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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sex Ed: Yoga Sutra

by Jim Larkins

If you find your love life is waning toward the frigid end of the scale, reinjecting that spark of arousal could be just a few positions away. But you don’t have to be a Kama Sutra connoisseur to get the most out of skeletal manipulating for better sex.  Just look no further than your friendly neighborhood yogi.

It’s no surprise that various yoga positions and techniques have done wonders for the average practitioner. But what happens when you incorporate some of the artistic exercise’s many pretzel-twisting positions into your erotic activities?

Actually, it only takes a quick look at some of these positions to get an idea of how exciting they could be when enjoyed by two lovers. Take the fetus position for example. The pose requires sitting with arms and legs crossed in front making for some perfect cradling copulation. Or how about sowing your seeds using the ‘plough’? This position requires the bottom partner to flip upside down with legs stretched forward for very easy and deep penetration.

Want to take a walk on yoga’s wild side? Consider positions like the ‘frog’ and the ‘crane.’ The frog finds your partner lying belly down while reaching back and holding his feet up and forward—you get the picture. The crane is a bit more challenging and will require some practice and hand strength. This pose consists of a handstand with knees bent in a sort of upside-down fetal position.

Let common sense be your guide with these more gravity-defying positions though. You don’t want to lose your balance while caught up in the heat of the moment. The same goes for positions like the ‘arm-pressing posture’ and ‘crow.’ These positions are an exercise in acrobatics even when practiced solo, so you can imagine the challenge of making it a twosome.

Another positive influence that yoga can have on your sex life is with proper breathing. Breathing is tied into every part of your physiology, and the same techniques used in yoga can have far-reaching benefits in the bedroom. When you can inhale and exhale in a controlled, rhythmic manner, you can also control your erections and ultimately your staying power.

What proper breathing does is open our lungs up to the maximum level. Since we ordinarily use less than one-third of our lungs’ breathing capacity, which forces our bodies and our penises to function on limited oxygen rations, the difference can be dramatic.

In fact, there is sort of a cellular hat trick that goes on when retaining an erection, and it is an act that relies on adequate oxygen for normal functioning. Restrict the air supply to oxygen-hungry cells that manage the expansion of arteries and your erection can take an unwanted dive southward. 

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  1. Yoga is good. I love Yoga.
    I have practice Yoga for three months, it has not only improved my back problems and aching joints, but it also improved the sex lives, stronger sex drive, better erection and orgasm.