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Friday, December 16, 2011

iJERK: Mall Meat,

Cumpiled By Jason Sechrest of

I’m sorry, but I just had to laugh when Sean Cody described their latest hottie as “the kind of guy you might meet at a mall.” This conjures up so many thoughts, where does one begin? First of all, malls attract all sorts of people, big and small, attractive and unattractive, predatorial and non-predatorial. Secondly, the thought that this description is for some reason supposed to turn us on gives another slap to the knee—most especially at this time of year. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of malls. I have not, however, had enough straight cock, and so Quentin gets our vote for Porn Star Newcomer of the Week. Mall meat! This will be a new site in the next three years, Criswell predicts!

Following what the good people at Drake Rock called four long months of persuasion (remember when it used to take years?), Carter Hawk, the boy once known for only a solo where he shot cum in his own face, is now for the first time ever on camera (or in real life) taking a toy up his ass. Will this be the beginning of more? Is it the beginning of the apocalypse? Does the fact that it takes ‘straight’ porn newcomers less time to shove things up their butt mean that time is slowing down or speeding up? These questions and more we are left to ponder until Carter’s next big moment!

It’s baaaack! The hottest and longest-running web series on the net from Naked Sword returns this holiday season. In the fourth season of Golden Gate, the series teams up with the Cocky Boys website for steamy sex and hot drama in San Francisco. Be sure to check out the new Golden Gate hotties. This season features stars Parker Perry, Mario Costa, Tommy Defendi, Phenix Saint, Leo Forte, Tristan Jaxx, Dominic Sol and Morgan Black. It’s a porn-studded buffet of man meat, and episode one is now available on the site!

Famed straight porn stud Troy Halston seems to be returning to his gay roots. Having once starred in several gay and bisexual titles in the early days of his career, he should feel right at home jumping back into those waters with Men Over 30. Though it’s always nice to see a ‘gay’ straight guy go straight back to being gay, it’s his counterpart Micah Andrews who totally steals the show with his perfect pink hole and a twink ass any man would want to dive his face and dick into—regardless of sexual preference, apparently!

Well, this was unexpected! One of the industry’s hottest bottoms, John Magnum, is sticking it good and hard to one of the industry’s most hung and horny, Lucas Knowles, in the latest scene on Cocksure Men. As it turns out, the perfect bubble-butt bottom bitch can give just as good as he gets. Versatility is always a plus in our book!

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