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Friday, February 10, 2012

iJERK: Vintage Kody Unsurfaced, Introducing Vin Gallo, Lollipops Are Now a Fetish

Okay, I’ll make a confession. I’m never one for really hairy guys. You may notice a lack of bears in this column, right? Still, it bears reporting when a newcomer has just the right amount of hair in all the right places! Such is the case with Chaos Men’s latest stud, Clyde. Wow. The perfect little bit of chest hair between his pecs, the perfect bush and a good deal of fuzz covering his entire butt. Yummy. Don’t touch it, Clyde. Don’t shave a thing.

One of director Dink Flamingo’s hottest finds of the past decade is Kody, the A&F-looking model with the massive cock and big bubble butt who started in jock strap solos and eventually over the course of 10 years made his way up to bottoming! Well, it seems Dink has uncovered some never-before-seen footage of the stud—some audition tapes and solos that are just now being posted on the site for the very first time! This is one of our all-time faves, and it’s hot to see new footage of him still in his prime!

Jake Andrews (pictured) has always played up his ‘bro’ status, but never like his latest scene with Josh Conners for the insatiably horny Randy Blue. It seems in this new scene, where Jake bones the f*ck out of Josh, Jake doesn’t do much but lay back on the couch—the entire scene—while watching a football game! In the end, he busts a massive load all over Josh’s face and then all but tells him to get off him as he takes the remote and goes back to checking the score. This kind of humiliation might just score high with fans around Super Bowl half-time.

This new hottie is Vin Gallo, and we were first introduced to him in a new scene from director Michael Lucas. Apparently Vin broke into the industry with a scene for Randy Blue but didn’t sign an exclusivity contract with Randy and opted for a multi-year deal with Lucas instead. His debut is in the Gentlemen series in which men dress up in their snazziest and f*ck with their ties and dress shoes on. That’s nice, but we prefer this publicity shot of him just lookin’ like a plain ol’ hunk.

This is not a joke. There’s a new major fetish online right now, and it’s watching twinks lick on lollipops while engaged in hardcore sex acts. It’s a little creepy, I’ll admit, but it’s too ‘out there’ not to include in this issue’s column. These boys are supposed to be barely legal, though most of them look more like they’re just skinny. They’re clearly not anorexic with all these lollipops they’re taking on. Yes, the name of this site is indeed

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