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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Michael Lucas Interview

By Robert Herman

Hitting the two-score mark is a biggie, and something most gay men are not eager to rush into. Psychologists say we face two life-changing events that chart the course of our lives. The first is adolescence, that time when hormones run wild and life enchants and evades us, all at the same time. The second is the moment most of us dread. That singular life-changing moment: turning 40.

Just as when we crossed the 18-year milestone, so goes 40 in the diary of our lives. But think back to when you were 18. What did you think of 40 then? If you were like most, you thought one word: old.

Youth—and gay men under 30—believe 40 is the end of life. The good news, though, is that when most reach it, they realize 40 is just the beginning. Michael Lucas has made his fortune from his youthful looks and body, yet he still says he is embracing the big four-oh.

It’s hard enough for most gay men to turn 40, but you’re in an industry that thrives on youthful male beauty.
    For me, it isn’t hard at all to turn 40. Age is just a number, and I never think about it. Also, millions of other gay men have done it before me, and if you look at Hollywood today, most men we consider ideal are well into their prime: Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt.

Do you feel pressure to stay in shape?

    Through every stage in life, there is pressure to stay in shape. In my teens, I felt too skinny. In my 20s, I
wasn’t built enough. Then I became busy running a company, so there was less time to go to the gym. The pressure is to find time.

What do you do to stay looking good?
    I lead a very healthy lifestyle. I never touch alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. I also don’t spend my life in clubs. I eat right and I try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. 

Does lots of sex keep you youthful?
    I think a healthy sex life is important to feel good mentally, but not physically. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality of sex for me.

Is 40 really fabulous? Or is it just something old people say to make themselves feel better about being old?

    It depends. Your 20s can be tragic, and your 40s can be fabulous. I was happier in my 30s than in my 20s, and I look forward to being even happier in my 40s and beyond.

What is the best thing about turning 40?
    You are still very young, but you are experienced and you know exactly what you want and hopefully how to achieve it. 

What is the worst thing about turning 40?
    You are obligated to throw a spectacular birthday party.

Why do most gay men struggle with getting older?
    I don’t think that’s true. If there are those that do, they shouldn’t. 

You haven’t noticed the swarms of gay men over 35 shopping in Hollister and American Eagle?
    I think it’s not only wrong but quite funny. There are certain brands like A&F that are represented by 17-year-old models. If men think that by wearing these clothes, they will look like a youngster, they are very much mistaken. In my opinion, they should only be worn by teenagers and college kids.

What do you miss most about your 20s?
    I miss the adventure. I miss the journey. I miss making mistakes that helped me to find out who I am.

What do you know now that you wish you knew then?
    The difference between love and lust. Also, the difference between being vulnerable with someone and simple sexual desire. 

How has your definition of success changed from when you were 20?

    When I was 20, I measured success by my bank account. Now that I’m older, I see success as being happy, being surrounded by people I love and knowing how to enjoy what I have and how to enjoy the moment. 

Would 20-year-old Michael Lucas be proud of where 40-year-old Michael is today?

    Absolutely. I always expected that I would be successful and have money. I worked very hard for it. I am very proud of where I am.

Did you expect to still be in the adult industry?
    Yes. I always expected to be in the industry. It was never in doubt that I would be a director and producer, and I worked very hard in order to make that my full-time career. I didn’t really think about whether I would be in front of the camera or not. It was about the success of my company.

What’s your advice to the new crop of young men pursuing careers in adult films? 
    Be disciplined, and take it as a real job.

Can they expect to last as long as you have?
    They can last as long or longer, as long as they use their heads.

Where do you hope to be in 20 years?
    Where I am right now, in New York City. Being as happy as I am today with the friends I have made and hopefully many more. I would also love to have children.

Michael Lucas wants to be a daddy?
    It has always been a dream of mine. 

If you could relive your 20s, would you?
    Definitely. I was born in Russia and left when I was 23. I would have left much earlier. 

Would you do anything differently?
    I would skip a boyfriend or two. I would spend more time with my family. 

What is the biggest accomplishment of your life?
    That I made it in New York. This is a tough city, and I made it! Also, I was able to bring my whole family to the USA from Russia and give them a good life. 

What’s your birthday wish?
    An end to all wars—but that’s impossible to accomplish. Plato said 2,000 years ago that wars will never cease to exist because they come from human passions. 

Is youth wasted on the young?
    That’s what the old say. The young don’t feel that way at all.

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