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Friday, January 27, 2012

Porn Reviews: Issue 2.20

By Tony James and Tuck Manning

Get Some
Raging Stallion / Hard Friction
5 stars

Jesse Santana, Christopher Daniels, Cavin Knight, Valentin Petrov, Dominik Ryder, Sean Stavos, Krys Perez and Aybars

Synopsis: In porn, you need more than hot guys to make a successful scene (and thereby a successful film). Pairing up your guys so they exude chemistry—or at least the appearance of chemistry—is what’s gonna make the viewer cum. Here’s a film, directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, that takes exactly what I’m talking about into consideration and hits the ball outta the park. The four scenes included in Get Some are taken from Hard Friction Live shoots. The guys were paired up to pound each other out in front of the world, and this DVD nicely compiles four of the hottest scenes.

Must-See Scene: You flat-out can’t go wrong with any of these scenes. Each one features two hunks that are perfectly paired up, and each scene ends with a pair of explosive cum shots. Maybe it’s the size queen in us, but we took an extra special pleasure in the film’s last scene, featuring huge-cocked studs Jesse Santana and Valentin Petrov (who we don’t believe we’ve noticed before). Both guys are hot as fuck, each with a huge cock, and boy do they put them to work. How Santana managed to get all of Petrov’s huge member down his throat we’ll never know, but we’re glad he was able. And Petrov returned the favor, deep throating Santana’s cock (sans the Prince Albert piercing for this scene) as well. After munching on Petrov’s ass for a bit, Santana slipped his cock inside the Russian hottie, and we’ll just say this—watching Petrov’s enormous uncut cock bounce up and down while he rode Santana is alone worth the price of this film.

So Big It Hurts
Fresh SX
5 stars

Cast: Stefan Stewart, Steven Prior, Dillon Brooks, Kai Cruz, Luke Desmond, James Connor, Marco di Lucca and Darius Ferdynand

Synopsis: “Only the biggest uncut cocks make the grade in our XXL cock f*ckfest!” So says the back of the box, and we can verify that’s a spot-on assessment! If you’re a size queen (and, really, who isn’t?) here’s one that’ll have you drooling. Watch four couples get it on, which may not sound all too exciting. except that each of these guys have huge cocks! Steven Prior and his 10-incher destroy Kai’s ass; James Connor’s 9.5-incher gives it to Darius’ ass nicely; Stefan Stewart’s 9.5-incher pounds Marco into the bed; and Luke Desmond and Dillon Brooks flip-flop with their 9-inch pieces of meat. You might wince a bit during these scenes, but you’ll love every second.

Must-See Scene: To be honest, there’s not a bad scene here. Slide the DVD into your laptop or home DVD player and see for yourself which of these guys floats your boat. We’re willing to bet it’ll be all eight!

Frontline 2
Active Duty
5 stars

Vinny, Logan, DJ, Dorian, Jack and Ransom

Synopsis: In one of the latest installments from the Active Duty roster of ‘hot military guys banging each other for money’ films, here’s yet another opportunity to get your rocks off to the tune of straight dudes moaning with delight. While solo scenes normally just don’t do it for us—even when it’s a hot, straight, butch dude—as soon as they get paired up, we’re game! And then there are the group scenes. Honestly, no words can express how hot it can be to watch four (or more) military guys suck and f*ck each other. Here in Frontline 2, you’re treated to one of the hottest group scenes ever captured on film.

Must-See Scene: We’re not exaggerating when we say that the group scene here—between DJ, Dorian, Jack and Ransom—is one of the hottest scenes ever. Like, ever. You’ll want to watch it more than once. The four guys—all nicely tatted up and sexy as hell—each take turns sucking, making out with and pounding each other. A couple of the guys get passed around like rag dolls, and we love it! The hottest part, though? The two guys getting pounded face each other and make out. It simply doesn’t get hotter than that!

Bangin’ Both Ends 3
Randy Blue
5 stars

Chip, Gabriel, Nick, Justin, Nicco, Shane, Danny, Lucky, Max, Brett, Patrick and Reese

Synopsis: Who doesn’t love watching a hot guy get spit-roasted? (Answer: no one!) If you’ve ever seen a Randy Blue film, you know what you’re getting—sexy as fuck guys doing each other like their lives depended on it. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! Watch these guys’ holes get filled left and right, up and down, front and back. Take your pick of four hot, sweaty threeways. Life is good.

Must-See Scene:
Some guys might not be so interested in a scene featuring young guys, mostly due to their lack of experience. In the scene featuring Nicco Sky, Shane Fisher and Justin Blakely, there’s no need to worry about that. As soon as the director says ‘go,’ these guys’ drawers drop and they jump right into it, making out, sucking cock and eating ass like you wouldn’t believe. Watch as Nicco Sky’s and then Shane Fisher’s asses get used by the group. You’ll be craving a young boy in no time.

iJERK: Gay guys are hot, too!

Cumpiled by Jason Sechrest of

We’re always talking about straight guys and how hot they are in gay porn, whether they’re jacking off, showing us their incredibly straight holes or experimenting for the very first time. So it’s rare that we find Sean Cody so eager and anxious to introduce us to a gay dude. As it turns out, Jessie is very much gay. (Not queeny, don’t worry—not that there’s anything wrong with that. I kind of like ‘em queeny, personally, and my phone number is (213) 555-7272.) Jessie has been out since college. He now works in a restaurant, and hopefully they will give him enough time off so that he can become the bottom bitch to every straight guy on Sean Cody.

I’m in love with the tattooed, white trash-looking marine that is Bentley on the amazing Active Duty website—and I’m even more in love with the fact that he makes his bottoming debut this week—to not just one fellow grunt, but two! Both newcomer Ethan and longtime Active Duty favorite Brian end up taking turns with his virgin hole in what is definitely hands down the hottest scene I’ve witnessed so far this year! Of course, we’re only three weeks into the year, but that is of no matter. Just watch the sex. You’ll like it.

He already made a brief appearance on Sean Cody, but now he’s over at Next Door Buddies, where I hear he’s about to go from jack-off videos to full-time f*cking. In fact, they might even sign him as an exclusive. Yes, Ayden Marx now bats for our team, and besides batting may even be catching. We can hope, right? What a dreamboat. These are the kind of men that don’t come along in gay porn every day. (Even though it may seem like we write about them every issue, it’s just an illusion, I promise.)


The twins are back! Liam and Luca Rosso, that is, and can we get a resounding “Amen!” from the gospel choir? No? OK, then the peanut gallery will do. We love us some Rosso Twins, and these two Channel 1 Releasing exclusives are starring in an all-new movie for award-winning directrix Chi Chi LaRue that is already up on the C1R website. By the way, we love how they stare at each other while they f*ck a guy. Have you noticed that? They never look at the guy, just at each other. Like a mirror. It’s kind of hot. That’s probably why they’re calling this one Spitting Image. That and all the saliva featured therein, of course.

Normally, we’d caption this “Austin Wilde Introduces His Boyfriend,” but we think Anthony Romero might be the hottest thing about Austin Wilde’s website! So he deserves top billing as far as we are concerned. Yes, the Wilde one (actually there’s way more than one Wilde, the industry is filled with ‘em!) has brought his man into the gay porn scene, and thankfully they are doing live sex shows together on a regular basis now. With an ass to die for and a ginormous peen, this one’s a keeper, Austin! Thanks for getting him naked and on-camera for all your fans!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dirty Talk: The 2012 Cybersocket Awards

by Jason Sechrest of

It’s always the first of the gay porn award shows of the year, and it’s always one of the most fun. Thanks to Cybersocket magazine head Morgan Sommer, this year’s Cybersocket Awards did not disappoint, with hosts Chico’s Angels, British singing sensation Luciana and the always amazing Chi Chi LaRue as DJ to help the evening’s show move along as smooth, entertaining and—most importantly—as quickly as possible!

Here are some of my favorite moments of the evening:

Last year, you may recall I mentioned that Brandon Wilde had been thrown out of the nightclub by agent Howard Andrew for being under the age of 21. Well, this year he’s legal and wanted to make quite the comeback. He had the number one biggest booth at the show, with bottle service for all his friends, including all of the evening’s performers and winners. He looked like a million bucks, dressed in Gucci and D&G couture, partying it up until the wee hours of the morning. Happy for him!

Riley Price arrived on the arm of Dominic Pacifico, who is one of the featured stars of his new site, Late last year, Riley had been nominated for Best New Site by Cybersocket, and around the time he appeared on Cybersocket’s cover, he graciously bowed out of the running for that category, claiming he didn’t feel his site had been up long enough to warrant the nomination. Good for him!

Drew Cutler arrived on the scene—and where the hell has he been? Looking fabulous, Drew looks like he’s set for a comeback on the gay porn scene, and as always, we’re happy to have him. He recently shot two new scenes (his first in nearly a year) for, and he’s getting ready to shoot some films again with the top gay porn studios. Good luck to him!

Chi Chi LaRue was awarded Best Personality for the second year in a row. Consecutive wins are not a norm at the Cybersocket ceremonies, so this was certainly a surprise. She stood up on stage, looking happier and healthier than I’ve ever seen her, and called the win “a sobering experience.” I love her.

You know, I’ve won several Cybersocket Awards in my day as a porn blogger (I remember the first year, I paid to take a limo from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and back in the same night for the event—yes, I was Brandon Wilde once!) and they mean the most of any awards I’ve ever won because the award comes from the fans and the honor comes from Morgan.

Much props to all the winners, and a big thanks to everyone who helps put the show together each year.

Until we meet again!

10 Things: Seth Roberts

By Seth Roberts, @Seth_Roberts

1. I’m an artist. My favorite thing is to be alone and paint on canvas with acrylic.

2. I eat mac and cheese almost every day. (Usually with a side of cheese.)

3. I work for one of the women on Real Housewives.

4. I spend more money on fragrances than I do on rent.

5. I still get shy when talking about sexual topics, but get a camera and I’ll have my clothes off in three seconds.

6. I’m the biggest Scorpio ever! Everything written about me is 100 percent true.

7. I was nearly married to a man once, legally, in the UK.

8. I love anything French—anything!

9. I am obsessed with the ‘90s, particularly 1997.

10. I am completely versatile, but get me drunk and I just want to lay there and get fucked!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Rosso Twins Interview

By Tuck Manning

The Rosso Twins are the real deal. Luca and Liam Rosso are gorgeous identical twins who clearly have no reservations with getting naked and sweaty in front of each other—in fact, the duo has made quite a name for itself, thanks to a couple Channel 1 Releasing films already under their collective belt. You may have caught the twins’ adult feature film debut in Brother Fucker, a best-seller for the studio, or their latest film to hit the stands, Spitting Image: Twin Trouble. An as-yet-untitled project is currently in the works.

To make matters even more interesting, Liam is straight and Luca is gay. And as we know from last issue’s ‘10 Things You Didn’t Know About Us,’ Liam plays the bottom of the two. Frontiers4Men sat down with Luca and Liam to discuss their entry into the adult film industry, their personal boundaries once the cameras turn on and how their personal sex lives compare with those of their porn personas.

Let’s get things straight for our readers right off the bat. You guys are identical twin brothers—you really are brothers—and one is gay, the other straight. Is that right?
    Luca: Yup, that’s correct.

Growing up, were you guys always interested in watching porn? Do you consider yourselves particularly sexual guys?

    Luca: Yeah, very, very sexual.
    Liam: Me too. You know what they say—every seven seconds a man thinks about sex.

Have you ever, or do you ever, watch porn together, or are your tastes in porn too different?
    Luca: Well, I watch gay guys and he watches straight porn.
    Liam: On set I don’t need porn. I just go into my head—it’s a lot dirtier there.

Was there something that initially attracted you two to working in the porn industry? Did the desire to work in porn come first, or did the initial offer to work in porn spark your interest?
    Liam: I have fun with Luca, because we crack a lot of jokes, which tends to get on people’s nerves—especially Chi Chi [LaRue].
    Luca: I thought it would be fun, and of course the money sure is nice.

Tell me the story about how you guys were discovered and the process of teaming up with Channel 1 Releasing.

    Luca: We first started with Fratmen, and then we decided to branch off and work with bigger studios like Channel 1.
    Liam: And Chi Chi has worked with some of my faves, like Tera Patrick and Jenna Jameson.

What was you guys’ very first scene, and how did it go?
    Liam: It was a bathroom scene with another set of twins—a little weird, but sexy at the same time.
    Luca: It went really well. It was a lot of fun. The other twins were really great guys.

Has working in porn been everything you thought it would be?
    Liam: And more, like doing gigs in Vegas with Chi Chi.
    Luca: Yeah, the gigs are amazing.  I didn’t realize how many fans we had after doing Brother Fucker. Meeting them all in person has been surreal.

What’s different than what you expected, and what didn’t you expect?
It was so comfortable, especially with Chi Chi, and working with Brent Everett was a huge plus.
    Liam: Yeah, a lot of people think doing porn would be a ‘bad scene,’ but it wasn’t that way at all with Channel 1.

When working on a film, do you guys have any personal boundaries with what you will and won’t do on-camera, or is everything fair game?
We don’t ‘mess around’ with each other.
    Luca: We’ll be in the same room with each other, but that’s it—well, we do touch each other.

Have you guys had a favorite co-star or favorite scene?
I had one with Corbin Fisher with a girl named Jenna. As for guys, I really liked Connor Maguire in Spitting Image—he was really cool. I had a hard time taking his huge dick at first—he’s a big guy—but later it was all good.
    Luca: With Brent Everett (In Chi Chi LaRue’s Brother Fucker). Oh my God, he’s hot. One of the few models I’ve ever been wildly attracted to. If he didnd’t have a boyfriend, I’d be the first in line.

How do your personal sex lives compare or differ to your porn personas’ sex lives?
I’m so lucky I’m the gay one.  I have a much better time getting guys than Liam has with the chicks.
    Liam: Women are much more difficult.

What were you guys’ earliest sexual experiences?
Are you asking when I lost my virginity? [Laughs] Well, 16 with a girl. I messed around with my first guy at 17.
    Liam: I lost mine at 18 to a girl. My gay cherry was on a porn set.

Any particularly wild sex stories you guys care to share?
The most wild is when I’m doing a train and my straight twin is in front getting rammed and I’m f*cking the guy in the back—so hot!
    Liam: One day we’re gonna reverse that. [Both laugh]

Are either of you in relationships?
Nope, not at the moment, but I’m always on the hunt.
    Liam: We both just got out of relationships.

Have either of you had to deal with the difficulties associated with maintaining a relationship while working in porn?
Actually, the girls I do find tend to be really OK with the porn.
    Luca: A few, because they consider it cheating, but I’m not gonna do that.

How open are you guys about your adult film career—to friends, family and others?
We don’t talk about it with our parents, but we will if the need comes up.
    Liam: But our other brothers know.  Our older brother wanted to do porn with us, but he gave up on it because he’s in a relationship.

Where do you guys see yourselves in five years?
I’d like to be a business owner.
    Liam: But porn on the side. [Both laugh]
    Luca: And hopefully I’ll have done a scene with Seth Knight—and of course more movies for Chi Chi LaRue and Channel 1.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sex Ed: Yoga Sutra

by Jim Larkins

If you find your love life is waning toward the frigid end of the scale, reinjecting that spark of arousal could be just a few positions away. But you don’t have to be a Kama Sutra connoisseur to get the most out of skeletal manipulating for better sex.  Just look no further than your friendly neighborhood yogi.

It’s no surprise that various yoga positions and techniques have done wonders for the average practitioner. But what happens when you incorporate some of the artistic exercise’s many pretzel-twisting positions into your erotic activities?

Actually, it only takes a quick look at some of these positions to get an idea of how exciting they could be when enjoyed by two lovers. Take the fetus position for example. The pose requires sitting with arms and legs crossed in front making for some perfect cradling copulation. Or how about sowing your seeds using the ‘plough’? This position requires the bottom partner to flip upside down with legs stretched forward for very easy and deep penetration.

Want to take a walk on yoga’s wild side? Consider positions like the ‘frog’ and the ‘crane.’ The frog finds your partner lying belly down while reaching back and holding his feet up and forward—you get the picture. The crane is a bit more challenging and will require some practice and hand strength. This pose consists of a handstand with knees bent in a sort of upside-down fetal position.

Let common sense be your guide with these more gravity-defying positions though. You don’t want to lose your balance while caught up in the heat of the moment. The same goes for positions like the ‘arm-pressing posture’ and ‘crow.’ These positions are an exercise in acrobatics even when practiced solo, so you can imagine the challenge of making it a twosome.

Another positive influence that yoga can have on your sex life is with proper breathing. Breathing is tied into every part of your physiology, and the same techniques used in yoga can have far-reaching benefits in the bedroom. When you can inhale and exhale in a controlled, rhythmic manner, you can also control your erections and ultimately your staying power.

What proper breathing does is open our lungs up to the maximum level. Since we ordinarily use less than one-third of our lungs’ breathing capacity, which forces our bodies and our penises to function on limited oxygen rations, the difference can be dramatic.

In fact, there is sort of a cellular hat trick that goes on when retaining an erection, and it is an act that relies on adequate oxygen for normal functioning. Restrict the air supply to oxygen-hungry cells that manage the expansion of arteries and your erection can take an unwanted dive southward. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Porn Reviews: Issue 2.19

Tyler Riggz: Mega Stud
Channel 1 Releasing
5 stars

Tyler Riggz, Benjamin Bradley, Theo Blake, Tag Adams, Riley Burke, Tyler Saint, JT Ross, Max Blue and Nathan Sommers

Synopsis: If you’re not familiar with Tyler Riggz, you’ll be one of his biggest fans after watching this flick. He’s pretty much got it all—a hot, muscular body, a gorgeous face and a huge, thick, mushroom-headed cock. Oh, he’s also got a Superman tatt on his chest. (What is it with porn stars and their Superman tattoos, anyway?) In Mega Stud, watch Riggz nail everyone from Benjamin Bradley (inside popular Silver Lake bar Faultline no less) to pocket-sized Tag Adams.

Must-See Scene: It’s not often that you get to see Tag Adams in scenes these days, so it was nice to see the little hottie being dominated by Riggz in the film’s second scene, which opens with Adams duct-taped to a toilet (and gagged with duct tape as well). In comes Riggz to show Adams who’s boss, and boy does he. Adams goes to town on Riggz’ huge cock head, then goes to town on Riggz’ ass before letting the boss shove his cock in his tight little hole. All in all, it’s a great scene that’s sure to leave you wanting more.

Plugged: Men of Massive Studio, Vol. 21
Massive Studio

4 stars

Tom Wolfe, Cole Streets, Paul Wagner, Tristan Jaxx, Hunter Marx, Logan Scott and Scott Campbell

Synopsis: Massive Studio knows what it’s doing when it compiles a best-of video. What you have here are six hot scenes of some of the hunkiest, sexiest guys currently working in porn. You won’t find any twinks here, and we like it that way. Expect a little bit of everything—sucking, fucking, ass-eating, public sex, dildo play—basically everything you’d hope to see in your favorite adult video.

Must-See Scene: That would be the scene between Jake Dakota and Johnny Wallace. It’s a good old-fashioned fuck scene, but what more do you really need? The guys start out by taking turns going down on each others’ huge cocks, then there’s some ass-eating in store, followed by some fun-to-watch flip-f*cking. These guys are both real men, and you’ll enjoy watching these butch hunks go at it.

Direct Fire
Active Duty
4 stars

Bric, Taylor, Guy and Korbin

Synopsis: As the box says, “Gorgeous new recruit Bric sucks his first dick in a duo with Taylor. Then, Guy and Taylor take turns fucking little Korbin.” We’d say that’s about right. Expect some hot scenes involving straight dudes doing things with other dudes they never thought they’d be doing (or enjoying, we’re willing to bet). We’re not sure exactly why, but there are few things hotter than seeing two straight men go at it, which is why this amateur-style military porn just does it for us. The film also features bonus solo scenes of Bric and Guy.

Must-See Scene: The threesome scene featuring Guy, Taylor and Korbin is easily the one to watch here. Little Korbin gets it from the front and back, and you just can’t ask for more than that.

Young, Hard and Sucked 2
Jake Cruise
3 stars

Jake Cruise, Tyler Ford, Guy Jones, Joey Soto, Kris Jamieson and Vance Crawford

Synopsis: Leave it to Jake Cruise to find five hot guys ripe for the picking and then have sex with each of them. It’s no secret that Jake Cruise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea—but we suppose that if you’re into guys his type (older, balding, bit of a belly) or fancy yourself that type, he’s right up your alley. Young, Hard and Sucked 2 is exactly what you’d expect from Cruise—the guys come over, he gets them on the bed and they get “the full-blown Jake servicing treatment.” (If that means nothing to ya, just know you can expect some serious sucking and ass-eating.) And if you’re into massages, you’ll really love the scene with Vance Crawford, who receives a special erotic massage.

Must-See Scene: If you’ve seen one of these scenes, you’ve seen ‘em all. Pick a guy who tickles your fancy and enjoy watching him get showered with attention by an older gentleman with money!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dirty Talk: Blake Savage Makes Bottoming Debut

By Jason Sechrest

The delicious Midwestern farmhand that is exclusive Blake Savage is discovering he’s not so straight after all. Following months of lead-up including solo scenes, mutual jack offs, getting blown by a dude, topping a guy and his first time sucking a dick (climaxing with a load all over his pretty little face, we might add!), Savage is now making his bottoming debut on the site, with the honors done by Zane Michaels himself!

“F*cking Blake was definitely one of the hottest scenes we’ve done on the site so far,” says Michaels. “It took a little while to get him used to it because he’d never been f*cked off camera before either, but once we got into the swing of things, he was a real trooper and let me just go to town on his ass. He could barely walk around the house an entire day after.”

“It’s been something fans have written in about asking for since we debuted him,” says Austin Andrews. “We like giving the fans exactly what they want, so hopefully you’ll see some more videos of him soon. It’s my turn to f*ck him now, right?”

Blake Savage is 20 years old, stands tall at 6’ with hypnotic, crystal blue eyes, dark hair and full lips. Hailing from Ohio, Blake grew up on his uncle’s dairy farm and played football and basketball in high school.

As’s first exclusive, he arrived on the scene having never even experimented with another guy.

Blake’s entire pornographic video library is available exclusively at, chronicling the lead-up to his most recent scene, the bottoming debut.

10 Things: The Rosso Twins

By Luca and Liam Rosso

1. We’re extreme long-distance runners. We’ve done 24 to 36-hour runs across national forests!

2. The straight one of us is the one who bottoms.

3. The gay one of us is addicted to Grindr.

4. Regardless of sexual preference, we both have a crush on Brent Everett!

5. We both eat a lot—like, nearly a dozen times a day!

6. Our favorite movie so far to shoot was Spitting
Image, because we got to do some acting.

7. We usually break out into uncontrollable laughter during our sex scenes, which makes Chi Chi LaRue very angry.

8. Yes, we finish each others' sentences.

9. Everything about us is identical, not just our looks. Our speech pattern, our voice, even our cum shots.

10. We really want to be in a bisexual scene together!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Michael Lucas Interview

By Robert Herman

Hitting the two-score mark is a biggie, and something most gay men are not eager to rush into. Psychologists say we face two life-changing events that chart the course of our lives. The first is adolescence, that time when hormones run wild and life enchants and evades us, all at the same time. The second is the moment most of us dread. That singular life-changing moment: turning 40.

Just as when we crossed the 18-year milestone, so goes 40 in the diary of our lives. But think back to when you were 18. What did you think of 40 then? If you were like most, you thought one word: old.

Youth—and gay men under 30—believe 40 is the end of life. The good news, though, is that when most reach it, they realize 40 is just the beginning. Michael Lucas has made his fortune from his youthful looks and body, yet he still says he is embracing the big four-oh.

It’s hard enough for most gay men to turn 40, but you’re in an industry that thrives on youthful male beauty.
    For me, it isn’t hard at all to turn 40. Age is just a number, and I never think about it. Also, millions of other gay men have done it before me, and if you look at Hollywood today, most men we consider ideal are well into their prime: Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt.

Do you feel pressure to stay in shape?

    Through every stage in life, there is pressure to stay in shape. In my teens, I felt too skinny. In my 20s, I
wasn’t built enough. Then I became busy running a company, so there was less time to go to the gym. The pressure is to find time.

What do you do to stay looking good?
    I lead a very healthy lifestyle. I never touch alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. I also don’t spend my life in clubs. I eat right and I try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. 

Does lots of sex keep you youthful?
    I think a healthy sex life is important to feel good mentally, but not physically. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality of sex for me.

Is 40 really fabulous? Or is it just something old people say to make themselves feel better about being old?

    It depends. Your 20s can be tragic, and your 40s can be fabulous. I was happier in my 30s than in my 20s, and I look forward to being even happier in my 40s and beyond.

What is the best thing about turning 40?
    You are still very young, but you are experienced and you know exactly what you want and hopefully how to achieve it. 

What is the worst thing about turning 40?
    You are obligated to throw a spectacular birthday party.

Why do most gay men struggle with getting older?
    I don’t think that’s true. If there are those that do, they shouldn’t. 

You haven’t noticed the swarms of gay men over 35 shopping in Hollister and American Eagle?
    I think it’s not only wrong but quite funny. There are certain brands like A&F that are represented by 17-year-old models. If men think that by wearing these clothes, they will look like a youngster, they are very much mistaken. In my opinion, they should only be worn by teenagers and college kids.

What do you miss most about your 20s?
    I miss the adventure. I miss the journey. I miss making mistakes that helped me to find out who I am.

What do you know now that you wish you knew then?
    The difference between love and lust. Also, the difference between being vulnerable with someone and simple sexual desire. 

How has your definition of success changed from when you were 20?

    When I was 20, I measured success by my bank account. Now that I’m older, I see success as being happy, being surrounded by people I love and knowing how to enjoy what I have and how to enjoy the moment. 

Would 20-year-old Michael Lucas be proud of where 40-year-old Michael is today?

    Absolutely. I always expected that I would be successful and have money. I worked very hard for it. I am very proud of where I am.

Did you expect to still be in the adult industry?
    Yes. I always expected to be in the industry. It was never in doubt that I would be a director and producer, and I worked very hard in order to make that my full-time career. I didn’t really think about whether I would be in front of the camera or not. It was about the success of my company.

What’s your advice to the new crop of young men pursuing careers in adult films? 
    Be disciplined, and take it as a real job.

Can they expect to last as long as you have?
    They can last as long or longer, as long as they use their heads.

Where do you hope to be in 20 years?
    Where I am right now, in New York City. Being as happy as I am today with the friends I have made and hopefully many more. I would also love to have children.

Michael Lucas wants to be a daddy?
    It has always been a dream of mine. 

If you could relive your 20s, would you?
    Definitely. I was born in Russia and left when I was 23. I would have left much earlier. 

Would you do anything differently?
    I would skip a boyfriend or two. I would spend more time with my family. 

What is the biggest accomplishment of your life?
    That I made it in New York. This is a tough city, and I made it! Also, I was able to bring my whole family to the USA from Russia and give them a good life. 

What’s your birthday wish?
    An end to all wars—but that’s impossible to accomplish. Plato said 2,000 years ago that wars will never cease to exist because they come from human passions. 

Is youth wasted on the young?
    That’s what the old say. The young don’t feel that way at all.