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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dirty Talk: A Big Gay Chat With Austin Zane

By Jason Sechrest

In the thick of the holiday season, the studs who run what has become one of the most talked-about new sites of the year,, managed to find the time to sit down with us for an exclusive interview about how their first year online has treated them.

I had expected a little five-minute chat with the boys, but as I quickly learned, nothing about Austin Andrews or Zane Michaels is little. That’s why they are porn stars, after all.

We’re coming to the end of 2011, and you guys have had quite a year with the launch of AustinZane. Is it everything you thought it would be?
    Austin: To be completely honest, it has been way more work than Zane and I would have ever expected, but definitely worth it.
    Zane: Yeah, I would say the success that we’ve experienced was unexpected, but also it’s been the most rewarding thing we have ever built, and we’re excited to see what 2012 brings us!

What is the most fun aspect of your job?
    Austin: Easy—being my own boss!
    Zane: For me it’s meeting the fans in person and getting to hear how much they enjoy their experience at It’s nice to hear that our work affects people in a positive way!

Do either of you have other jobs, or is running the site full-time?
    Austin: Nope, this is it. It keeps us busy! Every once in a while we will go shoot a music video or help out a friend with video work.
    Zane: Yeah, this occupies a large part of our life, but when you put out a product that has your name on it, you become obsessed with it.

You were a focal point at the Grabby Awards this year when no one even knew who you were yet. How do you think that happened? What makes you stand out amongst a sea of gay porn superstars?
    Austin: I like to think we are unique from most gay porn stars because we are the same off-camera as we are on. We don’t pretend to be better than anyone, and we try our hardest to please our fans.
    Zane: The Grabbys were a complete surprise to us. We’d never had that type of attention or exposure, but everyone in the industry was so great to us, and we were just grateful that people wanted to know who we were. It really motivated us to build AustinZane bigger and better than we had previously thought we could.

You guys are currently nominated for the Cybersocket Award for Best New Site. Will you be at the ceremony in West Hollywood on Monday, Jan. 9?

    Austin: It’s our very first nomination for an award, and we wouldn’t  miss it for the world. Win or lose, it’s always a good time in West Hollywood.
    Zane: Oh man, it would be so awesome to bring that award back to Las Vegas where we were told we would never be successful on our own. It would be our validation and redemption!

Between the two of you, what part of gay sex do you most enjoy, and what do you least enjoy? Be honest.

    Austin: I don’t know why, but when Zane licks my ass, it really gets me going—but it’s only him that can do that to me. What I least enjoy would have to be bottoming. It just doesn’t work for me.
    Zane: There’s one position when I’m bottoming that’s enjoyable that only Austin has been able to get. I think we’ve done that position twice, but both times I was able to get off without really trying—he did all the work! [Laughs] My least favorite part would be getting pubes in my mouth!

I hear Austin recently had a baby. How has that changed you and your outlook on life in general?
    Austin: [Laughs] Yes, I just had a baby boy. Let me tell you, he’s the cutest thing ever, and that’s not me being biased. I would say that yes, it has changed me. Now I have little Austin to care for, and I can’t be skydiving or anything crazy like that.
    Zane: Austin definitely has a greater sense of mortality now. He’s a very proud father!

What exciting new changes or additions or projects can we expect from Austin Zane in 2012?
    Austin: Well, we are working on making all the videos iPhone compatible. New models and more frequent live chats.
    Zane: Yeah, and we have been working on filming our very first DVD special, which is going to be a ton of fun to create!

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