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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10 Things: Seth Roberts

By Seth Roberts, @Seth_Roberts

1. I’m an artist. My favorite thing is to be alone and paint on canvas with acrylic.

2. I eat mac and cheese almost every day. (Usually with a side of cheese.)

3. I work for one of the women on Real Housewives.

4. I spend more money on fragrances than I do on rent.

5. I still get shy when talking about sexual topics, but get a camera and I’ll have my clothes off in three seconds.

6. I’m the biggest Scorpio ever! Everything written about me is 100 percent true.

7. I was nearly married to a man once, legally, in the UK.

8. I love anything French—anything!

9. I am obsessed with the ‘90s, particularly 1997.

10. I am completely versatile, but get me drunk and I just want to lay there and get fucked!

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