butt of Jay Cloud—he hardly disappoints. Tyler drives it home like never before, getting better with each thrust of his superhero cock into Jay’s all too eager hole. Thank you, Next Door, for giving us another go at Tyler. We think it’s way past time you give him his own site!

Ya know, it’s not often that Channel 1 Releasing makes a twink movie, but when they do, they sure do it right. The cast for Chi Chi LaRue’s latest directorial, Got Twinks?, feature some of the hottest and horniest barely legals we’ve seen come down the pike this year. With ‘loads’ of facials to boot, this is one of the year’s must-haves. Perfect for stocking stuffers, but before the DVD is released you can get the scenes for download at C1R’s site.

Tyler Saint is back! It has been a long time since we’ve seen the muscle daddy boning down any hot young guys, but in his latest scene at Cocksure Men alongside Ari Silvio, he proves why some men just get better with age. And as the site itself says, “Ari just might be the hungriest cock-whore in the business!” It’s one bangin’ hot romp and we’re happy as heck to see Tyler back doing what he does best. Those muscles in action are always worth waiting for—especially his biggest and thickest one.