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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Nick Sterling Interview

By Ben Campbell

Most are surprised to learn that Nick Sterling—with his charming smile and cheery personality—has an enormous sexual appetite and a penchant for dirty sex. He’s adventurous in all things outside and inside the bedroom, and admits he is sometimes hesitant to talk about what he does behind closed doors for fear of scaring guys away. 

Sterling started appearing in adult films in his early 20s. He did a few videos but then stopped to pursue a career in the ‘real world.’ He says he didn’t want to have to rely on the industry for subsistence.

About two years ago, though, he felt the call to return to porn. He began filming with Randy Blue, where his deep groans, nasty talk and bubble butt made him a fan favorite. He has shot eight flip-flop films with the studio so far and promises he has many more left in him.

Growing up, were you the jock, nerd or burnout?

    I was the outcast. I was angry, ostracized, misunderstood. Pretty expected for a gay kid finding his identity.

When did you know you had a wild side?
    I probably began to suspect it was there in my early 20s, and then fully embraced it about three and a half years ago, after my first Black Party experience, which was incredible. That sort of opened my eyes to what I had been missing.

What’s the piggiest thing you like to do?

    Spitting in a boy’s mouth as I’m fucking him is always hot. That’s not the piggiest, but it’s one of my favorites. The other would have to be reaching between a boy’s legs and grabbing him by the balls while I’m pounding him from behind, keeping a tight grip on them and using them to control him.

Would people back home be surprised to know what you’ve been doing?
    I don’t think they would be surprised. A few knew already as it’s a small town.

What do you do to make each film different?

    Each scene is as different as the partner I am with. I try to find something especially sexy about the guy I am working with, an aspect of him that is super hot and turns me on. I try to use that to create a passionate and energetic connection that hopefully translates to the video that comes out of it.

Do you work to improve on each scene?
    I definitely try to improve on each scene to make it better than the one before. I am proud of all the scenes that I have shot with Randy Blue so far. I think that they all reflect that Sterling standard. [Laughs]

What celebrity do you think you most resemble?
    People used to tell me that I looked like a young Christian Slater. That was a while ago, though. Maybe it was just the attitude.

Anyone ever tell you look a little like Corey Feldman?
    Corey Feldman? Really? 

On a very good day, of course.
    No, never. Not cool, dude.

How about Blake Lewis?
    Who is Blake Lewis?

The American Idol beatboxer. You guys could be brothers.
    Again, no.

What are you attracted to in a partner?
    Strength of character and a unique personality. Someone with vitality and energy, a sense of humor, emotional intelligence and an understanding and compassionate nature. Also, a big dick and hot ass don’t hurt.

Do you like them younger or older?

    I like guys that are about six-to-seven years my elder or junior. So I guess 20-34 is my age range, though there are exceptions to every rule.

What do you think of People magazine naming Bradley Cooper the sexiest man alive?
    Who is Bradley Cooper? I ignore popular media as a general rule. Let me Google him. ... Oh, he is hot. Very handsome.

What mainstream celeb would you name as sexiest alive?
    Hmmm, good question, and difficult. Gerard Butler is right up there. So is Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and, of course, James Dean. I can’t pick just one, but those are my top five.

Can we play top/bottom? I’ll name a celeb, and you tell me whether you would be top or bottom with him and why.

    Sure, let’s play.

First one: Lance Bass.
    Pass. Do you really have to ask why?

 Zac Efron.
    Top, because I love to mount a pretty boy.

Neil Patrick Harris.
    Flip. He looks like he could give it or take it pretty well.

Andy Cohen.
    Bottom, but only if he’s packing. I like to top younger guys and bottom for bigger guys, but I’m more picky about tops.

You’re pretty vocal in bed. Is that just on-screen?
    I am more vocal on-screen than off, but I definitely talk a lot dirtier when the cameras are off.

Have you always been a screamer?
    Do I scream? I didn’t realize I did. I think of it more as moaning, but I guess it gets kinda loud at times.

Do you prefer your partner be vocal or silent?
    I like a partner that is somewhat quiet, but also moans enough to let me know how hard to go. I like watching and hearing a guy react as he’s taking it hard, but unnecessary talk is a turn off. Dirty talk is an art. You should do it very well or not at all.

What’s been your most memorable scene?
    That would have to be the first scene that I did with Brett for Randy Blue, because I was so excited for it, and also because it was extra hot f*cking him in the gym with my kicks on.

Last question: Manhunt or Grindr?
    Manhunt, cause Grindr sucks for Droid. No offense, guys.

Fans can video chat with Nick Sterling live on

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