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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Jesse Santana Interview

By Stephan Horbelt

It’s hard to decide what Jesse Santana’s most distinguishing feature would be. His chiseled abs? Pouty lips? Those shiny nipple piercings? His gigantic cock (often also pierced)? As you’ll see after reading this interview, it may just be this Texas native’s genuine, sexy attitude and friendly demeanor.

Jesse Santana has worked with some of the great adult film companies through the years, and now he’s signed on with porn heavy hitter Falcon/Raging Stallion. Be sure to catch him in the studio’s four-film Cowboys series, where he delivers great hardcore action out on the range.

Frontiers4Men sat down with the young porn stud to candidly discuss it all—from how he got started and came up with his on-screen name to his first sexual experiences and work as an L.A. area go-go dancer.

Hey, Jesse. Let’s start with how you got into the adult film industry. Each guy has a different story about how they got to where they are now, and it’s always an interesting story.
When I was 18 years old, the only gay porn brand I’d heard of was Falcon, and the only gay porn star I’d seen on-screen was Matthew Rush. Both Matthew and Falcon were introduced to me by a boyfriend I had at the time. At 18, I was also a frequent chatter on One day, a scout of messaged me saying I had a look, and told me how I should go to the site to fill out a model application form. The boyfriend of mine wouldn’t allow it.

Nearly a year later, and boyfriend-free, I submitted my application along with some photos. In the summer of ‘06, I flew to Tampa, Fla., to begin my porn journey. I enjoyed it so much that I began seeking out DVD companies. I discovered Chi Chi LaRue, who used me and referred me to Falcon, after which I connected with FabScout Entertainment for representation.

Have you always considered yourself to be a highly sexual guy?
I have always, always been a very sexual guy. As a boy I fantasized about older male role models taking advantage of me. I experimented with putting fruits, vegetables, plunger handles, screwdriver handles, shampoo bottles, etc. into my ass. I practiced sucking my own dick and tasting my own cum and piss. In second grade I exchanged blowjobs with another boy on the school bus. I was a dirty boy growing up and still am. [Laughs]

What was it about the porn industry that initially attracted you, and what is it that keeps you in the industry today?
The adult industry was exotic to me. It was a way to get paid and get out of town and have sexy boys touch me in inappropriate ways, and that was attractive to me. Today my view of the industry has obviously changed. I’ve only recently started putting out content that I enjoy watching myself. I truly understand what a sexual performance is and enjoy challenging myself to make it more real, more intense, hot as it can be with what I have to work with.

I’m always curious to hear how you guys get your on-screen names. Is there a special story behind ‘Jesse Santana’?

Going back to Corbin Fisher, I initially wanted to be Lucas Rich—and still think it’s an amazing name that should be used someday. CF already had a big model named Lucas, and they only went by first names. One of the staff presented me with a list of names, out of which I selected Jesse.

Santana comes from a respected transsexual hero and champion in my life. Jodie Santana was the one friend in all the world who told me to fuck what everyone said about me filming porno and go make my money if it made me happy. She put several guys in their place on the spot when they had anything negative to say.

Do you remember your very first scene on-camera? More importantly, how did it go?
I remember walking through the door into the CF house. Before I set my bags down, they said, “Get settled in, do what you gotta do, we’ll start filming in about an hour.” It was only a solo scene on a bed, but I couldn’t get hard for the longest time. I think that was the first time I took Viagra.

You appear in Raging Stallion’s Cowboys series. It seems like the experience of filming ‘on the range’ might be a little different than normal studio shoots. What was the experience like?
So different! I come from a background of horseback riding, barn living, wranglers, cowboy hats and boots, so it was like home to me. I had the best time. The smell of the hay, the leather, the dust in the barn, the smell of nearby horses, the creek and the fields you could smell on the breeze—all these things made me extra horny every day of filming. It was more beautiful than any set you could imagine. It was all real and rugged and gritty, and to be fucking within feet of a big, powerful, muscled black stallion—it feels awesome!

Any particularly memorable moments while shooting Cowboys?

Breeding the mare, the snakes under the hay bales we fucked on, sounding my cock under a shady tree by the creek while listening to horses whinny, men fucking in the barn while my naked ass sits on the smooth leather of a Western saddle. Yeah, some memorable moments indeed.

I’d say! You’ve had the opportunity to work with several fairly big names in the industry at this point. Any favorite moments from your time spent on-camera?
Most recently, Adam Killian and I had a bit of a puppy play romp on a large multi-level playplace. To date, that’s probably going down as one of my favorite. Also, this past year I had a very intense scene with Leo Forte for Tony Buff’s Back Alley. No script or direction—as natural as anything could have ever been filmed, Leo pushed my limits in enough physical ways to break a normal man. There was beating, flogging, whipping, fucking. It was the most physically, mentally and emotionally draining and satisfying scene of my porn life.

Here’s a question I ask of all our Frontiers4Men cover models—how would you say your personal sex life differs from that of Jesse Santana?
Well, I’m a lot dirtier in my personal sex life. [Laughs] I’m a filthy little fucker, and that usually doesn’t get captured on camera.

In keeping with the personal questions, would you care to tell our readers about your very first sexual experience?

My very first sexual experience was with my girlfriend at 16. I came in 10 seconds [Laughs], although I got much better with practice. My first sexual experience with a guy was at 17 years old. I met a 22-year-old, tall, handsome, big, thick-dicked black guy online. I would wait until my parents were sound asleep, then sneak him through my bedroom window and spend the night riding that sexy man’s fat rod.

Is there anything specific that really gets you hot and bothered in the bedroom?
The best way to get me going nowadays is to get on all fours and play tug-of-war with me and my rope chew toy. Makes me wag. Get body to body and then it starts getting physical!

Surely at this point people recognize you on the street from your films. How are you handling the fame and recognition? Are you eating it up or could you ‘take it or leave it’?

I’m right in the middle. I’m still surprised sometimes—flattered—and it makes me smile. But I don’t make much of it. It is what it is. I’d rather just be comfortable and enjoy my time out with my friends. It is cool, though, to make someone’s day just by being me and running into someone on the streets.

When the camera turns off, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I’m a full-time student, studying culinary arts here in Los Angeles. I go-go dance two to three nights per week around West Hollywood or Silver Lake. In my free time I enjoy reading, going to the movies, lifting weights, playing pool with friends, walking or hiking with my dog, spending time with my cat and snake at home, trying to grow a garden, traveling on weekends.

You’re a busy guy! How long have you been a go-go dancer here in town, and how does that compare to the work you do on-camera?
I’ve been a go-go dancer off and on for about five years now. It doesn’t really compare at all to the work I do on-camera. Go-go dancing, for me, is my only real chance to enjoy myself out at a club or bar. I am totally uncomfortable dancing on a dance floor. I would never dance if it wasn’t for being in my underwear on a box.

Last, tell us something about yourself that might surprise our readers.
When I’m really tired and a little stoned, my left eyelid is lazy. Also, once upon a time, for a period of about a month, I went by the name of Kaylee Santana when I was practicing the art of female impersonation. Good luck finding those photos! [Laughs]

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