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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Year in Review 2011

By Stephan Horbelt

Frontiers4Men chatted with a ton of porn stars in 2011, and we got the exclusive scoop on everything from Angelo Marconi’s hottest sexual encounter (involving four hot Italian guys) to who taught Roman Heart how to masturbate (you’ll never guess) to Drew Cutler’s bar bathroom routine. Here’s hoping for another porn-filled year in 2012!

“In my opinion, fisting, pissing and cum eating is not very kinky, but many Europeans and especially Berlin guys are a
little bit different from the rest of the world. I remember one fisting video I did for Dark Alley a few years ago where they built a pool and filled it with 10 actors and a lot of fisting lube. It was like lube wrestling with fists.” —Tim Kruger, when asked about the craziest sex stuff he’s done. Tim’s website is

What We Didn’t Know About Trent Locke: “I take naked pictures on planes. I’m not entirely sure why, but I think it’s hot to
expose myself in less than appropriate places. My TwitPic account is full of naked plane and train photos.”

“Sexuality is so complex and complicated; I have a hard time putting a label on myself. It’s not always so black and white as to simply say ‘straight, gay or bi.’ I definitely have a preference for females, but I guess I’d call myself try-sexual at this point, because I like to experiment.” —Chip Tanner on his sexuality.

What We Didn’t Know About Jimmy Durano: “I don’t like cum. I don’t even like to cum on myself, but when I have to get it on my body, as in when I’m shooting, I can’t wait to hear Chi Chi say, ‘Cut! That’s a wrap!’ so I can get it off of me as quick as I can!”

“I love getting head. Most of my clients love eating ass, and I like it, so I tend to put my ass up in the air and tell them to have at it. I try to have a good time.  ... Watersports are the furthest I will go, I think. ... I usually ask clients what they are into beforehand so I can decide if I will be comfortable doing it. It’s not only about making my client comfortable. I have to be comfortable too.” —Jayden Grey on having sex with his escort clients.

What We Didn’t Know About Steven Daigle: “Before Big Brother or porn, I worked for a global engineering consulting firm as a GIS developer/analyst. While working as an analyst, I traveled the United States and world for work—including Dubai, Kuwait and Iraq.”

“Brandon Wilde was so sweet—he surprised us all by getting a limo for the DV8 Casting family. It was a one-year anniversary for him, as he originally came out to West Hollywood for the first time during the week of the Cybersocket Awards last year to attend the event and shoot his first sex scene for Suite 703. Unfortunately, he was not able to stay at the event this year because someone pointed out to security that he was under 21 and it was a 21+ event.” —Jason Sechrest on his night at the 2011 Cybersocket Awards

What We Didn’t Know About Brandon Wilde: “I love to grab a nice ass when getting f*cked.”

“Well, people seem to like seeing me eat my own cum. Along with sticking things up my ass. Both of which I’m fond of as well. Plus, my boyfriend likes to hop on with me sometimes, and the members love when that happens.” —Austin Wilde on the antics we can expect from his live cam shows at

What We Didn’t Know About Drew Cutler: “When I piss in a trough at a bar, I try to shoot it in my mouth and drink it.”

“The leather community has more fundraisers per week than the number of Starbucks in this city. We are a relentlessly giving group of people. The leather heart at its core is about service. The big one is the Southland Honors [which took place March 25], and it began as a fundraiser. We also have a memoriam for all those we have lost. This event is focused on recognizing members of our community for outstanding achievements, such as Mentor of the Year, Business of the Year, Event of the Year, Chairman’s Award, the TNG (for the next generation) and others.“ —Tom Pardoe, Vice Chair of L.A. Leather, on 2011 Leather Pride Week

What We Didn’t Know About Roman Heart: “I learned to masturbate from my dog when I was little, no joke! The dog would hump the floor, so I gave it a try. I couldn’t stop after that.”

“Yeah, I’ve gotten good at using them to get what I need. You know, staring someone in the eyes with these things can be kinda captivating. [Laughs]” —Chris Bines on his baby blues.

What We Didn’t Know About Riley Price: “Last year, my buddy from TMZ took me to Madonna’s Oscar party, where I got to meet Justin Timberlake. I walked up to him while he was mid-conversation and tapped him on the back, where I proceeded to ask, ‘Is Britney here?’”

“I started escorting because so many guys were contacting me to act out the fantasies I was doing in the movies. I decided, hell, I’ll put an ad up on Rentboy and start making dreams come true. ... I do porn for fun. Escorting is part of my life. It’s like drinking water for me. I drink overtime.” —Rafael Alencar, winner of the Mr. International Escort 2011 title.

What We Didn’t Know About Billy Byron: “I’m the marketing director for an interior design company for the government.”

“I have to say, I’m very surprised at the personalities of the models we have used. I naturally assumed that these gorgeous guys would be playboys, but to my surprise, they have all been very grounded and down-to-earth guys. I don’t think they use their stature for a sexual check list. … And if they do, then good for them.” —Jason Scarlatti, Creative Director of 2(x)ist, on how much action his underwear models get on average.

What We Didn’t Know About Billy Heights: “I live for car racing and motorcycles—and if you ever need one built, I’ve got you covered.”

“I was an A&R executive. A talent scout/executive producer for Elektra records and Geffen Records for 20 years, then worked for Palm Pictures for three years. As for Metallica, I heard a record they made called Kill ‘Em All for a little indie label, and it blew my mind. I’d never heard anything like it, ever. I went to see them at The Stone in San Francisco and was hooked. I waited a few months until they came to Roseland in NYC. There was sweat and leather and beer and sexy boys in the crowd. Once the music started, it whipped the crowd into a frenzy, and I knew that they were going to be the biggest band in the world. And I was right. So, I signed them to Elektra Records and the rest, as they say, is history, my friend!” —Erotic photographer Michael Alago on how he discovered Metallica. Alago’s book Brutal Truth is available now.

What We Didn’t Know About Austin Wilde: “I’m a ‘Gold Star Gay.’ Other than the one I gayly paraded out of, I’ve never touched a vagina.”

“I used to work behind the scenes at Catalina Video with Chuck Holmes, William Higgins and Matt Sterling, so I learned from the masters. There ain’t no one out there who can hold a candle to stabbing in the back. You better go get an expensive knife and learn how to stab if you’re gonna keep up with those people. I learned from the best, and I learned early that I needed to take punches, take the criticism, love the haters and always be sweet and let the other people be nasty. There were so many people who hated me as I was climbing the ladder, trying to kick me down, but I always stayed the same. I always stayed nice.” —Chi Chi LaRue on the porn industry and its ‘stab you in the back’ mentality.

What We Didn’t Know About Dean Monroe: “I’ve had sex with a leading celebrity actor that made me sign a legal disclaimer forbidding me to divulge his identity. So don’t ask me!”

“I never like anyone calling me papi. I see it as an insult—as a way of categorizing me into a specific ethnic box. It wasn’t until recently that I allowed one guy I was seeing to call me ‘papo,’ and to be honest with you, I liked it. I guess it all depends on who it comes from and when it is used. There is something sexy when you hear ‘harder, papo.’ [Laughs]” —Jorge Lopez, the face of Fire Island’s three-day party Ascension 2011, on how he feels about being called ‘papi.’

What We Didn’t Know About Tony Buff: “I’m bisexual, but most of my sexual relationships are with guys, because I don’t understand females of our species.”

“I was 13 years old, and it was with the captain of my gymnastics team. We were at my house, jumping on the trampoline together and the sprinklers came on. We took our shirts off and started wrestling. After the water shut off, we went inside to get out of our wet clothes and one thing led to another. … We never talked about it or ever messed around again, and it wasn’t until I was away at college that I had sex again with another guy.” —Donny Wright on losing his virginity.

What We Didn’t Know About Cameron Marshall: “I have trypanophobia, the fear of needles. I’ve tried many different ways to get over it, but it’s just made it worse. And yes, I cry if anybody brings a needle near me.”

“Probably that I sleep around. I wish it were true, but it’s not. Between school and my work with Randy Blue, there’s not time. Luckily, I have my hand. But I’d much rather have someone else’s.” —Trent Davis on the biggest misconception about him.

What We Didn’t Know About Dominic Pacifico: “I’ve been married twice. Once for six years to a beautiful and highly talented Russian model and female dominatrix. I became a widower when she was tragically murdered in Paris, and she is credited with giving me the name Dominic Pacifico. The second marriage came during the short window of legal gay marriage in 2009 when, just days before it became illegal, I married fellow gay porn star Christian Owen in San Francisco. Unfortunately, less than a year later we separated.”

“I met four hot guys from Italy. We went to bars for drinks, and then we went back to their hotel. Lucky for me they were all tops, so each of them took turns on me and I also got double f*cked—which is my favorite. I love getting double penetrated by two big dicks.”—Angelo Marconi on his wildest sex story.

What We Didn’t Know About Cody Cummings: “Large house spiders, rats or big bugs turn me into a girl quick. I’ll go from ‘tough guy’ to a high-pitched voice standing on my toes with a broom, yelling ‘Get it!’”


“I like to have my private life. When I’m not working as Lucky Daniels, I’m my other alias, which is my real name, Paul. I just have my personal life, and I keep them separated. Porn is a character that I portray when I do events and I do movies. But when I’m not doing that, I’m just Paul, who my family and friends know me as, and I think that’s the best way to go about this industry—having a personal life and not intertwining your porn name and your real name.” —Lucky Daniels on his private life outside of porn.

What We Didn’t Know About Samuel O’Toole: “I almost enlisted in the United States Air Force instead of doing porn!”

“When I lived in Canada, my best friend—a hot straight guy—coached me through gay sex with my boyfriend. He was shouting out directives, like, ‘lick the tip more,’ or ‘try it from the other side.’ It was hot, and I’ll never forget that. Oh, Canada.” —Trent Locke on his wildest sex story.

What We Didn’t Know About Kennedy Carter: “I’m halfway through a degree in Hispanic Studies, a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese language classes with additional classes in the history, literature, culture and cinema of Iberia and Latin America. I’m an embarrassing geek, spending frightening lengths of time in the British Library at home in London, eventually emerging in the late afternoon light like Gollum.”

“I lost my virginity in the army to my first boyfriend. I was 20 years old. I was his commander, and we stayed
together for almost a year. In his first three months on the base, he wasn’t allowed to call me by my name. He had to call me Commander. I loved it.” —Shay,’s Mr. October, on losing his virginity.

What We Didn’t Know About Bruno Bond: “When I was 19, I hooked up with a famous rock star for a short fling and actually have a song written about me. I am not going to say who it was, but the song is still playing and I really think I should be getting some royalties or something. Just sayin’.”

“I’ve taken breaks before, but I’ve never had the resolve to stop for good until now. I’ve been doing this for eight years, and I think it’s just time to move on and focus on other things. Believe it or not, employers don’t take me seriously after they find out that I’ve done (a lot of) porn. And porn is not and never was a ‘career’—it was just something I did for fun. It also has been an issue with almost every boyfriend.” —Blu Kennedy on his decision to leave the industry for good.

What We Didn’t Know About Samuel Colt: “I didn’t masturbate for the first time until I was 18. I heard people
joking about “choking the chicken” the summer I was in basic training, but I was unsure what that meant. When I got home after the summer, I locked myself in the bathroom, determined to figure it out. I was in there for four hours and had 23 orgasms. I figured it out!”

“Muscle, wrestling, fur, sweat, man scent, masculinity, leather, spitting, kissing, rough sex, tender sex, passion,
bottom, top, flipf*cking, role play, domination, vanilla, total pig, submission, cuddling, sling, UFC, porn, casual f*ck, oral, anal and bondage.” —Alessio Romero on his list of ‘keywords.’

What We Didn’t Know About Shane Frost: “Even though I am a bottom 75 percent of the time on film, I am 75 percent top in real life.”

“I have been with about 12 guys in porn, and in my personal life I’ve been with four. Of the four guys I’ve been with, three were while we were in a relationship. I’m not one that likes to hookup and am more of a relationship type of guy. So if you think you have what it takes, don’t be afraid to message me.” —Andrew Jakk on something his fans might be surprised to learn.

What We Didn’t Know About Johnny Torque: “I secretly love having my ass eaten.”

“Is it funny when the Magnum XXL doesn’t fit?” —Colby Keller on the most comical thing he’s encountered on set.

What We Didn’t Know About Dylan Hauser: “I am a versatile bottom. While I love having my legs in the air most of the time, I do enjoy giving a good pounding.”

“If I am not in L.A. filming, I am home with my fiancĂ©e. I guess you can say I am comfortable with my sexuality. I ultimately feel attracted to women, but am comfortable enough to have sex with guys.” —Roman Todd on his sexuality.

What We Didn’t Know About Tom Wolfe: “I used to put Q-Tips in my penis because I was curious—well, before I knew what sounding was.”


“I think you can even show an erection and keep it tasteful. It is really a grey area, but for me, I try to take the sexual element out of the image, so the guy might be standing fully erect, but he is not grabbing his dick and staring lustfully at the camera. It is just a naked male body. I would like to push myself to eventually shoot more explicit stuff, but maybe it is just not in my nature.” —Photographer Dylan Rosser on the line between art and pornography.

What We Didn’t Know About Johnny Hazard: “Sometimes I wish I could wear a skirt.”

“This year for Christmas, I wanted to use the show as a vehicle to give back, so I asked all my friends in porn to give as generously as they could. I reached out to everyone I could for help. And with help from my porn star buddy Christian Owen, the month-long period of giving started off extremely well!” —Scotty B, host of Cocktails with the Stars, on holiday fundraising.

What We Didn’t Know About Doug Jeffries: “I was an opera singer and won many singing competitions.”

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