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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dirty Talk: Isn't It Bromantic?

By Jason Sechrest of

It’s a unique love story, but it’s true. Two best friends, once exclusively “straight” dudes, who found that by pushing their sexual boundaries and getting intimate together on camera, they could create their own miniature online empire. Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels have captured the hearts of literally thousands of fans across the world since launching But in their most recent scene, they focus on how they’ve also captured the hearts of each other in what has played out as one of the most genuine bromances in gay porn history.

In this special “romance” scene, perfect for rounding out the month of February, Austin and Zane turn up the heat, getting passionate on a rose petal-covered bed by candlelight with the crackling of an antique record player rotating in the background.

I caught up with the two hotties earlier this week and asked why they decided to shoot such an amorous romp.

“He’s my best friend,” says blonde cutie Zane Michaels, who bottoms for Austin in the scene just posted to the site, “and I love him.”

“I’d say we’re like brothers to each other, but we are more than that,” says Austin. “I wouldn’t have been comfortable doing what I do or starting this site with anyone but him.”

The two describe the scene more as “love making” than sex—a rarity in the gay porn that is churned out en masse today, where a romantic moment is usually played out by two actors who have never met each other.

The site also boasts behind-the-scenes bloopers when things nearly got a little too hot for the boys! It seems that in the “heat” of the moment, the candles got knocked over and the curtains nearly went up in flames! “The look on our faces is priceless,” laughs Zane. “It’s hilarious now, but at the time we jumped into panic mode.”

In other Austin Zane news, Austin Andrews is currently nominated to co-host The 2012 Grabby Awards, to be held over Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago. Fans can vote online at

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