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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Rosso Twins Interview

By Tuck Manning

The Rosso Twins are the real deal. Luca and Liam Rosso are gorgeous identical twins who clearly have no reservations with getting naked and sweaty in front of each other—in fact, the duo has made quite a name for itself, thanks to a couple Channel 1 Releasing films already under their collective belt. You may have caught the twins’ adult feature film debut in Brother Fucker, a best-seller for the studio, or their latest film to hit the stands, Spitting Image: Twin Trouble. An as-yet-untitled project is currently in the works.

To make matters even more interesting, Liam is straight and Luca is gay. And as we know from last issue’s ‘10 Things You Didn’t Know About Us,’ Liam plays the bottom of the two. Frontiers4Men sat down with Luca and Liam to discuss their entry into the adult film industry, their personal boundaries once the cameras turn on and how their personal sex lives compare with those of their porn personas.

Let’s get things straight for our readers right off the bat. You guys are identical twin brothers—you really are brothers—and one is gay, the other straight. Is that right?
    Luca: Yup, that’s correct.

Growing up, were you guys always interested in watching porn? Do you consider yourselves particularly sexual guys?

    Luca: Yeah, very, very sexual.
    Liam: Me too. You know what they say—every seven seconds a man thinks about sex.

Have you ever, or do you ever, watch porn together, or are your tastes in porn too different?
    Luca: Well, I watch gay guys and he watches straight porn.
    Liam: On set I don’t need porn. I just go into my head—it’s a lot dirtier there.

Was there something that initially attracted you two to working in the porn industry? Did the desire to work in porn come first, or did the initial offer to work in porn spark your interest?
    Liam: I have fun with Luca, because we crack a lot of jokes, which tends to get on people’s nerves—especially Chi Chi [LaRue].
    Luca: I thought it would be fun, and of course the money sure is nice.

Tell me the story about how you guys were discovered and the process of teaming up with Channel 1 Releasing.

    Luca: We first started with Fratmen, and then we decided to branch off and work with bigger studios like Channel 1.
    Liam: And Chi Chi has worked with some of my faves, like Tera Patrick and Jenna Jameson.

What was you guys’ very first scene, and how did it go?
    Liam: It was a bathroom scene with another set of twins—a little weird, but sexy at the same time.
    Luca: It went really well. It was a lot of fun. The other twins were really great guys.

Has working in porn been everything you thought it would be?
    Liam: And more, like doing gigs in Vegas with Chi Chi.
    Luca: Yeah, the gigs are amazing.  I didn’t realize how many fans we had after doing Brother Fucker. Meeting them all in person has been surreal.

What’s different than what you expected, and what didn’t you expect?
It was so comfortable, especially with Chi Chi, and working with Brent Everett was a huge plus.
    Liam: Yeah, a lot of people think doing porn would be a ‘bad scene,’ but it wasn’t that way at all with Channel 1.

When working on a film, do you guys have any personal boundaries with what you will and won’t do on-camera, or is everything fair game?
We don’t ‘mess around’ with each other.
    Luca: We’ll be in the same room with each other, but that’s it—well, we do touch each other.

Have you guys had a favorite co-star or favorite scene?
I had one with Corbin Fisher with a girl named Jenna. As for guys, I really liked Connor Maguire in Spitting Image—he was really cool. I had a hard time taking his huge dick at first—he’s a big guy—but later it was all good.
    Luca: With Brent Everett (In Chi Chi LaRue’s Brother Fucker). Oh my God, he’s hot. One of the few models I’ve ever been wildly attracted to. If he didnd’t have a boyfriend, I’d be the first in line.

How do your personal sex lives compare or differ to your porn personas’ sex lives?
I’m so lucky I’m the gay one.  I have a much better time getting guys than Liam has with the chicks.
    Liam: Women are much more difficult.

What were you guys’ earliest sexual experiences?
Are you asking when I lost my virginity? [Laughs] Well, 16 with a girl. I messed around with my first guy at 17.
    Liam: I lost mine at 18 to a girl. My gay cherry was on a porn set.

Any particularly wild sex stories you guys care to share?
The most wild is when I’m doing a train and my straight twin is in front getting rammed and I’m f*cking the guy in the back—so hot!
    Liam: One day we’re gonna reverse that. [Both laugh]

Are either of you in relationships?
Nope, not at the moment, but I’m always on the hunt.
    Liam: We both just got out of relationships.

Have either of you had to deal with the difficulties associated with maintaining a relationship while working in porn?
Actually, the girls I do find tend to be really OK with the porn.
    Luca: A few, because they consider it cheating, but I’m not gonna do that.

How open are you guys about your adult film career—to friends, family and others?
We don’t talk about it with our parents, but we will if the need comes up.
    Liam: But our other brothers know.  Our older brother wanted to do porn with us, but he gave up on it because he’s in a relationship.

Where do you guys see yourselves in five years?
I’d like to be a business owner.
    Liam: But porn on the side. [Both laugh]
    Luca: And hopefully I’ll have done a scene with Seth Knight—and of course more movies for Chi Chi LaRue and Channel 1.

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